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Report from Motorsport News International Thanks to NASCAR Online Kenwood 300 Quotebook FONTANA, Calif. (Oct. 20, 1997) Quotes from the NASCAR Busch Series Grand National Division Kenwood Home & Car Audio 300 at California Speedway:...

Report from Motorsport News International

Thanks to NASCAR Online

Kenwood 300 Quotebook

FONTANA, Calif. (Oct. 20, 1997) Quotes from the NASCAR Busch Series Grand National Division Kenwood Home & Car Audio 300 at California Speedway:

TODD BODINE No. 36 Stanley Pontiac

"That is what it's about is strategy. You don't always win by being the fastest car, although we had a fast car, I am not going to say we didn't. We started 28th and on the 10th lap were 16th. I mean that thing was running through traffic! It was just a little tight behind people but other than that it was a good car. Right from the start, Clyde (McLeod, crew chief) was figuring backwards from the end of the race to what we had to do (on fuel mileage) and that caution fell perfect for us. Our first fuel load we got really good gas mileage. We knew it was going to be close with 75 laps to run. That is why we came in and topped off with one to go and gave up some of that track position because we figured we could make it and we didn't think that anyone else could. "It never slowed down -- it was just a little tight all day and we kept working on it and we got to a certain point and kind of held our own. I wasn't trying to push the issue. I wanted to ride, see what we got and see how we could adjust and everything worked out. We had to go for gas mileage because we knew we couldn't win it on the race track. I'll tell you, I have never been in a Busch season that I didn't win a race and I was really getting worried. The crew worked so hard all year and Pontiac and Stanley have been such good supporters that I wanted to give them all a victory. We have been so close all year. We are second in points and we needed to get over that hump and make it to Victory Lane."

STEVE PARK No. 3 ACDelco Chevrolet

"The ACDelco crew did a great job today. They said 'C'mon in the next lap, and when I was coming down the backstretch, a car spun, and so many things happened -- I think Bobby ran out of gas. I don't know how his car was running, but things worked out pretty good for us. It was a long race, we were just trying to get back on our fuel after we had a bad pit stop right in the middle of the race. We had to fight back from that all day long. That threw us off on our pit stops which threw us off on our gas mileage and we had to make that unscheduled pit stop at the end."

MATT KENSETH No. 17 Kraft Singles Chevrolet

"I'm not sure how the 36 car did it, but we had a good race car all day and were just hoping that fuel strategy didn't play into it, but we ran out of gas near the end."

MICHAEL WALTRIP No. 21 Band Aid Ford

"We put a splash of gas in there near the end and it paid off for us. I'm still proud of the whole Band Aid team. We brought one team and two cars and they had to work their butts off. All of them did an awesome job for me. We weren't even close near the end on fuel. So as soon as they said '10 laps' I wanted to pit. There's no sense in stretching it if you're that far off.. So we got our gas and was able to see where we were. We tried to establish ourselves and kind of got tangled up with a lapped car and it cost us third, but we enjoyed the day and enjoyed the weekend."

MARK KROGH No. 80 Clearwater Chevrolet

"All we did was break a valve train in the motor. It was just a breakdown. It was really unfortunate, a $12 part ended our day. It just needed a little work in the pit stops."

BUCKSHOT JONES No. 00 Aquafresh Pontiac

"I went to the outside of the 38 car and broke loose. It felt like I hit oil and it broke loose too quick to gather it back up."

MARK GREEN No. 37 Timber Wolf Chevrolet

"These guys, I don't know what to say. Three laps into the race and they go three wide! The guy on the outside and the guy on the inside kind of squeezed the guy in the middle and the two outside cars turned sideways and I was the next car behind. I almost got by but the guy came down and clipped me."

JOHNNY CHAPMAN No. 0 Bowl/Fresh/Honeywell Chevrolet

"We've been having ignition problems all week long. The car was driving all right, but every time the ignition gets hot, the thing shuts down. Nothing we do seems to help. We'll have to go back and tear into the car and find out what it is. We hated to go out after just three laps. We tried to fix it, but's it's too late now."

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