BUSCH: Homestead: Winning team interview

MATT KENSETH-17-Pennzoil Ford Fusion (Finished 1st) "We had a great car really all night. It wasn't the fastest car on the short run, it took about 20 laps for it to get rolling. Lap 20 to whenever we had to pit because we were close to out of...

MATT KENSETH-17-Pennzoil Ford Fusion (Finished 1st)

"We had a great car really all night. It wasn't the fastest car on the short run, it took about 20 laps for it to get rolling. Lap 20 to whenever we had to pit because we were close to out of gas, it would really run everywhere on the track. It was a lot of fun. My car took some different things to make it run right. I actually had to run higher early in the run because I was so loose, and then I found a place it would like to run in the middle of the run and a place it would like to run at the end of the run. The track is so good when your car is handling right, there's a lot of room to move around and your car will handle a lot different in the different lanes, so that made it a lot of fun because my car handled so good that I could anywhere I would want. That was a fun car to drive."

JACK ROUSH -Team Owner

"We wish we had this going for us in the Cup car right now, although I think we have a good Nextel Cup car for tomorrow's competition. I've got the best feeling for the car that we have tomorrow than I've had certainly in the last five races. Matt and Jimmy Fennig have done a great job with Chip Bolin's help and with Robbie Reiser standing behind him and offering his advice. They've just had a great run in the Busch Series this year. I've got to work on my pit crew a little bit. We almost gave it away tonight. One of the things about Matt Kenseth is that he wont beat himself and he'll do the best to cover up and make up for your deficiencies if you're behind pit wall. He came in leading and we put him back out fourth in line, I think. He said, 'Well, I'll do for you what I can, but it's going to be hard.' Of course, in two or three laps he fixed the problem for the team. But, I'm going to try to do better for you next year, Matt, so that we don't have as many as these problems where we have to fight back from a deficit when it shouldn't be there. The Ford Fusion did a great job. Ford has helped us with technology, like Chevrolet has helped the Chevrolet teams, and Dodge, of course, helps theirs. We've gotten good help from Ford this year, and the engines coming out of our engine shop - the same Roush-Yates engine people build the Busch engines that build the Cup engines - and, of course, we had a great truck engine last night that Mark drove to success. Matt did a nice job tonight. We had a little transmission trouble on Biffle's car and we have to go back and look at that. It's always something. This glass, for me, never gets quite half full. When we go into a race with five teams, I've always got some agony over a part that broke or a some missed opportunity and it's salient we're able to have a situation like tonight where Matt was able to prevail and Matt was able to run second."



"I don't know about putting it that way. It's always satisfying to win, and the Busch Series today is probably tougher than it has ever been with all of the Cup presence - not just drivers, but organizations' and team. It's tough and you're racing against a lot of the guys that you're racing against on Sunday, and everybody wants to win. It's always satisfying whenever you can win a Busch race or a Nextel Cup race. And, it's a lot of fun to drive cars that drive like that. Jimmy has done a spectacular job since he got over there to help all of the Busch teams. He's spent a lot of time at the wind tunnel and he built me a new short-track car that we ran last week that was real fast and redid the bodies on the cars and got them better. That helped the speed of cars a lot and I think it helped the whole program a lot having him over there for three-quarters of the year."

"It's always a confidence builder to win. It was maybe a little bit more of a confidence builder here just because I don't have a lot of experience on this track. I've had some accidents here and some failures here, and I think we've only finished one or two races on the Cup side. It feels good to get some time on the track and have some success on it and learn the personality of the track and some different grooves. Of course, tomorrow the conditions will be totally different out in the sun. it was fun. I feel like we learned a little bit about what the car needs to feel like at the beginning of the run to be fast at the end of the run, and vice-versa. All of that stuff doesn't hurt."


"The plan was when I caught him was to make the move as soon as I could and try to get away. When I finally got by him, I got alongside him - and it's kind of how my car was - he ran away for a little bit and then we'd start inching forward. Once we did catch them guys at about 20, it would run quite a bit faster than them guys for a while. I just couldn't quite get him cleared and I saw 11 coming, and he was right on us, so then I knew it was time to drive it in there and hope that Carl lifted. That's what I finally had to do and he gave me enough room to get up in front of him and we were able to get away. It was fun racing Carl. One thing about Carl, he's not shy about racing you hard. He'll race you hard very lap of every race. It doesn't matter where you are in points or what you're doing or whatever position it is - he'll run you hard. He'll run you fair, but he'll run you hard, so I knew that I was going to have my work cut out for me getting by him."

-credit: roush racing

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