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Happy'S Big Adventure Part Ii Harvick Looking For a Win at Kentucky Speedway During Second Double Duty Weekend Kevin Harvick will be competing in the second of seven weekends this year where he will race two races at different venues in ...

Happy'S Big Adventure Part Ii

Harvick Looking For a Win at Kentucky Speedway During Second Double Duty Weekend

Kevin Harvick will be competing in the second of seven weekends this year where he will race two races at different venues in different states. The weekend of June 16-17 Harvick will compete at the Kentucky Speedway in the Outback Steakhouse 300 Busch race on Saturday night and in the Pocono 500 at Pocono Raceway on Sunday.

Harvick is the only driver in modern NASCAR history to attempt to compete in every Winston Cup and Busch Series event in the same season. All told, at the end of the season Harvick will have competed in 69 races, every race on both schedules except for the Daytona 500.

The first weekend, Nazareth/The Winston, took place on May 19-20 in Charlotte at the Winston all-star Winston Cup event on Saturday and in Nazareth, Penn., for the Busch race on Sunday. The transfers between Nazareth and Charlotte went off without a hitch because of the tireless efforts of members of Richard Childress Racing, local police personnel and staff from both racetracks. Harvick was able to concentrate on racing. He qualified third at the Winston and finished 21st after a wreck because of rain and a mechanical failure. At Nazareth, he qualified second for the Busch race and finished second after dominating a good deal of the race.

He hopes both legs of Happy's Big Adventure Part II are even more successful than Part I.

HARVICK's Schedule at a Glance-the following is a summary of Kevin Harvick's remarkably busy schedule this weekend. While his competitors in both Busch and Cup worry about their one race each, he'll be bouncing back and forth. Harvick will be flying in a Lear Jet that RCR has chartered for him to cover the distance between Kentucky Speedway and Pocono Raceway. It is just over 600 miles on the ground, less than that by air.

<pre> Travel Schedule To/From Pocono Raceway and Kentucky Speedway:

Thursday, June 14th 2:00 pm Jet from Winston-Salem, NC, to Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport, helicopter to take Harvick to Kentucky Speedway 4:00 pm Drivers Meeting at Kentucky 5:00-9:00 pm Busch Practice at Kentucky 9:30 pm Helicopter to Cincinnati Airport, jet to Pocono (Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Airport), car to pick up Harvick to take him to his motorhome in Pocono infield.

Friday, June 15th 10:30 am Rookie Meeting at Pocono 11:30 am-2:00 pm Winston Cup Practice at Pocono 3:00 pm Winston Cup Qualifying at Pocono 3:30 pm approx. Helicopter to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Airport, jet to Cincinnati, helicopter to Kentucky Speedway 3:30-5:30 pm Busch Practice at Kentucky 7:00 pm Busch Qualifying at Kentucky 8:00 pm After qualifying, helicopter to Cincinnati Airport, jet to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, helicopter to Pocono infield

Saturday, June 16th 9-9:45 am Winston Cup Practice in Pocono 11:15 am-12:15 pm Winston Cup Final Practice in Pocono 12:30 pm Helicopter to Wilkes-Barre Airport, jet to Cincinnati, helicopter to Kentucky Speedway 2:45-3:40 pm Busch Final Practice at Kentucky Speedway 6:00 pm Busch Drivers Meeting 7:30 pm Drivers' Introductions 8:00 pm Start of Busch Race at Kentucky 10:30 pm Helicopter to Cincinnati Airport, jet to Wilkes-Barre Airport, helicopter to Pocono

Sunday, June 17th 11:00 am Cup Drivers Meeting 12:30 pm Drivers' Introductions 1:00 pm Start of Cup Race at Pocono

</pre>} HARVICK ON HAPPY'S BIG ADVENTURE PART II "We're looking for everything to go off without a hitch. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we'll get everything in on schedule. That will make for a lot less to worry about. It won't make it any easier to complete everything, but at least we can concentrate on racing."

HARVICK ON KENTUCKY "We tested at Kentucky last year in a Cup car. We were testing an engineering tool to see if GM and Chevrolet's engineering dynamics worked on the racetrack. It was really helpful for them and I'm glad that I've seen the racetrack. I know what the fast way around is so I guess I'll be ahead from that standpoint, but the Winston Cup cars are different enough that it won't be that much of an advantage over the other Busch guys."

"Kentucky Speedway is like Vegas in a way. Turns one and two are like Vegas, but three and four have a lot of banking so you carry a lot more speed off the corner. It's challenging to get the car set up properly for both ends. I think you're going to see some good side-by-side racing as soon as the groove starts to move around."

Kevin Harvick will be logging more laps and miles, by far, than any other NASCAR driver this season. Here is the total to date. Busch Cup Daytona 300 miles --- Rockingham 200.94 miles 399.84 miles Las Vegas 298.5 miles 400.5 miles Atlanta 311.08 miles 500.5 miles Darlington 201.39 miles 401.41 miles Bristol 132.5 miles 265miles Texas 300 miles 501 miles Martinsville ---- 240.62 miles Nashville 299.25 miles ---- Talladega 170.24 miles 497.42 miles California 300 miles 500 miles Richmond 187.5 miles 299.25 miles Loudon 212miles ---- The Winston ---- 28.5 miles Nazareth 200 miles ---- Charlotte 297 miles 600 miles Dover 200 miles 400 miles Michigan ---- 400 miles

SUB TOTAL 3,610.4 miles 5,434.04 miles

GRAND TOTAL Harvick has run 9,044.44 miles this season in both the Winston Cup and Busch Series.

* In NASCAR Busch, Harvick has completed 2,802 out of a possible 2,855 laps for a 98.14% completed lap percentage.

* In Winston Cup, Harvick has completed 4,420 out of 4,519 possible laps for a 97.8% completed lap percentage.


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