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KASEY KAHNE-38-Great Clips Ford Taurus (Finished 30th) IT WAS A TOUGH DAY FOR YOU TODAY AFTER STARTING ON THE FRONT ROW. "We had an awesome race car all weekend, but we just made so many mistakes all weekend long that you can't even expect to...

KASEY KAHNE-38-Great Clips Ford Taurus (Finished 30th)

IT WAS A TOUGH DAY FOR YOU TODAY AFTER STARTING ON THE FRONT ROW. "We had an awesome race car all weekend, but we just made so many mistakes all weekend long that you can't even expect to finish a race with as many mistakes as we made."

WHAT FINALLY PUT YOU BEHIND THE WALL? "It had something to do with heat, but I think the motor broke. I think it goes back to being so far back in the field when we shouldn't have been. We squished the front end in and the motor got so hot that it just broke the motor."

YOU WERE ON THE FAVORABLE END OF THE NEW RULE IN REGARDS TO RACING BACK TO THE CAUTION WHEN YOU GOT BACK ON THE LEAD LAP AFTER A MISCUE IN THE PITS. IS THE NEW RULE ACHIEVING ITS INTENDED GOAL? "When there are as many yellows as there are, everybody starts getting their lap back which is pretty screwed up. The guy that gets his lap back is supposed to start behind every other car and there are cars that weren't doing that. I don't know if NASCAR wasn't enforcing it or what the deal was."

JASON KELLER-57-Albertsons Ford Taurus (Finished 4th)

WHAT IS YOUR INTERPRETATION OF THE RULE ABOUT RACING TO THE CAUTION EVEN IF IT'S THE LAST LAP OF A RACE? "They're reviewing it right now because if they do what they said they're supposed to do, we finished fourth. That's what we've been told in every meeting since they made this rule, that no matter first lap or last lap, when the caution comes out you hold your position. Hopefully NASCAR stays by what they say and they review this thing and do what they're supposed to."

WHAT DID YOU DO ON THE LAST LAP? "When I saw the caution off of turn 4 I rolled off of the gas like I was told to in the driver's meeting. We'll just have to wait and see."

NASCAR REVIEWED THE TAPE AND CREDITED YOU WITH FOURTH PLACE TODAY. "That's the main thing is that this is a new rule and they need to make sure the precedence is set. It is hard to get in that mentality, but you have to set the precedence somewhere and NASCAR did the right thing and that's the way it is."

DOES THE RULE NEED TO BE TWEAKED? "It would be the right thing not to race back to the checkered fag if there is a car sitting past the flag stand and someone is hurt. You've got to set the rules so that it will go will all of the situations. Fortunately, it wasn't a car past the start-finish line, but if we're not going to race back the caution, you're not going to race back to the caution any and that's what happened."

SHOULD THERE HAVE BEEN A ONE-LAP SHOOTOUT TO DECIDE THE RACE? "I have to put myself in the fan's point of view and the spectator's point of view, and I don't want to see the race end under caution either, but it would probably would have saved a lot of that." SHOULD THEY CHANGE THE RED FLAG RULE AND MADE IT A TWO OR THREE-LAP RACE TO THE FINISH? "They made the rule for a lot of different reasons and they wouldn't have done that one-lap-to-go deal but they started to do this now with the not red flagging it with five to go. They're tweaking this stuff, and I'm glad they did the right thing today. Whatever happens next week, I'm glad they did the right thing today."

BOBBY HAMILTON, JR.-25-Team Marines Ford Taurus (Finished 19th)

WHAT HAPPENED ON THE FINAL LAP? "We just took off and it just fluttered on me. The 37 got a run. I like the whole rule that when you get 96 to go or whatever it is you're supposed to go ahead, but the pace truck ran so damn slow they could have flipped Talladega over here four times and still got green. But, we'll just take this and run with it."

DID YOU RUN OUT OF FUEL? "I didn't run out of gas. The deal got hot and I just sputtered. Whoever said that needs to re-add their stuff."

