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Roll of the dice doesn't work for Compton in Vegas. LAS VEGAS, Nev. (March 1, 2003) - Stacy Compton and the ...

Roll of the dice doesn't work for Compton in Vegas.

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (March 1, 2003) - Stacy Compton and the #59 Kingsford/Johnsonville Chevrolet rolled the dice while in Vegas on Saturday but they turned up "snake eyes." Bad weather was again the theme of the weekend as most of practice and qualifying day were rained out. That left the team to make another educated guess on car set-up. The choice they made was close, but not close enough as Compton finished the race in 15th place.

"There is not much to say. We tested here but what was fast in the heat during testing didn't work very well under the weather conditions here this weekend," explained crew chief Steve Plattenberger. "We put our heads together and decided to make some changes on race morning. Our car was good enough to stay on the lead lap all day, but not good enough to run up front."

Realizing that some more bad weather was imminent and that a run to the front under race conditions was doubtful, the team decided to gamble. Just past the race's half-way point, and as lightning flashed outside the racetrack, they chose to stay out under caution. That gave them the lead with the hopes of some significant rain handing them the victory. As luck would have it, the race did re-start and the heavy rain was a mere five minutes too late in arriving. After an hour-long rain delay the race was run to completion. On the re-start Compton finally did take on tires and was forced to work his way back up from the back in the final 60 laps.

Compton reflected, "We took a gamble there and it almost paid off. Our car was too tight all day today, just like it was in Rockingham. We have to figure out this new car body and what springs and shocks it likes, but the weather has limited our track time. That gives a huge advantage to the Winston Cup guys and to the multi-car teams. We have a group of smart people on this team and I have no doubt that we will figure it all out and be back to running where we need to be."

The team has a well deserved off week this week before heading to Darlington for the season's fourth race.


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