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MARCOS AMBROSE - No. 59 Kingsford Ford Fusion (finished 39th) "We blew a tire out, I'm not saying it's Goodyear's fault at all. I mean, we got going on the restart and it just wouldn't start going into one there, it just wouldn't turn. The car...

MARCOS AMBROSE - No. 59 Kingsford Ford Fusion (finished 39th)

"We blew a tire out, I'm not saying it's Goodyear's fault at all. I mean, we got going on the restart and it just wouldn't start going into one there, it just wouldn't turn. The car hit the ground and scootedup the race track and did some right-side damage. It's just too bad; we were looking for a good points day, and it didn't work out."


CARL EDWARDS - No. 60 Scotts Winterguard Ford Fusion (finished 38th)

"Something came loose in the front end and I real, real loose in. I think my sway bar was - something broke, I thought. I overcorrected and turned into the fence. That was a pretty hard hit. It hurt a little bit."

YOU STAYED ON THE TRACK AND TRIED TO SIGNAL TO SOMEBODY. "I was a little bit upset at him [Matt Kenseth] for what happened earlier, but my guys told me on his radio he expressed that he didn't do it on purpose. Hopefully, that's the case. I guess that now I'm on the outside watching, I hope he wins the thing - either him or Clint would be fine. Just a long day for us. I just want to thank everybody in the stands that came here to cheer for me today, and hopefully we'll put on a good show tomorrow for them."

MORE ON WHAT HAPPENED. "That's tough. It's just been kind of a hard day for us. Matt's a good guy, he probably didn't mean to do that. It's a little frustrating because I was trying to pass him. That was the only thing, I think, that happened there. As far as wrecking, something broke on the car. We may have lost the front end - I got real sideways, thought I had it corrected, and all I could see was SAFER barriers." The reason I was mad, someone like a teammate would race me like that. He may or may not have done it on purpose. He's my teammate and we've really got a good relationship, so hopefully we can get by this."

"It is difficult. There is a lot of pressure. I've got great fans, and I do have great teammates. And, Matt's done a lot for me. Hopefully, that's just a one-time deal, a little lapse there that he might've had. We'll move on."


PIERRE KUETTEL - crew chief, No. 60 Scotts Winterguard Ford Fusion

WHAT HAPPENED FROM YOUR PERSPECTIVE? "Which time? We had the previous incident with the 17, and then all of a sudden, we must've picked up something on the race track and put a hole in the oil cooler, and that caused that first smoking incident. We came and bypassed the oil cooler, and the car was pretty free because we had a lot of damage on it. He said something broke. I don't know if it was free and it got away from him - that I don't know, I wasn't there. I haven't see the replay so I don't know exactly what caused the last deal that put the final nail in the coffin for the car."

ON THE EFFECT ON THE POINTS RACE. "We have big lead in the driver's points race, but we've now lost the owner's points again. We were up and now we're down again. It's a seesaw battle, back and forth. So, we're real disappointed. We had a great race car, and the guys worked really hard, and we were real confident with the way we were going to end up today, and it just didn't happen."


JAMIE McMURRAY - No. 26 Dish Network Ford Fusion (finished 5th)

ON A TOP-FIVE FININSH IN HIS HOME STATE. "I didn't even think about being here in Kansas. Chad [Norris, crew chief] did a really good job making the decision to stay out. I doubted him a little bit - I was like, 'I don't know. If everyone pits behind us, I don't know how it's going to work out.' But, he had watched the was the race played out early on and said not to worry about it, and once you get up in the top four or five, you car's close, it's just unbelievable the speed that you can pick up. Had a really good time racing. The race track just gets better every time we come here."

WHAT WORKED TODAY. "Our balance on our car got better and better. Then when you get in the clean air, whatever little problems you have seem to go away or they get smaller. It's just easier when you get in the clean air.

DID THE WIND HAVE ANY EFFECT ON THE RACE OR HOW THE CARS HANDLED? "The winds played an issue all weekend, with getting into three, you're loose in and then push center off. Yeah, I fought that all day long, and all the guys that got around looked like they struggled with that, too."


MATT KENSETH - No. 17 Arby's Ford Fusion (finished 2nd)

WHAT HAPPENED AT THE END WHEN KYLE BUSCH GOT AROUND YOU? "I sure hate getting beat, but, gosh, we did the best we could today. The Arby's Fusion was pretty fast. We were good in the long run, and I think Kyle was just a little bit tighter than I was, and when we got going on the re-start, I just kind of chose the middle to the top, because I was kind of loose to run the bottom, and he just got a good run and cleared me on that one re-start, so I just didn't have quite enough time to get him. I think a couple of more laps we would've passed him back. It was a fun battle, but I sure sure hate getting beat."

YOU OVERCAME A LOOSE WHEEL EARLY. "In all reality, we got lucky. I got off pit sequence there and came in with a loose wheel and got a caution just at the right time, came in and got fuel, and then when everybody pitted again and came and got tires, we came in and we got fuel only and that got us track position back, so we were more lucky than good in that situation."

WHEN CARL EDWARDS WRECKED, HE MADE SOME SIGNALS TOWARD YOU. WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT? "I don't really know exactly what his problem was. I guess, early in the race he went outside of us, three- or four-wide on a re-start up there in the gravel, and I didn;t really expect him to be up there, he's trying to race for a championship. I left enough room on the top, and we just barely made contact, and I guess I heard he got a flat tire or something, so that's what he must be mad about. I don't really know."


GREG BIFFLE - No. 16 3M Ford Fusion (finished 10th)

"It was a tough day. It started going away there at the end, and we really don't know what was wrong with it, but we do know that it broke the front valance off on something, so it must've been some debris or something. So, it felt like if we were goingmto win we were going to have to fix it, and it was just so tough to get track position here. We worked our way back to 10th, but that was all we could do."

DID THE HIGH WINDS HAVE ANY EFFECT ON THE RACE OR THE CARS? "Some, but everybody had to deal with the same thing."

-credit: ford racing

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