BUSCH: Indianapolis: Ford Racing race quotes

GREG BIFFLE-60-Grainger Ford Taurus (Finished 1st) WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO PIT AT THE END EVEN THOUGH THE LEADER STAYED OUT? "I figured that three or four of the guys would come behind us and our car was terrible there. I couldn't catch the 10...

GREG BIFFLE-60-Grainger Ford Taurus (Finished 1st)

WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO PIT AT THE END EVEN THOUGH THE LEADER STAYED OUT? "I figured that three or four of the guys would come behind us and our car was terrible there. I couldn't catch the 10 and I didn't think that I'd be able to hold the 57 off if it went green. I don't have anything to lose. I'm going to watch the 57 and I saw the 57 start to come, so I came, and certainly it was the right decision, but the 57 influenced us."

YOU CAME TO THE FRONT FROM SIXTH PLACE AFTER YOUR LAST STOP. "I just got real lucky. I got the right breaks with lapped traffic. There were a lot of good cars inside, so I had to be careful. It's pretty unfair when I have four fresh tires and they have 120-lap tires."

HOW DID YOU MANAGE TO HOLD OFF KELLER? "I just help my line and just had to drive my race; I couldn't block him. I just tried to run my line. I was tight there at the end - that last set of tires was tight - and it was just a great job in the pits by all of these guys. The engine ran great today, and the body, the guys in the fab shop are just doing a fantastic job preparing these cars."

YOU BUILT YOUR POINTS LEAD TONIGHT. "We did. It's frustrating running this good and only gaining five points a week, but I guess I can't get greedy."

RANDY GOSS, Crew Chief-60-Grainger Ford Taurus

WHO MADE THE CALL TO PIT? "We weren't going to pit and Biffle looked in the mirror and saw Keller coming so he made the deal. He's really getting good and the Grainger Ford team did a great job today."

JASON KELLER-57-Albertsons Ford Taurus (Finished 2nd)

"That was about all we could do. Track position was everything and it seemed like we couldn't get the right track position. We've got to get this pit road fine-tuned. We've got great race cars, and the Albertsons Ford was fast all ni ght. Steve (Addington) made a real good call, but we're getting our butt kicked on pit road and you can't win races like that."

DID YOU PLAN TO FOLLOW BIFFLE'S LEAD ON WHETHER OR NOT TO PIT AT THE END? "No. We were committed to come in and I thought it was the right move. We just ran hard all night long. I thought that was going to put us in a position to win the race and it almost did, but we just came up a little short. It's real slick out there and I think we had a little bit better car than he did at the end, but we just couldn't get by."

WERE TIRES THAT IMPORTANT TONIGHT? "On 100-lap tires, it was. Fifty or 60-lap tires and I don't think it would have mattered. We had so many cars a lap down, we just gambled and it paid off."

YOU KEPT THE POINTS BATTLE TIGHT TONIGHT? "We're battling hard and we have some fine-tuning to do. It's fun racing him, but I'm ready to beat him. He did a great job. I did everything I could to get by him and I'm gonna race him clean and I think when the shoe's on the other foot, he's going me clean, so it was just a good, hard battle."

DID YOU THINK THE LEADERS WOULD STAY OUT AT THE END? "It really surprised me. We had so many cars a lap down I knew we wouldn't be racing that many cars, and my car got real tight at the end, so I really needed to come in; I didn't care what the 60 was going to do. We were committed to coming in. Like I said, after he saw me committed, he came down pit road. It was just a good, hard night, but we came up a little short. We've got awesome race cars. We're just a little off on pit road."

JON WOOD-9-Gain Ford Taurus (Finished 6th)

"YOU MADE YOUR FIRST BUSCH START LOOK EASY. When you have a good car it's easy to do. These guys have their act together and it shows. We stayed up front all night; we were never any worse than 10th. That says something about these guys and that says something about the car. Biffle won and my hat's off to him. I think we should have come in and pitted. If we could have pitted, we would have been right there with him, but we did as much as we could at the end."

WAS THIS EASIER THAN LAST NIGHT'S TRUCK RACE? "I'll tell you what, the Craftsman Truck Series is the toughest thing that I've ever done. It's harder than this. Number one, we had a good car, and, number two, these guys race with sense. They race smart and it's easy to race well when you do that. That's not to say that the truck guys don't, they just race every lap like it's the last one. We had a so-so truck, but it wasn't as god as the car we had today."

DID LAST NIGHT'S TRUCK RACE HELP YOU TONIGHT? "I'm sure it did. Being able to come to a track and make laps, that has to help. I guess I'm the only in the field who did, so you can't really tell. We got to come here and test, we were really quick and we qualified up front, and I just kept the Gain car clean night."

TALK ABOUT FINISHING IN THE TOP 10 IN YOUR FIRST BUSCH SERIES START. "This is the best finish that I've had all year, and this is my drift Busch race. I'm talking about trucks, too. Like I said, it's a great team. It's easy when you have good equipment and a great crew chief and a great sponsor. I was just out there riding like it'' Sunday afternoon."

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO STAY OUT AT THE END OF RACE RATHER THAN PIT/ "Half of the time it's a good call, and half the time it's not. Bard (Parrott) made a great call by staying out. We still finished just outside the top five. Had we come in and pitted, who knows what would have happened. We could have got back there with the other guys and maybe wrecked. For my first race, to finish in the top 10 and run most of the night in the top five, you really can't ask for anything more."


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