BUSCH: Kansas: Ford drivers qualifying quotes

SCOTT RIGGS-10-Nestle Nesquik Ford Taurus (Qualified 8th) "It wasn't bad run, but, obviously, it's not going to be the pole and it might even be barely in the top 10 with the way it's looking. We tested here a few weeks ago and that should help...

SCOTT RIGGS-10-Nestle Nesquik Ford Taurus (Qualified 8th)

"It wasn't bad run, but, obviously, it's not going to be the pole and it might even be barely in the top 10 with the way it's looking. We tested here a few weeks ago and that should help us more in race mode than qualifying."

IS THE WIND HAVING AN EFFECT ON THE CARS? "The wind definitely makes a difference. We came here and tested two weeks ago and had a chance to feel the wind difference, the wind shift. One day it was blowing in one and two and the next day it was in the opposite direction and we were fighting one and two and we were better in three and four. The wind's blowing hard enough here and we're running fast enough here that the wind definitely makes a difference. The good thing about it is the wind hasn't changed today. It's been the same since we practiced and I think that was better for everybody today. Everybody knew what to expect today, but if the wind starts shifting tomorrow, I think there will be some people that didn't come and test that will be scratching their heads wondering what in the world happened in the corner."

IS THE TRACK SURFACE TEMPERAMENTAL WITH CHANGES IN TEMPERATURE? "It's temperamental as far as speed, but the way you drive it or the way it feels in the race car, you can't tell the difference. I think it's more the motors enjoy the cooler air and that's where you get the extra speed. I'm actually off the throttle just as much as I was in testing, but, of course, we're running a half-second faster and I think that is the motor just liking the cool air."

HAVE YOU HAD A CHANCE TO TALK TO DAVID GREEN AFTER THE INCIDENCE IN DOVER? "We talked. I knew that David was upset, but I think he knows what kind of guy I am racing and I didn't mean to do it. If I could take it back I would do it in a minute and I think he showed what kind of true racer he is by talking to me and telling me he understood. He's still mad, but like I said, I think David knows me good enough that he knew how bad I felt about it."

KASEY KAHNE-38-Great Clips Ford Taurus (Qualified 2nd)

YOU WERE ABLE TO TEST HERE. DID THAT HELP YOU TODAY? "The test here helped us a lot. The wind was about the same, but the weather was a lot hotter when we were here testing. We never did any qualifying runs, so we learned a lot this morning with so much grip in the race track and applied it and it worked for us."

YOU ALSO TESTED AT CHARLOTTE THIS WEEK. HAS TESTING BEEN A BIG BENEFIT FOR YOU AND THIS TEAM LATELY? "We had a couple of weeks off, so it was good to test on those weeks off just to get the laps and work on our cars. This is our favorite car and we've got it this weekend, so hopefully it runs good."

DOES THE TRACK SURFACE CHANGE DRASTICALLY WITH CHANGES IN TEMPERATURE? "I think it's not like Charlotte; it's not that temperamental. It changes a little bit. We're over a second faster in race runs with the way the weather is today than when we tested. The track has picked up a lot of speed with the cooler weather."

IS THE WIND HAVING AN EFFECT ON THE CAR'S HANDLING? "It's been windy and it was windy this morning. This Great Clips team just keeps doing a good job; we just keep getting better and better. The Pro Motor is running awesome, too, so it was a good team effort."

YOUR NAME HAS BEEN IN THE RUMOR MILL THIS WEEK. "It's all talk pretty much. Five or six different Cup teams have been talking to me, but five or six teams have probably talked to 10 other drivers. It's just talk, but I know for sure that I'll be driving the Great Clips Ford next year. We're running the full Busch Series next year to try to win the championship."

JASON KELLER-57-Albertsons Ford Taurus (Qualified 23rd)

"That's not where we wanted to be. They're telling me qualifying is way overrated, so we're not worried about it. We've struggled since we've been here and I'm not sure what's wrong. We've run good here the past two years, but it seems like we're missing something today."

IS THE WIND HAVING AN EFFECT ON THE CAR'S HANDLING? "My car is moving around a lot getting into the corner, and I don't want to blame the wind because people are running a lot faster than I am. But, the cars are definitely moving around getting in the corner."

WILL THE WIND CONDITIONS HAVE AN IMPACT ON THE CARS IN THE DRAFT? "I'd say it would have to if it continues to do that tomorrow. It's definitely uncomfortable, but I think mine is just more uncomfortable than a lot of other ones."

BOBBY HAMILTON, JR.-25-Team Marines Ford Taurus (Qualified 16th)

"We were just tight. We didn't keep up with the race track. Me and Harold (Holly) were doing the deal in the Cup garage and I think we kinda got lost on it. The 5 said the same thing, that he got tight. But it doesn't matter, qualifying doesn't get you a real big trophy. We want the big one. The car is great. We don't have too much to worry about. What we're worried about now is getting a decent pit stall, that's all qualifying means now. Maybe we can get back there and get an open pit or get around some lapped cars so we can get a good in and out, and go from there."


"Oh yeah. Now I get be on the good shoe to see how those guys live over there. They get to figure out tracks before anyone else does. We're going to make some adjustments to adjust for the race track and hopefully it helps us over there."

IS YOUR TEAM SPREAD TOO THIN THIS WEEK? "Maybe a little bit. We just missed it. We never miss it, but we missed it. It's really hard to pinpoint why, but Harold and I have been over there doing that and I don't think we paid that much attention to the temperatures. All of a sudden it was cooler and now I think it's warmed up a little bit since we've been sitting here. The weather didn't help us any and I think we're spread just a little too thin to make both deals work perfectly."

IS THE WIND HAVING AN EFFECT ON THE CAR'S HANDLING? "It just depends on how the wind is blowing. For instance, you can go out and make three laps and then the winds pick up and you push real bad in whatever corner the wind is pushing to. Then you're mind-boggled because you're trying to figure out where it came from. It can mess with your head, make you loose in the corner and all kinds of things."


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