BUSCH: HRT Motorsports, Roberto Guerrero ready for debut in Charlotte

MIAMI, Florida - April 6, 2002 - HRT Motorsports is pleased and proud to announce CICLÓN International as their newly signed primary sponsor for their Busch Series No. 09 entry driven by Roberto Guerrero. CICLÓN International is headquartered in...

MIAMI, Florida - April 6, 2002 - HRT Motorsports is pleased and proud to announce CICLÓN International as their newly signed primary sponsor for their Busch Series No. 09 entry driven by Roberto Guerrero. CICLÓN International is headquartered in Panama City, Panama and is the producer and distributor of CICLÓN Energy Drink.

HRT Motorsports, established in 1999 as the first NASCAR team with both Hispanic owners and Hispanic drivers, plans on running a limited schedule of 5 races in 2002 commencing in Charlotte for the CARQUEST Auto Parts 300 on May 25, 2002, with full-time plans for the 2003 season and beyond. Other confirmed races in their 2002 schedule include the Hills Brothers Coffee 300 in Chicago on July 13, 2002 and the GNC Live Well 300 in Homestead on November 16,, 2002.

Their remaining schedule will be confirmed and announced shortly, however, other potential races include: the Food City 250 in Bristol on August 23, 2002, the Aaron's 312 in Atlanta on October 26, 2002, and the Arizona 200 in Phoenix on November 9, 2002.

Regarding their newly signed sponsor, Mike Vazquez, Co-Owner of HRT Motorsports and Miami native, says, "We couldn't be more pleased to be representing CICLÓN Energy Drink in the NASCAR circuit. Back in 1999 when Rudy and I formed HRT, we knew that HRT would be a valuable tool for companies who wanted to gain the support of both the Hispanic consumer and the great NASCAR fan. As a highly recognized company throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as with U.S. Hispanics, and now with distribution in the United States, CICLÓN Energy Drink fills that role perfectly."

HRT Co-owner Rudy Rodriguez says, "I think this is a perfect match for us. CICLÓN Energy Drink is well-known on an international level, and now we have a direct say in introducing it to the great NASCAR fan."

Elmar Scheiber, CEO of CICLÓN International S.A., is confident that HRT Motorsports will be the catalyst that turns North America on to CICLÓN Energy Drink. "I was extremely pleased at the platform HRT Motorsports presented to me earlier this year," stated Mr. Scheiber. "Not only at their ability to run in NASCAR and reach the North American market we are now entering, but to also reach our already strong Hispanic consumer. I was amazed at the extent of their platform, consisting of their Spanish language Television show, their interactive database with Interactive Fan Club(IFC) and, of course, their on-track capabilities with Roberto Guerrero. It was something no one else was offering, and something I didn't think was even remotely possible. I am very excited about the possibilities."

The signing of CICLÓN International as a sponsor means allot to many in the sport other than just HRT Motorsports. H. A. "Humpy" Wheeler, President and COO of SPEEDWAY MOTORSPORTS, INC. (SMI), said when he was recently informed of HRT's new sponsorship and scheduled debut at LOWE'S MOTOR SPEEDWAY, "The future growth of NASCAR will greatly depend on increasing diversity among our fans. Many NASCAR speedways are in heavily Hispanic markets; particularly Texas, Florida, California and Arizona. The HRT Team is greatly welcomed by us and we are so pleased with their sponsor".

In addition to HRT Motorsports' plans for Roberto and their No. 09 entry, HRT is now also working on securing primary sponsorship for their second Busch Series team, No. 82 recently assigned by NASCAR, for brother Jaime Guerrero.

ABOUT CICLÓN INTERNATIONAL S.A. Founded in 1996, produced in Austria and now headquartered in Panama City, Panama with sales and marketing in Puerto Rico, CICLÓN Energy Drink is fortified with vitamins C, B2, B6, and B12. CICLÓN Energy Drink launched in Puerto Rico last year and was No. 1 in its category within only seven months. CICLÓN thinks global and acts local in both their sales and marketing approach, making HRT Motorsports and NASCAR obvious partners.

ABOUT HRT MOTORSPORTS Established in 1999, HRT Motorsports is the first NASCAR race team which has both Hispanic owners and Hispanic drivers. HRT Motorsports leverages exposure on three continents for corporate branding through a physical racecar on the track, a "behind the scenes" Latin television broadcast and an unparalleled interactive database. HRT Motorsports maximizes their sponsors' demographic reach and fan-potential by enlisting two well-known auto-racing personalities within the Hispanic community, Roberto and, brother, Jaime Guerrero. Both drivers are joining forces for the first time, bringing their experience and dedicated fan base to America's speedways.

ABOUT INTERACTIVE FAN CLUB (IFC): IFC, a Dallas-based company, has created a platform that gathers specific customer information in a database and leverages this database as a communication medium for the purpose of providing an untraditional revenue module for its clients. The unique IFC concept combines two of the most active platforms in the world today: email and collectibles. These platforms then are mixed with proponents of some of today's most powerful and profitable sports, such as NASCAR, golf and skateboarding. Interactive Fan Club focuses on developing strategic marketing formulas which enable its clients who have fans, customers, or members with a passion for their products or services, to become more interactive with them via the Internet.


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