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GREG BIFFLE-16-Ameriquest Mortgage Ford Fusion (Finished 1st) "I think we have a great chance at tomorrow. I've got a really good Jackson-Hewitt National Guard car for tomorrow, but I'll tell you what, this Ameriquest car ran really good all...

GREG BIFFLE-16-Ameriquest Mortgage Ford Fusion (Finished 1st)

"I think we have a great chance at tomorrow. I've got a really good Jackson-Hewitt National Guard car for tomorrow, but I'll tell you what, this Ameriquest car ran really good all day. Just in the middle part of the race we had a bad push and the guys and Eddie Pardue, my hat's off to him, he kept working on the car and the guys in the pits kept making the adjustments I was asking for, and at the end there we were running the 60 and the 21 a little bit, but we certainly weren't going to catch them without a caution. We really needed that caution to do our thing. I'm just really excited to win here at California again; it's something else."

WHAT ADJUSTMENTS DID YOU MAKE ON THE FINAL GREEN-FLAG PIT STOP? "I had them raise the track bar and do some wedge adjustments. We made a tire pressure adjustment. They were really working their butts off on this race car. Our stops were a little bit slow because we were doing so much work, and we had to make it up on the race track. We just got that caution and that's what we really needed."

WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FOR TOMORROW? "Carl was really fast and so was the 21 car. Definitely the Ford Fusion is a car to be reckoned with. My car is very good fro tomorrow so I'm very excited."


CARL EDWARDS-60-Ameriquest Mortgage Ford Fusion (Finished 3rd)

TALK ABOUT THE DECISION TO PIT UNDER THE FINAL CAUTION. "It was a little bit lonely, but that was a fun race. That's as good as it gets. We had an Ameriquest car in victory lane, but it's just the wrong one, but congratulations to Greg Biffle, Jeff Burton and Ryan Newman. I haven't had that much fun racing for a long time. I'm glad to be here and glad to drive the cars, and it was a good points day."

HOW MUCH DID THE TRACK CONDITIONS CHANGE OVER THE COURSE OF THE RACE? "I'm sweating. The car got a little tighter there at the end. We tried real hard. P.K., my crew chief, did a great job. We tried to adjust it and I thought even with going to the back we could get them, but it just didn't work out. It's good practice for tomorrow, though."


JOHN ANDRETTI-10-Freedom Roads/Camping World Ford Fusion (Finished 19th) - "We never figured we'd start out loose and we were real loose most of the race. We got it tightened up a little bit, but not enough. It's one of those things where that's the first time that I've ever drove a Busch car in traffic anything other than Daytona. Not the Busch cars, but the Busch drivers drive a little bit different than the Cup guys, especially the lap-down guys. We stayed out longer than everybody else, so that got us a lap that we led, but when you do that you lose all that track time. Either way you're wrong and you just hope that everything shines on you. For us, it didn't work out, but then it did because we got the Lucky Dog."


MATT KENSETH-17-Pennzoil Ford Fusion (Finished 6th)

YOU HAD AN ISSUE EARLY IN THE RACE. "It was the first pit stop of the day on lap 18 or something, and we came out a good second and had to go to the back. It was tough with that many cars on the lead lap to work our way through there. It was tough to pass and we just missed the setup a little."

HOW DID THE TRACK CONDITIONS CHANGE AS THE SUN SET? "It was really tight compared to the afternoon, and I could never get it to turn the way I needed to here to run good. All of my teammates did a good job with it, but I just couldn't run with those guys."

WERE THERE TWO GROOVES OFRACING TODAY? "There was tons of room out there. There was all kinds of room if you could get your car to work right. Carl made a lot of his passes on the top. There were a good two or three grooves out there."

DO YOU EXPECT THE SAME KIND OF TRACK CONDITIONS TOMORROW? "Yeah, I don't think passing was a problem today at all. If you were faster than someone you could pass them. It just got kind of strung out, and when your tires got burned up a little bit, it was hard to get around them. There was easily two grooves out there."


JON WOOD-47-Clorox/American Red Cross Ford Fusion (Finished 18th)

YOU HAD AN UPHILL BATTLE TODAY THAT STARTED WHEN YOU HAD TO FALL TO THE REAR OF THE FIELD AT THE START OF THE RACE. "Everything that could go wrong today did, and it was like that at Daytona in the truck race and it was like that in the Busch race today. Hopefully it will all work itself out. Where we started wasn't the deciding factor in where we finished. We broke a motor with a couple to go. We were a little bit off on our pit sequence and that probably had something to do with it, but we had a really good car."


TODD KLUEVER-06-3M Ford Fusion (Finished 12th)

RAYBESTOS ROOKIE PRESS CONFERENCE. "It was a pretty decent day for our 3M Ford Fusion. We needed to be a little bit better. Our driver needed to be a little bit smarter. This only my second Busch start, so not knowing how drastic the changes make the car under caution as far as what it's going to do and where the car needed to be at the start of the race. I haven't had those deals yet and neither has my crew chief Mike Kelley, so we're all kind of learning together. We learned some of that at Daytona and ran 12th here, and it's bad I guess for my first speedway start, but I sure would have like to have been in the top 10 for sure, but I think we had a little bit better car than that."

HOW WAS THE COMPETITION TODAY WITH ALL OF THE CUP DRIVERS COMPETING IN THE BUSCH RACE? "It's tough. It's a lot harder than the trucks are. But that's ultimately my goal to be racing with those guys on Sunday, and that's where I'm going to be next year when I take over the 6 car when Mark leaves. I love it when those guys come over here. It's only going to improve me. Like I said, we have a lot to learn, but who better to learn from than those guys."

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