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JEFF GREEN -10- Nestle Nesquik Ford Taurus "My car had been as good as it was all day right there, even behind those guys, but they were making me so tight, I couldn't get under them to pass them. I really didn't dream that it would be that ...

JEFF GREEN -10- Nestle Nesquik Ford Taurus

"My car had been as good as it was all day right there, even behind those guys, but they were making me so tight, I couldn't get under them to pass them. I really didn't dream that it would be that good. Last week, it was the only way we were going to win the race to beat those guys off pit road, and it worked for us. This week, that was the only way that we were going to win again. We could have come in and got two, but we still would have been second, third or fourth, and that's probably where we would have ended up. The aero-push was gone and that car responded very well. It really handled as well as it did in Happy Hour and I was pretty happy with it in Happy Hour. I was a little disappointed with it today, but I was in traffic all day. That's why I was disappointed with it, and when I got out front, it just took off and left those guys behind."

DID YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHERE YOU WERE RUNNING WHEN THE CAUTION CAME OUT? "I think I was third at the time. I think that Jason was leading and the 60 was second and I was third."

WERE YOU WERE WORRIED ABOUT GAS MILEAGE, ESPECIALLY WHEN LEPAGE RAN OUT? "Harold and the guys were on me since Friday. We talked on Friday about saving fuel, so I even tried in Happy Hour to save fuel. We've had a problem with using more fuel than the other guys for some reason, but on the cautions, I rode around in fourth gear just trying to save fuel. I didn't smoke the rear tires to get them cleaned off to try to save fuel. I did everything all day long under caution to try to save fuel and I think that paid off for me. We didn't run out of gas out there. I thought it ran out of gas when I was trying to do a burnout out there, but the motor blew up. Dan and the guys do a great job every week of calculating fuel mileage, and when that last caution came out, they said, 'Don't worry about fuel - go, go go,' and that's what I did."

IS IT SAFE TO SAY WE'VE SEEN THE LAST OF THE MUSTACHE? "I think so. When I'm in the race car, anyway. I'll grow some facial hair when I go hunting, but when I get in a race car, I might shave two or three times a day if I have to. I'm two and zero right now, so hopefully I can keep that average up."

DO YOU KNOW WHAT BROKE IN THE ENGINE? "They said it had holes in the side of the oil pan, so I'm sure it broke a rod or something. It was smoking a little bit in the car and I could smell smoke, but I wasn't going to dare say something over the radio about it. The motor just didn't run very good from about halfway on of the race. It seemed like it was laboring pretty hard up in the top RPMs at the end of the straightaway. That was hurting us behind those guys because I could get to them to pass them, and when we got to lapped traffic that was hurting us because it was tough for me to pass those guys because we didn't have the power I think we needed at the top end. Once we got out front, the car handled where I could through the corner like I wanted to and I was able to ease away from those guys. I've never done that before where I've blown up a motor doing a burnout. It shouldn't have happened. Something was going wrong. Someone does a burnout every week after the race and they don't blow up motors. I did one last week and I didn't blow a motor. Something was going wrong with it and when I turned it up to 8000, I expired it."

TALK ABOUT YOUR FUTURE TEAMMATE KEVIN HARVICK. "He's not my teammate yet, and he'll tell you that. I was right behind that when it happened. These lapped cars, you have to give them plenty of room. A couple of times, we didn't know where they we going. I think that's what happened. He didn't give him enough room. The guy turned up into him and got into him. It wasn't Kevin's fault, don't get me wrong. Instead of leaving a foot, he should have left a couple of feet because you don't know what that guy's going to do. He doesn't race with us every week. It's different when you race with a guy every week. You can kinda tell what he's going to do. It was just a tough situation. I hate it for Kevin. I want to beat the guy on the race track. I want to beat him fair and square. I want to win the championship, but I also want to do it on the race track. I don't want to beat him sitting in the garage area putting fenders back on. Unfortunately, he's going to have to have days like that for us to catch. We knocked it down a little bit today and I think we're back in it. We've got fives races left and if we keep wining races we'll keep getting the most points and that's the best way to gain."

YOU HAD A BAD STRETCH EARLY IN THE SEASON, BUT THAT'S TURNED AROUND. ARE YOU SURPRISED TO BE BACK IN THE RUNNING WITH FIVES RACES TO GO? "I'm not surprised that we're winning races now. I'm surprised what has happened to Kevin the past three weeks. You can't predict what is going to happen in these races. You just have to take care of your car. Back in the summer months, we did have a bad stretch of races. We blew up a couple motors and I wrecked a few a cars, and it's probably because I was getting behind in the points and I was trying too hard. Now, I'm just relaxing a little bit and the guys are 110 percent behind me. Back in the summer, again, that's when we announced that I was going to RCR next year. Whether that was on their minds, I don't know. I think we've all kind of swallowed it now. They guys have swallowed it, too. We're going on with our lives. We're trying to win races like w should and that's got us back in the points race."

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