BIFFLE MADE THAT COMMENT. "The same guy that drives into his hood? Does that surprise you? Is he the who ran over me, I couldn't see. I didn't see in the mirror. I was just trying to get out of the 37. I saw him jump down the inside and I just got hit."

TALK ABOUT THE LAST LAP. "I wish we could just go to Cup and get out of the Busch Series because of the way they mistreat us out here. On the restart, they try to get us that way, and I just wish we could go to the Winston Cup Series where the real racing stuff is. I don't understand it. They told me, 'Well, you didn't jump the start, you slowed the pace down.' In the driver's meeting they tell you that the leader starts the race. But, I asked them, 'Well, maybe I was wrong,' and if I was tell me what the rule is. They said I have to keep the same pace as behind the pace car, which changes every week. They know who won this race. David Green is a good guy and everything and I guess if you're going to win them that's the way to win them, run fifth or sixth all day and survive at the end."

ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT BEING VOCAL ABOUT THE RULES? "They look at us anyway. I don't know why. I guess because we're a single team and we have no Winston Cup ties, and we do our best with all of the guys. I just don't know. Like the last of it. I've never seen the pace truck go that slow. That was crazy. They threw caution flags three or four times on the back straightaway because of little balls of tape down in the very bottom of the white line. Michael Waltrip blew a tire and had rubber everywhere and they sent us back green. I don't know. We'll just take it."

SCOTT RIGGS-10-Nestle Nesquik Ford Taurus (Finished 13th)

"We were trying to drive as hard as we could every single lap. It's a shame to come here and test two weeks ago and everybody do such a good job and work so hard and just have such a bad car. We tried some things that we haven't tried before, and I don't know if that's the reason, but our car was loose if anyone was around me anywhere. It doesn't make any sense. Someone could be in front of me and it would make me way loose. It doesn't make any sense. It should be taking air off of the front of the car and not making me loose. We went pretty radical on our setup and maybe that's what the deal was. We really don't know. We hate to have good calls in the pits and everyone did the right thing. We had good pit stops and good calls to put ourselves in position to have a good finish and we just didn't have the car to capitalize on it. That's just frustrating. That's frustrating to me to drive as hard as I can and can't make anything happen."

TALK ABOUT THE LAST LAP. "It was just one lap. They dropped the green and they came around with the checkered. I saw the 25 get sideways and spinning and the lights came on and everybody kept digging. I'm really anxious to see what NASCAR is going to do about this one. I'm sure they'll figure something out and I'm sure they'll come back and say, 'This is how it's going to be, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.' If they put me back in the spot I was in when the lights came in I'll be happy, but knowing our luck it wouldn't happened that way. That's the bad thing. We had such a good car in practice and testing and put ourselves in the right position to be able to have a good finish and we just weren't able to capitalize on it. It's just frustrating for me and frustrating for all of the guys."

SHOULD THERE HAVE BEEN A ONE-LAP SHOOTOUT TO DECIDE THE RACE? "That's hard to say. It depends on what position you're in if you want that extra lap to race for it or not. I'm sure the 25 guys wish they didn't have that one-lap shootout, but it all plays in different angles. I think that they will probably be more cautious in doing that in the future."

SHOULD THE RACE HAVE BEEN RED FLAGGED? "Well, that's not the rule. They say that if you within five laps of the end of the race they're not going to red flag it. They did what they said they were going to do; they didn't red flag it. Giving the green with only one lap is asking for disaster. Of course, the disaster came not because of just that one lap but because the 25 stumbled or they said he might have run out of gas. Like I say, it's just frustrating for our guys. I know next week it will be a different race and I will be in better spirits and better mood, but right now I'm pretty frustrated trying so hard, driving so hard, everybody working so hard, coming here to test and having such a poor finish is pretty frustrating."

SHOULD YOU RACE TO THE CHECKERED FLAG EVEN IF THE CAUTION COMES OUT ON THE LAST LAP? "They're the ones that made the rule that when the caution lights/flag comes out, immediately that's where you're locked into your position. They always said that if they couldn't figure out where everybody was at that instant the last resort would be to go back to the last lap. I'm curious to see what they do."

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