BUSCH: Fort Worth: Ford Racing post-race quotes

SCOTT RIGGS-10-Nestle Nesquik Ford Taurus (Finished 4th) YOU OPTED FOR FOUR TIRES UNDER THE LAST CAUTION. "The rain was coming and going, and coming and going and our strategy was to race them and try to outrun them. We made a last adjustment...

SCOTT RIGGS-10-Nestle Nesquik Ford Taurus (Finished 4th)

YOU OPTED FOR FOUR TIRES UNDER THE LAST CAUTION. "The rain was coming and going, and coming and going and our strategy was to race them and try to outrun them. We made a last adjustment there at the end, and I think it would have been real good. We were pretty tight and we made a quarter of an adjustment and then we went ahead and made three-quarters of an adjustment the next time and I think that really would have put us in good shape. The rain came in and considering how bad the weekend had been, as far as me dropping the ball and not qualifying well and bouncing off the wall in Happy Hour, to come here and leave in one piece, I'm pretty happy. I felt like we have a really good race car, and we know what we need when we come back to a place like this, so I'm pretty happy."

WAS A TWO-TIRE STOP OR STAYING ON THE TRACK AN OPTION? "We weren't even looking at the rain. We were thinking that we were going to be able to race the whole thing the way it sprinkling, but that last shower was enough to call the race."

GREG BIFFLE-60-Grainger Ford Taurus (Finished 17th)

WERE THERE ANY THOUGHTS ABOUT STAYING OUT ON THAT LAST CAUTION? "There weren't any thoughts at all about that. There wasn't any conversation on my radio about it, so I'm not sure what they were discussing in the pits."

WHEN YOU'RE LEADING THE POINTS, DO YOU AVOID TAKING A RISK LIKE THAT JUST PAST THE MIDPOINT OF THE RACE? "Probably. That's a really tough gamble, gambling on the weather. That's really hard because what do you do? Things happen so fast. We can sit here and make up 100 scenarios after the fact, but you can look at it like this: we were 17th, so we didn't have anything to lose by staying out and chancing it. If it would have went back to green, we would have had to come in for tires and gas and started in the back. Is that the end of the world, I don't know? Those decisions are out of my hands. They said the weather was 10 miles away, but looking up at the sky it sure didn't look like it to me. I'm not a weatherman, so I wasn't going to make the call."

DID YOU HAVE BETTER THAN A 17TH-PLACE CAR? "We had a top-10 car. We were struggling to get it to turn, and we made some wholesale changes on this last pit stop. It was going to go to the front. I felt confidant that our car would run up front, but we just never got the chance to show our strength."

KASEY KAHNE-98-Channellock Ford Taurus (Finished 36th)

"The first half wasn't too bad. It took a little while to put some rubber on the track, but I don't know. We had a really good car; it just took us some time to getting used to racing with people on a bigger track like this. We made a few pit stops and made the car better, so we can leave here knowing that."

CAN YOU TRANSFER WHAT YOU LEARNED THIS WEEKEND TO THE OTHER 1.5-MILE TRACK ON THE CIRCUIT? "Every time that I get on the track, it helps me. I learned a lot about these bigger speedways, and we learned a lot about the car and what I want and what the team needs to give me. We're still in the learning process, and we will be for the rest of the season."

JEFF BURTON-9-GAIN Ford Taurus (Finished 10th)

"We ran real well. We got to seventh, and Todd just made a mistake and got into me and knocked me back to 14th and we had to work our way back up. We were really fast and then we equalized a tire, so then we got real tight because we had a tire equalized. But, I was real happy because we didn't run really well in practice yesterday, and I thought we ran great today, especially considering we had an equalized tire."

WILL THE 116 LAPS RUN TODAY HELP YOU TOMORROW? "From an experience standpoint, we got some experience that a lot of people don't have and won't get until they get 100 laps into the race tomorrow. That's always a good thing. As far as a chassis setup and those kinds of things, I don't know if we learned anything that will help."

MATT KENSETH-17-JaniKing Ford Taurus (Finished 9th)

"I think we had the car to beat all day. Even that last run, we came from 25th after we had our problem and came all the way back to almost eighth under green. We could run two-tenths quicker than the leaders, so I'm real disappointed. This is the second time in Texas that I've had the fastest Busch car here to beat and I haven't won either one of them."

IF THE RACE HAD GONE 200 LAPS, DID YOU THINK YOU COULD HAVE MADE YOUR WAY TO THE POINT? "You never know what could happen, but I think that if we had even luck and if I had 30 laps, I feel like could have passed everybody in front of me. Our car was just on a rail and it would go as hard as I wanted to run it. I was trying to be a little careful on the tires on that last long run, and we could still consistently run two-tenths quicker than the leaders, so I definitely felt we had the car tot beat."

EVEN WITH THE SHORTENED RACE TODAY, WILL THIS HELP YOU TOMORROW SINCE WINSTON CUP HAPPY HOUR WAS RAINED OUT? "I don't know. It won't hurt anything, but they're two different cars, so you just never know. It will give us some more experience around here, but these are still two different cars, so I don't think a lot of the chassis information will transfer between the two."

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