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Gumout 200 Saturday Quotebook LOUDON, N.H. - The following are quotes from drivers following the Gumout Long Life Formula 200 at New Hampshire International Speedway: BUCKSHOT JONES (No. 00 Bayer/Alka-Seltzer Pontiac) "After the first...

Gumout 200 Saturday Quotebook

LOUDON, N.H. - The following are quotes from drivers following the Gumout Long Life Formula 200 at New Hampshire International Speedway:

BUCKSHOT JONES (No. 00 Bayer/Alka-Seltzer Pontiac)

"After the first wreck, when everyone got bunched up, I thought there was something wrong with the car. I thought the radiator was busted. Nothing happened to the chassis, but we got it fixed. It was tough working my way back up after the wreck. I had to stay patient.

"The crew always gives me a good car. After the restarts, the tires seemed cold and we were slipping and sliding. The car was okay after a few laps. I tested here one time before. I like flat tracks. In time you learn a lot. You don't get into a situation were you're going to get bumped. Patience is all you can do when you start that far back, but if you don't think you can win you might as well pack up and go home."

TONY STEWART (No. 44 Shell Oil Pontiac)

"I'm happy with my finish. It isn't an easy series to win in. The track was slick and everybody was running hard. It is a totally different track than when you're driving an IRL car. We made changes last night and all day today. We were most concerned with running up front and staying consistent. I had a good car and the team did a great job. My hat's off to the crew."

KEVIN LEPAGE (No. 40 ChannelLock Chevrolet)

"This (finishing position) is a huge upper for the whole ChannelLock group. I can't say enough about them. We've struggled -- all year long it's been a struggle and we just haven't been there at the end. And here today at New Hampshire, they made a great call to put two right-side tires on and get back for track position. We started 21st and came home third. We didn't do well in qualifying, but the crew made a substantial gear change before the race that obviously made this a top-five car.

"We had a heck of a race with Tony (Stewart) there at the end, but my hat's off to Buckshot (Jones). They had a great car. We've finally got a grip on this Busch Series for the ChannelLock people, and hopefully we can keep doing this.

"After Tony (Stewart) got by me, the No. 4 car (Jeff Purvis) and Randy LaJoie were coming up behind me pretty hard. You know, my wife did a great job of spotting. She told me to just drive the inside there. And the lapped cars were great. We got up to them there towards the end and they just moved over and let the ChannelLock car by. My hat's off to them."

"It was well worth coming up North this weekend. It was nice to come back to my home area (he is from Shelburne, Vt.). It was a great day to race. We had good conditions. We've been running pretty decent all year, and we got our break here."

JEFF PURVIS (No. 4 Lance Snacks Chevrolet)

"We had a good car. At the last practice yesterday we had a fast car. As a matter of fact, our car was fourth fastest in the last practice. I think Buckshot was the fastest. But we finished (the race). All the changes we made on the car were made after qualifying before that last practice. This car didn't qualify good at all, but in the long run yesterday, it really came on good.

"But like I said, at least we finished one. Just goes to show that we can run up front and maybe even win one of these if we just stay out of trouble. Today was a good clean race, and we got a top-five. That's what this team is capable of doing every week."

RANDY LaJOIE (No. 74 FINA Chevrolet)

"We thought we were going to bring one home for the win today. We were the fastest thing out there. The second pit stop put us way behind. Hell, you can't beat 30 horsepower. I needed the whole race track to run fast and I couldn't do it. The FINA Chevrolet Monte Carlo was good all day. These guys built a great race car. You know, we've got a good motor sitting in the truck. But a lot of good that does being in there.

"There's no one certain thing that was going to get you the win today. If you've got the horsepower but not the handling... You've got to have the momentum into the corner, and you have to be able to turn the car. When you make a pit stop and fall that far back, you can't work traffic because you can't really go that wide in the turns. It becomes costly. And that's the way it was today."

JOE BESSEY (No. 6 Power Team Chevrolet)

"There really wasn't a lot of luck involved in what happened today. A bunch of 'em checked up in turn one. I think somebody was spinning. I got high on the race track. I was just about half-way up under Elliott (Sadler). Coming off turn 2, he came down and I don't know whether or not he knew I was there. I moved down on the apron to try to keep from hitting (him) and got the left front up on the apron too much and knocked my car up underneath of his. I think I hit him anyway.

HERMIE SADLER (No. 29 DeWalt Chevrolet)

"I don't know what happened, but they think they found some water mixed in with the fuel. So they're going to drain the fuel cell and re-fuel it and we'll try to get back out for points."

MIKE COPE (No. 30 Slim Jim Chevrolet)

"We just got caught behind the 14 car. She (Patty Moise) checked up, and I checked-up, and that was that. We have quite a bit of front end damage."

PATTY MOISE (No. 14 Rhodes Furniture Ford)

"The No. 30 car hit me, I corrected it the first time but couldn't hold it. I wasn't trying to block him ... we were both a lap down. I don't know what his strategy was but it wasn't good for neither of us."

DENNIS SETZER (No. 48 UniFirst Uniforms Ford)

"We were put out by engine trouble that started in the first crash of the race."

Source: NASCAR Online

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