BUSCH: Fontana: Winning team post-race interview

GREG BIFFLE -16-Ameriquest Mortgage Ford Fusion (Finished 1st) "It was a blast. We were kind of in a tough position there at the end with the decision to pit, and we weren't sure what to do, but I felt like we weren't going to win if we stayed...

GREG BIFFLE -16-Ameriquest Mortgage Ford Fusion (Finished 1st)

"It was a blast. We were kind of in a tough position there at the end with the decision to pit, and we weren't sure what to do, but I felt like we weren't going to win if we stayed out. We just decided to pit. We didn't have enough laps to get up there, but I still had a blast racing with Ryan and Jeff Burton, especially there in the middle of the race. And, I almost wrecked the first lap. We're lucky we even got to finish the race."


"We were just racing. I knew he (Newman) was on the outside of me and I knew I was going to get a little loose, but I didn't think it just going to be that loose. It was just a mistake on my part. I should have pedaled a little bit and I got real fortunate not to wreck. That was real exciting. I know what they mean by catch your breath."


"He didn't say much. He didn't say much, but try to forget about it."

"Last week was about as miserable a week as I've had yet in Busch and Cup. To be on the pole and finish third - we didn't win - but it's still an awesome performance. It's very important for my guys especially. If we would have wrecked on the first lap that would have been painful."

"The guys did a great job, Eddie Pardue and the whole team getting the car ready. We weren't that great off the truck and we worked a lot on it. We got a lot better in qualifying. We did extremely well in qualifying and qualified third. In the beginning of the race I was a little bit loose and I should have known better that the track was going to tighten up. I made almost a fatal error there tightening the car up on the first stop and got extremely tight and lost some track position. Then we worked the rest of the day getting it back going, and we had a green-flag pit stop the next time so I couldn't do a lot of adjustments. I didn't want to lose any more track position so I kind of backed myself in a corner. There at the end, we were running down the 21 and the 60 - we were catching them about a tenth a lap - passed the 39 and we were closing in on them pretty good. I felt like I'd probably get to the 21 before the end of the race. I didn't think I'd get to the 60, but then the caution came out, and it was all history. There was no doubt that we would stay out; we didn't have any tires left. It wasn't a decision for us, we had to stay out. We had used all of our sets of tires. I felt like track position was going to be important. I thought I was going to be a sitting duck because I thought that everybody was going to stop, at least two or four, and then I'd just end up 12th or something. A lot of guys ended up staying out probably because I stayed out and the 21 did."

JACK ROUSH , Team owner

"It continues to be a pleasure to bring the guys out to California here. I enjoy the warm weather that we don't have back east and up north now. Greg was awesome today, as he always is in California. Eddie Pardue and watching what he has done here, he is a product of our promote-within policy. Mechanics get to be chief mechanics and get to be car chiefs. Eddie Pardue was car chief for Mark Martin and now he's crew chief for Greg. It's just been wonderful to do that. Ameriquest, if anybody has been watching, Ameriquest is going to play a big part in this sport for many years to come. To be able to come here with them for the first time is great and to have the first Busch win for the new Fusion is also really good. The job of putting these teams together with people that are ambitious and don't have the experience at their jobs is always a really tense thing in the first races, but Eddie got through it and the team got through it. It's just great to come out here to California and to be able to have this kind of success early."

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