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Report from Motorsport News International NASCAR Public Relations Las Vegas 300 Quotebook LAS VEGAS, Nev. (March 16, 1997) Driver quotes following the Las Vegas 300 NASCAR Busch Series Grand National Division race at Las Vegas Motor ...

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Las Vegas 300 Quotebook

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (March 16, 1997) Driver quotes following the Las Vegas 300 NASCAR Busch Series Grand National Division race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Jeff Green No. 8 Diamond Ridge Chevrolet

"Dick (Trickle) ran a great race, and it would have been a great one for him to win for Chris (Trickle's nephew who was shot in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas), but I can't give it to him when we've got that good of a car. Gary Bechtel (car owner) gave us an awesome car today. We had some great stops in the pits, and those Goodyear tires were awesome, too. It was a great day, a great race track. Hopefully, it won't take us another 100 races to win another one. We're just looking forward to next week. Second would have been great, but winning gets a little more special. It was one of those weeks where you couldn't make something go wrong. All those wrecks, I was in the middle of em. Somehow I got through em. It was just our day. I've sat back and watched some of those days go by, so it's good to have one come your way one time. It's a race track where the fastest car wins. You've got plenty of places to pass and two or three grooves through the corners. I worked all day on where I could make our car the best. That's what made us make the pass there at the end. Our car was better up high, and Dick gave us the room outside. I just made the pass. We were up and down on the spring setup, gears and everything. We hit it right on the head I think, for qualifying and the race. It takes the whole package to win these races, and we had it today."

Dick Trickle No. 64 Dura-Lube Chevrolet

"We'd been loose getting in and a little tight coming off the corners. It started shattering coming off and it went away from me a little bit. We were pretty good for a while. This is my nephew's hometown, and I wish I could have won it for him, and also for my family back home and all my fans. I wish I could have won it for Dick Trickle, too. This is really a great track, and we had a great race going with Jeff Green. It didn't work out the way I would have liked, but it was a fun day."

Todd Bodine No. 36 Stanley Tools Pontiac

"It was just too tight. It was tight all day. We kept adjusting it, and the last set of tires was the tightest a we had all day. Right when you don't need them to be tight, they were. But we ran up front all day, the car's in one piece, and we're still in the pint lead. Not a bad day."

Michael Waltrip No. 21 Band Aid Ford

"I really thought we had a chance to win it. We boo-booed in the pits by staying our and not coming in with everybody else on the last stop. We lost a lot from the last set of tires, too. We just didn't have anything left for them (Trickle and Bodine) at the end."

Tim Steele No. 4 Phoenix Racing Chevrolet

"We had an awesome race in this Phoenix Chevrolet. We were running in the top-10 early in the race and we went into turn one and it felt like we had a tire going down. It got real hard to turn, and I thought we had a right front flat. It wasn't getting loose going in, and it turned out the power steering went out. That really made for a long day. We got beat on tires there at the end."

Steve Park No. 3 ACDelco Chevrolet

"It felt great leading the race out there today. We're going to win a race. I can just feel it. We've got a top-five team and a top-20 rookie driver. When the driver catches up to the team and stops wrecking the primary car every week, there's no telling what we can do. The team hasn't got on me for crashing, and I've done it the past two weeks. I'm disappointed, but they don't let me get down, and we kept fighting back today."

Dale Jarrett No. 32 White Rain Ford

"Our car was just too tight and stayed that way all day. The front end just plowed from the exit of turn four to the flagstand. Our other problem was that the engine wasn't designed for this layout. It pulled really good from the start/finish line to turn one, but we needed more power at the lower RPM's to get us off the turns. This is a nice track, a good track to race on. It looked to me like it was a pretty good show for the fans."

Terry Labonte No. 5 Bayer Chevrolet

"We lost a cylinder or two, and we just parked it before we destroyed the car. We were going to try to stay out there and stay on the lead lap, but we were losing too much ground. We'd been having motor problems all week, and that's really too bad, because this is a great track for racing. I wish we could have done some today."

Joe Nemechek No. 87 BellSouth Mobility Chevrolet

"In that wreck, I don't know. A slow car was up front and everybody was kind of monkeying around. I don't know what happened. Cars all of a sudden got sideways, and when I was up high, I was just fine. Jason Keller slid up in front of me and didn't have anywhere to go. Our car was awesome. I think we had the car to win this race today. We started smoking early. We lost a cylinder and we still came right up through the pack. We were going to the front. We were trying to take our time and get a halfway decent finish. It just wasn't meant to be today.

"I love this place. I seem to have a good line around here, and the car was working good. You can make up a lot of time in the corners. The track is fun. They did a great job here, and I can't wait to come here again."

Nemechek's brother, John was injured following a crash in the Florida Dodge Dealer's 400k NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race. Nemechek was informed of the accident before the race but did not know the severity of his brother's condition until he fell out of the event on lap 122.

"My brother John is a strong kid. I really appreciate the concern that everyone has expressed, and would like for everyone to keep him in their thoughts and prayers."

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