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MARCOS AMBROSE -- No. 59 Kingsford Ford Fusion -- (finished 4th, qualified 1st) YOU FINISHED IN THE TOP 10 LIKE YOU WANTED. "Yes, we did. We got that top-10 and the pole was a bonus. We had a really strong car all day. We didn't have the...

MARCOS AMBROSE -- No. 59 Kingsford Ford Fusion -- (finished 4th, qualified 1st)

YOU FINISHED IN THE TOP 10 LIKE YOU WANTED. "Yes, we did. We got that top-10 and the pole was a bonus. We had a really strong car all day. We didn't have the strategy that these guys did. But for our car, I think things worked out for the best."

NOW THAT YOU'VE PROVEN THAT YOU CAN RACE ON SHORT TRACK, WHAT'S NEXT? "I fought all day and kept cool all day with all those cautions. We had a pretty straight day there. I'm really pleased with the crew and myself. I really feel like I've grown as a driver on short tracks. I feel like I've got more confidence when I come back to these kinds of places. All around, it's been a great day."

IF YOU HAD THE OFFER TO RUN A SHORT TRACK NEXT WEEK, WOULD YOU GO? "Once every now and again a short track is okay. But I prefer the mile and half or two mile ovals, that's the bread and butter out there."


JAMIE McMURRAY -- No. 26 Dish Network Ford Fusion -- (finished 7th, qualified 14th by Kenny Wallace)

"It was just an okay day. I don't know why there were so many cautions. About every 10 laps there was a wreck. Chad did a good job in having a good pit strategy. Our car wasn't that good. Plus we finished seventh, so it wasn't bad."

A SEVENTH PLACE FINISH IS SOLID SEEING AS HOW YOU DIDN'T HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO PRACTICE OR QUALIFY. "Yeah, I think no one finished with all their fenders on the car, so I don't know if it was really all that great. It was a weird race."


CARL EDWARDS -- No. 60 Scott's Winterguard Ford Fusion -- (finished 25th, qualified 43rd by Matt McCall)

"It was a very frustrating race but I feel good. The silver lining is that David Reutimann won the race and he's a [heck] of a guy. So, that's good for him. But that's just racing. We got caught up in some stuff. We had a great race car, I think we had the fastest car on one of the runs that we made once we got five or six laps at a time. Still, we had a fast car and that's how it goes. All we do is the best we can do. We did everything we could today and that's what we ended up with. It's not a fair thing, you can't count on anything until it's done. We'll keep racing."


PIERRE KUETTEL -- No. 60 crew chief

A FRUSTRATING DAY FOR YOU. "Yes, it was. We had a great car and we got caught in an incident out there. The guys worked their tails off trying to get this thing fixed and back on. We got the tow set and most of the body damaged fixed. Then we were running there about two or three spots off clinching this thing. Somebody turned the No. 5 in front of us and we stopped and couldn't get going and we ended up 25th. These guys deserve better. I don't know what's happened here in the last three weeks. It's been crazy. We'll fix this thing and go to Phoenix with it, hopefully we'll clinch this thing there. It would have been a whole lot more fun to finish it up here because of how bad the car was beat up. It would have looked good. I hate it for the Scott's guys, for the crew guys and for Carl. We've been dragging this thing out three weeks too long."

IT'S BEEN A FRUSTRATING WEEK FOR CARL; DID YOU SENSE ANY OF THAT TONIGHT? "He's pretty gung-ho. It was a pretty frustrating week for all of us. I went to the DMV and had my vehicle broken into, stole my bag and laptop and everything. It's been an all-around fun week. But like I said, we had a great car and Scott's is a great sponsor. I wish we could have done it here for them. So, we'll go do it at Texas and go and run good there."


COLIN BRAUN -- No. 16 3M Ford Fusion -- (finished 30th, qualified 15th)

"Well, we certainly had an eventful day. We started out pretty decent there running behind the No. 6 [David Ragan] and those guys. The 3M Ford Fusion was running really good. Unfortunately we kinda got back there and stuck with the yahoos back there. Something happened in front of me and I got hit from behind and ran into the guys in front of me. It was just a downward spiral from there. I certainly learned a lot and had a lot of fun. We got a lot of two lap runs there and that was about it. We really didn't have a chance to improve our lap, but certainly enjoyed it and had fun and I'm looking forward to race again sometime soon. Hopefully, I can take a lot from what I learned here and apply it forward. Guys like Eddie Pardue [crew chief] and the guys did a heck of a job of sticking with me. I figured they would have said that there was enough wrecking and say that I was done for the night. We kept it up there. It was a weird deal when you get sandwiched in there between two guys and there's nothing you can do no matter how good of brakes you have. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun."

