BUSCH: Homestead: Biffle post-race interview

GREG BIFFLE -66-Royal Office Products Ford Taurus (Finished 2nd) "It was unfortunate for the Royal Office car to see that caution. We had probably one of the fastest cars all night and the car ran really well. Man, I hardly made any adjustments...

GREG BIFFLE -66-Royal Office Products Ford Taurus (Finished 2nd)

"It was unfortunate for the Royal Office car to see that caution. We had probably one of the fastest cars all night and the car ran really well. Man, I hardly made any adjustments to it. We were just kind of conservative at the beginning and I kept finding my line around the race track and would move up and move down, and found some stuff that would really, really work well. Ryan's car is just really fast off of the start. Once those guys get to where they can't use the whole motor and can't run their cars as hard as can be, the way I can drive my race car, I can beat him on the long run. But, that short run, when it gets bunched up and they've got cold tires, their cars are faster.

"They were faster here, and he was faster at Michigan on the short run; he beat us really bad there. It's tough to lose them like that. I figured that I probably wouldn't beat him when the caution came out just because of how strong his car is and the way his car gets around the corner on the start. We saw it all night, and we've really seen it every Busch race he runs. He qualifies fast and he runs really fast off of the green flag. We see him pass three or four cars, go up to the top, cut across the bottom right in the middle of the corner, just dicing through traffic. Then, 10 laps later his car just starts backing up, or 20 or 15. So, I knew he was going to be right there. I just drove in the middle of the race track down there and figured if he was going to have a tough going around the bottom and a tough time going around the top, he'd have to choose what he wanted to do, and I just ran the middle because that's about where my car was fastest. I think one more lap and I could have passed him."

"It was. I saw him (Truex) at the front of the pack - the tail end of the lead lap - and then he got a lucky break, which I didn't get at Texas. He got a smoker or something and got the caution and got back around, and a short while later he was back in the top five. Those guys are smart racers. They do a good job, and Martin is a good driver. To elaborate, Clint Bowyer, I'm very impressed with his car control as well. Both of those guys do a great job, and I'm glad it came down to the last race like this and they were both racing for it."

"It really is. It's kind of incredible to finish second that many times. We've had a great race car at a lot of these races. I would have to say, probably four of those second-place finishes, we had the fastest race car and it was just circumstances that we didn't win it at the end. Here, the caution came out and Ryan was able to get around us. A couple of other places, I remember when that pit stop, when the 21 won a few weeks ago, Ryan was really fast and got a lap down, Kasey Kahne was really fast and crashed, and they kind of handed it to us on a silver platter. And, we had a problem in the pits and came out third and couldn't quite get back to the front and finished second. A lot of those, we looked like the car to beat right up until the end and then something small happened. If something big happened, of course, we wouldn't be finishing second. Everything has to be so perfect to win these races in the Busch Series, and the Nextel Cup Series. They're very difficult to win and there's a lot of competition."

"I think it's really good for the top 15 drivers in the Busch Series. It's really good for them to race around us. You would not believe how much David Stremme has learned this season. I have raced around him a lot and he was a weapon two years ago. You could never tell where he was going, and the same with six of those guys tonight; they're dangerous. The 38 car, I wrecked him at Richmond because we were coming down the frontstretch and getting ready to go into the corner, and he was in the middle of race track and I wasn't sure where to go, and he just stopped. He just lifted on the gas and I drove right into the back of him, and it almost happened again - same car, different driver - going into the corner here tonight. They look in the mirror and see the car is six inches behind you, so let's just hit the brakes and see what happens. I was all over the brake pedal trying not to hit him. I'm completely sideways and I get out from behind him and I'm in the grass, and I'm like, 'Oh God, I'm going to wreck,' and just saved it. But, David Stremme, and I believe it's from racing around guys like myself, Matt Kenseth, Ryan Newman, Mark Martin, he has learned a tremendous amount about car control.

"When there's a faster guy behind him and it's early in the race, he moves over and lets the guy go. He's learned a lot of how to race, and that's going to go a long ways. Those guys need to learn those things when they move into the Cup Series. There's a couple of guys that are going to be racing Cup next year, and there's a lot of guys that won't put up with them being in the way for a long, long time."

"It's just everything. It takes so much to win a championship. A few times this year he tried to give it away. They had some bad luck, and they made some mistakes, but they recovered from it. Clint Bowyer, give him another year and he'd been a tough customer. At the beginning of the season he didn't have a lot of experience and he made a fair amount of mistakes and got used to the race cars and started wining races. If he'd started out like that, Truex would have been in big trouble. They have a great race team, and DEI builds great race cars and great engines, and Truex has proved that he has the mental capabilities to keep level-headed inside the race car and deal with all of the situations as best as possible."

"They've (Newman) got something figured out with their cars that is making them stick to race track very, very good. They've got them down on the race track, and the car platform is really solid and doesn't move around a lot. I can tell you one thing, they're making a lot of power; I can promise you that. I hate to bring it up, but we saw it at Michigan on the chassis dyno. They're beating everybody, so that makes a little difference, and it's all the small things that add up. I think these cars favor his driving style. They drive, not sideways, but yawed out a little bit like a dirt car and they're forgiving because they have a big spoiler on them. The Cup cars don't have that kind of grip, and you can abuse them a little bit. You can kind of horse them around, and that favors Ryan's driving style. Penske is a great organization, a great team. They've got a phenomenal building and engineers, and they can build great equipment. They've got the best-of-the best equipment, and Ryan is a great driver, and you put that combination together and it's going to be really hard to beat."

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