BUSCH: Las Vegas: Reed Sorenson preview

Reed Sorenson, No. 41 Discount Tire Dodge No. 41 TEAM FACTS: * Chassis: The Discount Tire team will race chassis ...

Reed Sorenson, No. 41 Discount Tire Dodge


* Chassis: The Discount Tire team will race chassis #555 in Las Vegas this weekend. The car is the same one that the team tested with in February, but it is the first time this season that this car is racing.

* Rookie of the Year: Sorenson currently sits second to Carl Edwards in the rookie of the year race. Sorenson is just five points out of first.

* Busch Series Points Standings: Following last week's 14-place finish Sorenson sits fifth in the Busch Series championship points standings, just 101 points out of first place.

* Discount Tire Appearance: Sorenson will be at the Galleria at Sunset Mall from 11-1 p.m. on Thursday, March 10th. Stop by and see him and the Discount Tire showcar.

* Going once, going twice, sold: Sorenson will be participating in the Las Vegas chapter of Speedway Children's Charities' annual driver auction on Thursday evening at Sam's Town Live. One lucky bidder will win a chance to have a meet-and-greet with Sorenson prior to the Busch race on Saturday.

* Tire Fast Fact for RV's: If you are going to park your RV for an extended time period, make sure the vehicle is as level as possible. This helps avoid tire overload, which can occur due to weight transfer. If your RV does not have built-in leveling devices, use blocks to support the low wheel positions. Take extreme care when blocking tires so that they are fully supported across the entire contact patch. In the case of dualies, both tires must be supported to evenly distribute the load. Improper tire blocking can result in premature sidewall fatigue and tire failure.


"The car we are taking to Vegas is the primary car we tested out there in February. The car is really balanced although it was hard to tell since the wind was pretty bad when we were out there. The track does not feel like a 1.5-mile track. For some reason it feels shorter than that. We are pretty confident going out to race there since we were the fastest car during testing. Our goal is a top-five finish and I definitely think we can get that but hopefully we can get our first win."


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