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Kenwood Home & Car Audio 300 Sunday Quotebook FONTANA, Calif. (July 19, 1998) The following are quotes from drivers following the NASCAR Busch Series Grand National Division Kenwood Home & Car Audio 300 at California Speedway. ...

Kenwood Home & Car Audio 300 Sunday Quotebook

FONTANA, Calif. (July 19, 1998) The following are quotes from drivers following the NASCAR Busch Series Grand National Division Kenwood Home & Car Audio 300 at California Speedway.

DALE EARNHARDT JR. No. 3 ACDelco Chevrolet

"This is the race car that Steve (Park) ran last year and he pretty much had the race won if it weren't for the gas mileage. He had a fast car. So they brought back essentially the same setup and we tried some different shocks and we ended up going with some different things. But same race car, same setup, same springs. It was pretty fast there in qualifying. And I'm not too comfortable with our qualifying setups (running tape on the nose and the grill) so I know that if we're good then, when we pull that tape off the car really comes alive. That was the case today. As soon as they dropped the green flag, that car was no holds barred. Hutter engines have been on board since the last half of last season when Steve really started coming around. That's why we're doing so well is partly because of the motor program. And this is a motor racetrack. And I think we have one of the best ones out there.

KEVIN LEPAGE No. 40 Channellock Chevrolet

"Well, I gotta tell you. I've really got to take my hat off to these guys. They really did a great job. They changed everything last night after happy hour except the driver. It really paid off today. We haven't been in this car on a regular basis, but today a second place finish was a win for the Channellock team and they'll get one pretty quick before the year's over with. We've been working real hard to get this car to where it would run here and at every race. We've qualified decent, but we just haven't been able to race decent for some reason. But we made a great call today in the pits to do a two-tire swap that kept us up front all day long. We finally got a grip on the place, but there was one other guy in front of us who had a bigger grip than we did. My hat's off to Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and that whole group over there. Those guys are on every week and they deserve to win races. We would have liked to have it (the win), but second place is a win for us. We've been missing it in the race. New Hampshire and Bristol were our only decent finishes. We've been able to qualify up front, but we just either get bit by a part failure or a bad pit stop or whatever. Today, we had a second place race car and that's where we ended up. We would get close to him and he would just step on the gas and walk away from us. They've got their program down. I was close to him, but if I got within three car lengths of him, he'd just step on the gas and walk away. There was nothing I could do. We need to find about 20 more horsepower because that's what he bear us by today. "

MATT KENSETH No. 17 Lycos Chevrolet

"We'd love to win every week, and that's what we do this for is to win. But we had a decent car and a good solid run. The points thing looks better. We'll just have to try a little bit more next week. Dale pretty much dominated the show again. But our crew did a good job. Good pit stops, good adjustments. We had the car handling pretty good there at the end but they were still driving away from us. We just have to do a little work. The heat wasn't bad at all. It wasn't very hot. It was a little warm out. The car was just a little on the tight side all day. I got beat real bad by Dale Jr., and pretty bad by Kevin, so we had a decent day. Last year, we finished third here and I was real happy with that. Only difference was that we run third and had a car fast enough to win the race, but fell back because of the fuel mileage thing. Today we had a third place car and finished third. We just need to be a little faster. Dale's beating us by a lot. But for the big picture it looks pretty good. We're only six points behind Dale for the lead and we pulled away from everybody else. So we'll just have to go to South Boston and do a little bit better job."

JEFF PURVIS No. 4 Lance Snacks Chevrolet

"The lapped traffic really got to me in the end there. Kevin Lepage got together with somebody on the front stretch and I think with some of the lapped cars. They were four, five, and six wide there at one time turned towards the wall and the infield and I had to get on the brakes and they just drove off from me. All the ones behind me passed me, and I just got a real bad restart right there and it ended up costing us a few positions. This Lance's car has been running good the last few weeks. Last week (Myrtle Beach), I just goofed up and cost us a good (at least a) third place finish. But we've picked up the pace quite a bit. But I don't know what we're going to do about this No. 3 car. He's going on pretty good, and we're just going to have to keep after him. I usually drive good on the short tracks, and I run good on the speedways, so sometimes, like last week, I just messed us up. I should have been a contender to win. But we have a new car we're going to take to South Boston next week and see what we've got. We've got a new car we think we're going to try there and see if it will move us up a spot or two."

MIKE MCLAUGHLIN No. 34 Goulds Pumps Chevrolet

"I got up in the back of the 40 car. He (Kevin Lepage) checked up. Nobody checked up on him. He must have not known it was three or four wide or whatever was happening there. So, we ended up 24th, two laps down. And we had made some adjustments on that early pit stop and the car had started to come around. So, that's the way it goes. Not a good day."

TODD BODINE No. 30 Slim Jim Chevrolet

"Well, it's all part of racing, you know. People make mistakes and we're all human. I feel sorry for the guys. They've worked hard all year and finally get running up front and it's a tough break. They're a great group of guys and this Chevrolet ran great. I'm proud to be a part of the team, to represent Slim Jim, and I think we're going to have a lot of fun this year

Source: NASCAR Online

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