BUSCH: Kansas: Ford teams qualifying quotes

ELLIOTT SADLER - No. 99 CitiFinancial Taurus "I don't think that will be on the pole, but I think that will be in the top 10. I just made a run in my Cup car, so I probably didn't give the CitiFinancial Ford a fair shake, but that will be in...

ELLIOTT SADLER - No. 99 CitiFinancial Taurus

"I don't think that will be on the pole, but I think that will be in the top 10. I just made a run in my Cup car, so I probably didn't give the CitiFinancial Ford a fair shake, but that will be in the top 10. We've got a really good car for the race and that's all I care about, really. We should be fine tomorrow. It's really good on long runs and I'm happy with the guys. They did a good job preparing the car this weekend, so I'm looking forward to tomorrow."

SO YOU'VE BEEN HOLDING YOUR BREATH A LOT TODAY IN CUP AND BUSCH PRACTICE. "I just made a run in my Cup car and then I had to run the whole length of pit road to get in my car to beat the five-minute clock and I am way too fat to be running on my feet. That's why I have a sit down job, so I was a little tired. I'm a little tired now."

GREG BIFFLE - No. 66 Subway Taurus

"That's gonna be tough to beat. That was a pretty good lap for the Subway car. We're just excited to have Subway and Red Cross on the car. On October 23rd they're gonna give five percent of all the money they make to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund and I'm excited that Subway is involved in our racing like that. I'm just happy to have it on the pole here at Kansas. I hope the Cup car is close to being that good."

SO YOU WERE PRETTY MUCH WIDE OPEN? "Yeah. I put force on the brake pedal instead of letting up on the gas pedal and that's pretty hairy sometimes, but the car was just beautiful. It didn't bottom, but now I don't know if I'm gonna be that good in race trim with being able to put that kind of qualifying lap down. We'll have to wait and see."

MATT KENSETH - No. 17 Waste Management Taurus

"You're always disappointed when you lose speed, but we put a different set of tires on there and it just didn't act quite the same. Overall, it was alright I guess. We didn't get a very good draw and that will probably put us 15th or something like that, so, hopefully, that will be alright."

CARL EDWARDS - No. 60 Charter Taurus

"We didn't get a bonsai run, so we didn't really have anything to compare that to. It was just loose in. I thought it was a pretty fast lap. It felt way faster than the Cup car, but it wasn't anywhere near it, so that was as good as we could do with what we had there."

HOW ABOUT THE RACE TOMORROW? "We got a lot of race practice so I feel pretty good about that. I think we'll be OK, and if we're not, we'll work on it and make it right."

KENNY WALLACE - No. 22 AutoZone Taurus

"I'm really confused about my car because it's handling beautifully. It's perfectly free and it's not pushing. I let up about half-throttle. I never thought I'd come to a track like this and run almost wide-open. I qualified at a .70-something and to think that the pole is around a .20, that's half a second off and it's pretty hard to swallow. But this car has always run in the top 10 - at Charlotte and California. We have to go to work over the winter time. Hopefully we'll use that test at Vegas pretty wisely next year, but we just can't seem to get a lot of speed out of the car. It seems like it's a pretty good race car, but we need more speed somewhere. We're working on it."

JON WOOD - No. 47 Clorox/Wisk/Country Mart/Thriftway Taurus

"I think the track is a little slower when we ran our fast lap, so I think we improved the car a lot. I didn't think we had anything for Martin, but looking back on it I think I could have driven a little bit harder, but everybody's always got if's and but's. Overall, we've got a really good car, but we'll see."

DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU CAN WIN TOMORROW? "We have a good chance of running well. We've always run well here at the Kansas Speedway in the Truck Series. I got my first win here, so we're back on track and back where we started the year and now we just have to keep on doing it."

DAVID GREEN - No. 27 Kleenex Taurus

"I was praying for a little help going down the back straightaway. I was so loose I wanted to try to do it on my first lap, but the way we've seen today the second lap picks up a little bit, but I was way too loose to really hope my second lap would be faster. So after I went through one and two, and went through three and four and held my breath a little bit, after that I don't know. One and two was even looser my second lap, so in three and four my main deal was just to not wreck and spin my little Ford out. This is a brand new car. We tested here a couple of weeks ago. We did everything but make them repave the track here after testing so the guys went back and got our car a lot better. Today was a fun day but this cool weather makes things so fast, and with this impound rule and not many changes, they gave us a few more changes today than normal and it kind of helped the feel of the car. It was really, really loose but I know when we pull our tape off we'll be fine."

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