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BOBBY HAMILTON, JR.-25-Team Marines Ford Taurus (Finished 1st) "We had to fight for this one. That's what the Marines do; they don't die." TALK ABOUT THE MISCUE IN THE PITS. "As good as our car was, it didn't matter. If you listened to our...

BOBBY HAMILTON, JR.-25-Team Marines Ford Taurus (Finished 1st)

"We had to fight for this one. That's what the Marines do; they don't die."

TALK ABOUT THE MISCUE IN THE PITS. "As good as our car was, it didn't matter. If you listened to our radio chatter, I told them it didn't matter. Everyone did a hell of a job on this car. Harold Holly, that's my new man." TALK ABOUT THE FINAL LAPS. "I laid back a little bit to save my right-front (tire) because it would get tighter and tighter. I was out in the high groove and I remember that deal with Todd (Bodine) last year, and I said, 'This is working.' I kept getting a run and getting a run and just drove under him. I drove it in there too deep and I thought he got under me, but that Robert Yates horsepower picked me up. This is awesome. This is what we work for all year long. Sam and Ed Rensi redid this whole team within a month. We've never finished outside the top 13 the last month. I've got to thank all of the guys that support his thing."

YOU WERE SURPRISED YOU WEREN'T ON THE POLE WITH HOW DOMINANT THIS CAR FELT. "I don't know where the 59 got his lap, but I'll take a second any day in qualifying to get this trophy tonight."

THIS IS GOOD FOR YOUR STANDING IN THE POINTS. "I told them if they gave me Harold Holly that I would deliver the championship at the end of the year, and I'm going to keep my word for it."

HAROLD HOLLY, Crew Chief-25-Team Marines Ford Taurus - "That was pretty good. I can't say enough about Bobby Hamilton, Jr. It has been a while since we've won one. I can't say enough about Bobby Hamilton, Jr. as a driver; he's a hot rod. The Team Marines Taurus was awesome tonight. This team is awesome. These boys are hunting for a championship right now and they deserve to win one; Bobby Hamilton, Jr. deserves to win one. That's what we're after right now. These guys are fantastic."

WHAT ABOUT THE MOVE HE PUT ON JASON KELLER TO TAKE OVER THE LEAD? "How about that? The old saying goes that quitters never win and winners never quit and we ain't quitting."

JASON KELLER-57-Albertsons Ford Taurus (Finished 2nd)

"It was a great night for us. The 25 was a little better than we were at the end of the race. I can sleep tonight because I know I didn't have anything left. He had a little bit better car than we had, but we did all we can do."

DOES THIS FINALLY GET THINGS GOING BACK IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION? "Yeah, we started to do that last we, but this proves that we can finish them off."

KASEY KAHNE-38-Great Clips Ford Taurus (Finished 11th)

"We started so far off, we were so tight that we could never get even close. We didn't crash, we stayed in the race and the guys made pretty good pit stops. We just about got a top-10 out of a tough week. We crashed one car, so it would have been bad if we crashed two, so we're leaving here with good finish, but one wrecked car to fix. To finish right out of the top 10, we got some good points and that's all we can ask for.

WALLY DALLENBACH-17-Aleve Ford Taurus (Finished 12th)

"We wanted to get one under our belt, and we have five more, so this was a good test. I hadn't been a race car in eight months, so it was good for to get back in a car, it was good for me to work with them. Now they know what I like, which is totally different from a lot of guys that they have worked with, so this is what we needed to do. I wish we could have stayed on that lead lap, but we were off just a tick there. Once we got that lap down, I think we could have been sixth, seventh or eighth, but if frogs had wings they wouldn't bump their rearends when they landed."

SCOTT RIGGS-10-Nestle Nesquik Ford Taurus (Finished 30th)

WHAT HAPPENED BETWEEN YOU AND HORNADAY? "We went down into the corner and I gave Hornaday the outside line off of turn 2 and gave him the outside line getting into (turn) three down there. To me, I thought he just came down. I don't know what happened; I've got to watch the tape."

IS THIS AN INCIDENT THAT THE TWO OF YOU NEED TO DISCUSS? "We're just trying to keep a level head and remember what our job is here. You're going to have people that lose control of their car or do things that they shouldn't have, and this time it just cost us and not them. We're sticking to our same game plan at Milwaukee of qualifying in the top five and running in the top five in the race."

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