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David Reutimann finished eighth in today's race and remains second in NASCAR Busch Series (NBS) championship points standings, now 809 behind leader Carl Edwards. Jason Leffler had a solid points day in his No. 38 Great Clips Camry finishing...

David Reutimann finished eighth in today's race and remains second in NASCAR Busch Series (NBS) championship points standings, now 809 behind leader Carl Edwards.

Jason Leffler had a solid points day in his No. 38 Great Clips Camry finishing 12th and moving into fifth in championship points standings.

Massachusetts-native, Bobby Santos, made his first NBS start at New Hampshire International Speedway from the fourth position in his No. 91 Riley-D'Hondt Motorsports Camry, but damage from another car forced repairs and he finished 33rd.

Dave Blaney finished 35th in the Hass Avocados from Mexico Camry after qualifying ninth and being forced to start at the rear of the field because he missed the driver's meeting. Second-place is the best finish by a Toyota Camry in Busch Series competition. Blaney finished second at Daytona and Reutimann finished second at Nashville.


DAVID REUTIMANN, No. 99 Aaron's Dream Machine Toyota Camry, Michael Waltrip Racing Finished: 8th

How did your car run today? "We ended up having a carburetor issue there toward the end of the race and the motor seemed to be running flat. We just couldn't get the car to turn from the center-off. It would run down the straight-aways okay, but then coming off the corners it was just flat. The team kept freeing up the car because it was just way too tight to begin with and they made the car really good through the center of the corner. We would get beat off the corners, but we could get back underneath them and make them tight to get the position. The motor ran good all day and I don't know what happened with the carburetor -- on one of those last pit stops it started popping and spitting so something went wrong and they'll work to figure that out. All in all our flat track program hasn't been that great this year, but I'm real proud of the call that we made at the end to stay out and not take any tires. It was the right call and that's what got us a top-ten finish today."

How much does it affect you to run both the NNCS and NBS races in one weekend? "I like the double event weekends and it really doesn't bother me to go from the Busch car to the Cup car. I can separate the two and I don't think about one when I'm in the other. I've had to do that my entire life because years ago I had my own dirt car and then I would drive for other people on the same night in a different class. So you would have to jump from class to class and you would have to just figure out what you're driving pretty quickly. That seems to have paid off over here in this situation. It's still tough and I don't think I have it quite as figured out as some of these guys over here."

Can you talk about the point's battle? "Carl (Edwards) has a heck of a lead and he seems to just keep padding it every week. But we just keep grinding away and we'll find out where we end up once Homestead rolls around. I'm really not even paying attention to how far out he is in the points because I know he's a long way out there. It really doesn't matter because it's our job to try to catch him. He's got things pretty well covered, but we'll keep blasting away at him. Our cars are good every week and we are right on the verge of getting a win so we feel like we're doing everything we need to do -- now we just need a little luck to go our way."


JASON LEFFLER, No. 38 Great Clips Toyota Camry, Braun Racing Finished: 12th

How was your car today? "We had a good car today and ended up with a decent finish. I'm a little disappointed because I really feel like we had a top-ten car and we had a couple hang ups on the pit stops that cost us track position. The team worked hard and our car was strong. We brought the same car that we finished third with last weekend at Milwaukee so we felt like it would be good on another flat race track. But this is a tough track to pass on and when you lose track position in the pits, its real tough to get it back."


BOBBY SANTOS, No. 91 Riley-D'Hondt Motorsports Toyota Camry, Riley-D'Hondt Motorsports: Finished: 33rd

How disappointing was your day after starting so strong in the top-five? "It was just a very disappointing day -- we had a top-ten car and the guys did a great job, but we were taken out of contention when the No. 90 (Stephen Leicht) car got into us. It caused quite a bit of damage to the left-front of the car and we had to bring the car to the garage to get it fixed so that cost us quite a few laps. But the guys gave me a great car and I know we could have gotten a top-ten or even top-five finish today. I am just so disappointed because while this is my home track because of where I grew up, but today was the first time that I've had the chance to race at New Hampshire. I've watched a lot of races here, but it was great to get the experience of racing here and I know that experience will help as we head to more races this season."


DAVE BLANEY, No. 10 Hass Avocados from Mexico Toyota Camry, Braun Racing Finished: 35th

What happened that put you in the garage? "It was just a disappointing day for us. We had to start at the back because I missed the driver's meeting -- Cup series practice was still going on. But we were able to get up to about the middle of the pack and then we developed a miss in the engine. We had to try to switch ignition boxes and when that wasn't working we had to bring the car to the garage and put a whole new ignition box in the car. But I thought we were going to be okay there for a while, but once we lost those laps, we were just riding around."

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