WAS THE RACE AS TOUGH AS YOU EXPECTED? "Yeah, I'd say it was probably where I thought it would be based on what Carl [Edwards] and all the guys have told me. I didn't think there would be as many guys crashing and wrecking and spinning people out and all that. It got pretty wild there."


BOBBY HAMILTON JR. -- No. 35 McDonald's Ford Fusion -- (finished 38th, qualified 23rd)

WHAT HAPPENED? "The No. 14 [Kyle Krisiloff] went in there three wide and hit the 28 [Robert Richardson Jr.] and wound up taking me out. But that doesn't surprises me all that means is somebody brought a bunch of money to a good race team and the kid ain't got enough experience. He doesn't need to be in late model let alone run out here with us. But that what happens when you're in back with all those idiots. We'll take our bruises and go on. We're trying to get to fifth in points and getting taken out by as a squirrel like that, it gets your heels, but that's part of it."


KYLE KRISILOFF -- No. 14 Lilly/Walgreens Ford Fusion -- (finished 42nd, qualified 29th)

WHAT HAPPENED FROM YOUR POINT OF VIEW? "To start off the day, my water bottle came undone and went to where my feet were, so we came in to handle that so I could use the gas and the brake. Then we were last on lap 20 or something. I had a real sense of urgency and didn't want to get lapped. When we lined up on the restart, it was me, then Bobby Hamilton and then the 28 [Robert Richardson Jr]. I got a good run, I got past Hamilton and I got inside the 28 car. Then Bobby [Hamilton] went to the outside of him [Richardson] because he was slow. Then he got in the corner and the 28 bounced off of me and hit Bobby [Hamilton] and that kind of took me out. We had to fix the fender and that put us a lap down because we had to spend a lot of time in the pits. We drove really hard, then the yellow came out and I lined up behind the 28, passed him in turn one and was going down the back straightaway. And I don't know, I guess he didn't want me to race anymore because he totally, on purpose wrecked us and it could have been dangerous for the other guys out there. I thought it was pretty ridiculous. After the water bottle thing I happened, I probably just should have been more patient. But these tracks are so small. When you start in the back like that, the leaders are right behind you. So, I really wanted to stay in front of them. We really had a great car yesterday. In practice, we were really good in long runs and we could have had a top-15 car and I didn't want to give it up because of a water bottle coming loose. I was probably just a little over zealous out there. It is short track racing. But this was a tough one to swallow."

WHEN YOU GOT OUT THE CAR, THERE WERE NASCAR OFFICIALS THERE, WHAT WAS SAID TO YOU? "They wanted me to stay after [the race] because the after the 28 wrecked us on the backstretch and I came out, I kind of hit his door a little bit. I shouldn't have done that. It was stupid; it was in the heat of the moment. But what I did couldn't have gotten somebody injured, but what he did definitely could have hurt somebody. I don't know. It's weird on how NASCAR decides those penalties, but I'll go talk to Joe [Balash, NASCAR Busch Series Director] and explain my side of the story and let him make the decision."

A LOT OF DRIVERS HAVE BEEN PENALIZED FOR AGGRESSIVE DRIVING. ARE DRIVERS REALLY THAT AGGRESSIVE OUT THERE? "I'm only going to say that the reason I was driving hard was because of the problem we had and how we had to go back. At the beginning of the race the second groove was definitely slower and when you get up there, you've got to get down. It's no worse than Bristol with cautions. I just think a lot of people that normally don't run really good, even like us, had a really good shot at running well today because all the Cup guys aren't here. So everyone wants to do their best and sometimes that just spells disaster. When people run who normally don't have a chance to run, they get really excited and they want to be good. I was one of those people today. It looks like it has been a tough race out there. The same people race every weekend. We all try as hard as we can and some weeks there's a lot of yellows and sometimes there's not."

DO YOU THINK IT IS FAIR THAT YOU WERE PARKED AND THE 28 WASN'T PARKED? "I don't know. I don't make those decisions. I think NASCAR gets it right most of the time. That was their decision. I'm not too mad about it. Our car is pretty messed up. All I was going to do was run a few laps and get some more points. We'll see what Joe [Balash] has to say after the race. I respect their decision and I'll go talk to them."

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