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David Green, driver of the No. 27 Fusion, was involved in a single-car incident midway through the first Busch Series practice session at California Speedway this morning. Green, who will be forced to a backup car, commented on the turn-two ...

David Green, driver of the No. 27 Fusion, was involved in a single-car incident midway through the first Busch Series practice session at California Speedway this morning. Green, who will be forced to a backup car, commented on the turn-two incident.

DAVID GREEN-27-Huggies Clean Team Ford Fusion

WHAT HAPPENED? "That was about our second time out, and this is car we had at Vegas. It's a brand new car and a little different body deal, and we just liked the way it performed out there. We went back and fixed it, and we were still trying to just work through it. It just jumped sideways. It was fine, fine, fine, and then all of sudden I got back in the throttle coming off of turn two and everything was fine, and the next thing I knew I was around. It's a little bit bumpy down there and that sometimes kinda aggravates it if you're a little bit loose, and I had been a little loose before that, but we tightened it up there a little bit, but it just snapped instantaneously. I had no warning."

THIS IS THE SECOND WEEK IN A ROW THAT YOU'LL BE FORCED TO A BACKUP CAR. "I thought at Daytona maybe that would be our one case of bad luck. It was just a really weird feeling, what happened right there. The backup car is the other one we tested at Vegas and it was good. It was actually our car that we were going to run at Vegas over the other one, but now I guess we'll get to run this one a couple weeks sooner."


Todd Kluever, driver of the No. 06 Fusion, knows that even though this is his rookie season in the Busch Series, he will make the jump to Nextel Cup racing next year when pilots the No. 6 Fusion, taking over for retiring Mark Martin. Kluever, who has no owner points to fall back on for the first five races of the season, is one of five Roush cars entered in this weekend's Stater Bros. 300. Kluever discussed the pressures of needing to qualify on speed and how he has adapted so far to the Busch cars.

TODD KLUEVER-06-3M Ford Fusion

WITH FEWER BUSCH CARS ENTERED IN THE RACE THIS WEEKEND THAN DAYTONA, IS THERE LESS PRESSURE THIS WEEK? "There's a lot of pressure, but I was way more comfortable coming out here anyways, even if there would have been as many entries as Daytona just because we can kind of control our destiny here. Here, if the team is good and I do my job and they do theirs, we can be good. It's not like Daytona where everything is out of your control. There's pressure, obviously, but a lot less. I've been a lot more relaxed about coming out here."

YOU EXPERIENCED SUCCESS HERE LAST YEAR IN THE TRUCK RACE. DOES THAT SUCCESS GIVE YOU ADDED CONFIDENCE THIS WEEKEND? "I finished fourth here in our second start and Ricky finished third; it was a good day for us. We qualified seventh and ran fourth, so that gives me confidence, but this is the kind of race track that a Roush car seems to be really good at. A lot of the engineers have done their homework on these kinds of tracks. When the crew gives you a good car it's really easy to be good here."

WHAT ARE THE MAJOR DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE WAYS THE BUSCH CARS AND TRUCKS HANDLE? "The trucks make a lot more downforce and they seem to stick to the race track a lot better. There just seems to be a lot more grip with the trucks than there is with the cars. The cars slide and move around a lot more. They tell me a Cup car is a lot worse than a Busch car, and I don't know, but the Busch cars definitely move around a lot more. You're off the throttle a lot longer, and in the trucks you can almost run around this place wide open. You would be in qualifying and close to it during the race. The Busch cars, especially as the tires get older, you're off the gas a lot longer than what I really expected. It doesn't feel as stuck to the race track like the trucks do."

SOME ORGANIZATIONS USE THE BUSCH SERIES AS A PROVING GROUND FOR ITS YOUNG DRIVERS WHEREAS ROUSH RACING USES THE TRUCK SERIES FOR DRIVER DEVELOPMENT. WAS THE TRUCK SERIES A GOOD PLACE TO START YOUR NASCAR CAREER? "I had a blast in the trucks. It was really good for me and I learned a lot there, especially coming into a situation like this. I think the truck series is a little more forgiving for rookies just because people expect a lot out of them, but it's not on as grand a stage as here. If you come here and run bad it looks really bad, and I was fortunate that I had that year in the trucks so we could put some of that stuff of learning race tracks out of my mind because I've already been to places like here."

YOU HAVE FIVE ROUSH RACING TEAMMATES IN THE BUSCH GARAGE, AND ALL BUT ONE ARE IN SAME SITUATION WHERE THEY NEED TO QUALIFY ON TIME TO MAKE THE RACE. DO YOU FIND THAT THE TEAMS ARE STILL WORKING TOGETHER EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE ALL COMPETING TO MAKE THE RACE ON SPEED? "It's hard, but if we're all doing our job we shouldn't have to worry about racing each other to get the spots into the race. We should be fast enough that we don't have to worry about one of us not making the race. It is nice to be able to come over here to the Busch side and have teammates that can help you. I've always had the guys like Mark Martin and Carl Edwards and Greg Biffle to go to that I could ask questions, but it's been so long since Greg's driven a truck. Even with Carl, it's been two years and things change so much over a year that even though they could help me with some stuff, they couldn't really help me with everything because they didn't know exactly what I was going through. With Ricky Craven, Ricky and I got along excellent, but it just seemed that we could never get on the same page. I was either running good and he was running bad, or he was running good or I was running bad, so there was never a way we could really compare anything. It is nice to come to the Busch side and have all of the teammates in the same cars with the same setups and the same pieces and to be able to ask them questions about it."

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