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California not so bad. Chris Bingham and the ...

California not so bad.

Chris Bingham and the #39 Jay Robinson had a difficult race but felt good about there run despite blowing another motor. Chris quote "The #39 Taurus was a good car we were moving through the field and picking up positions moving from 43 to 36th, we pitted under our first yellow for fuel when we made our stop I was a little over the line and because of a radio problem our fueler didn't know that we had to push the car back and we were penalized a lap."

Working their way back through the field they started to fight a tight car, after a few more cautions and pit stops for adjustments Chris was back on track and moved back to 34th and steadily picking up positions until the right rear tire blew they had to stop under green, and because of the flat they had a difficult time getting the jack under the car losing another couple of laps.

Chris continued on for a while with no problems until lap 86 when their motor blew, again it was on the straight and Chris was able to move off the line so they wouldn't oil the track and cause a caution.

It sounds like a bad weekend and in most cases it would have been but because of sponsorship concerns they elected to take an offer from another driver in the #49 to keep their program alive which moved Chris to the #39 car.

Their pit crew consisted of three people Jay Robinson who was changing all the tires and doing fuel, Sam Dunlap a first time jack man and Elaine Hughes working the sign and doing just about everything else. It was amazing that three people were doing all that work and that they were able to do as good as they did.

They would have had a top 30 finish if it weren't for debris blocking the radiator causing the motor to overheat and eventually blow. They even had a cheering section behind them because of the effort put forth by their limited crew. They did a great job!

Next week they move to Richmond Virginia Chris will be back in the #49 car. They have some sponsorship commitments long overdue and hope it comes together soon. Mean while they will be operating on a limited budget and it may require them to cut back their program a bit, until their deals come together.

Jay quote "We have a lot of things going on and hopefully we will be able to announce a sponsor soon. But don't worry we will run the rest of the season no matter what it takes as you wittiness this weekend. We see a lot of talent in Chris and we feel given the right opportunity Chris will be very successful."


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