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Points-leader NBS Points Championship Brian Vickers (driver of the No. 5 GMAC Chevrolet) On brushing the wall early in practice "It's just another example of this team not giving up. I messed up on the second lap. What happened, I'm still not...

Points-leader NBS Points Championship Brian Vickers (driver of the No. 5 GMAC Chevrolet)

On brushing the wall early in practice
"It's just another example of this team not giving up. I messed up on the second lap. What happened, I'm still not sure. I came off the corner and the car didn't stick. I'm sure I did something wrong but the rest of the day I've been driving five car lengths deep. It was a bad deal but I appreciate the support of my GMAC crew. Everybody stayed calm, we got the other car out and we got some really good times and ended the day on a good note."

Second-place in NBS Points Championship David Green (driver of the No. 37 Timber Wolf Pontiac):

"This place is picture perfect. The people who did the construction and paved this place- everything that's happened- they deserve a lot of credit. It just shows how much technology has changed over the years. We were a bit concerned that the transition into the corners might be a bit rough. I think it will be exactly what the doctor ordered for two wide racing."

Will coming to a new track where no driver has an advantage affect the title chase?
"Yes and no. I think this test day is a huge positive, but any of these guys who go drive Cup cars tomorrow will have a distinct advantage. Track time will be a benefactor, but I do kind of like it because we can come here and be on equal footing with the RCR's, (Richard Childress Racing) the Hendrick's (Rick Hendrick's team). But come tomorrow, we'll be here going through 'tech' (technical inspection) and having a fun day and some guys will be out there testing and have information flowing. One guy said I was a crybaby because we don't have a Winston Cup affiliation, but I think that makes our team more special. We are just a small team out of Kentucky and we don't have all of that, and you know what, that might make us the underdogs and work harder."

Will your experience winning a Busch title and Ron Hornaday's experience winning two Craftsman Truck titles help this weekend against the other drivers who haven't had that experience?
"When I won and Ron won his, things were different. Maybe experience will come into play. Like Brian Vickers- his first lap on the track today- he hit the wall. It's just one of them deals- he's eager, he's excited and I hope he's nervous. I doubt he is nervous, but we'll take any advantage we can, if we can. I think a lot of it goes out the window with the competition nowadays. Everybody knows what's going on. I don't know whether experience will get you anywhere right now, but it may help during the course of the race."

Third-place NBS Points Championship Ron Hornaday Jr. (driver of the No. 2 ACDelco Chevrolet):

"The track is smooth, fast, it's awesome. My hat is off to what they've done in such a short amount of time. We brought two different body styles to try and figure it out. We'll see what the track likes and we'll go from there. It's a perfect day to be out here. It's hot and there are a lot of racecars, so by the end of the day, we'll know what we need."

Fourth-place Scott Riggs in NBS Points Championship (driver of the No. 10 Nesquik Ford):

"With all the banking, it makes the track seem a lot shorter, actually, because you go down the straightaway so much quicker, and you're through the corners so much quicker. It's really fun. It's forgiving, it's really smooth. They did an excellent job on the paving."

Did he get his bad luck out of the way running for the championship last weekend?
"We got our bad luck out of the way, but we just about got our championship out of the way, too. It was a pretty hard hit, and of all places, Rockingham, where they had only five cars drop out of the race all day. We were the fifth to drop out, so that put us 38th - with only 40 laps to go. That hurt us pretty bad, so we're just going to come here and see if we can win this race and make ourselves feel better."

Does this change the strategy from worrying about points to going for a victory?
"We're just thinking about winning the race now. We're still mathematically in it, but we need to concentrate on doing the best we can to win the race. We're out of the conservative part. We're definitely going to be full throttle, doing 150 percent, taking the chances to do whatever we can to win the race.

"It's an excellent championship for all the fans. It's not excellent for all the people in the race, but it's definitely excellent for all the fans."

Fifth place in NBS Points Championship Jason Keller (driver of the No. 57 Albertons's Ford):

"It's not even the same place. You come down here with expectations of how it was before. You can't even compare the two. For us, unfortunately we haven't been able to be as comfortable as we need to be. We're still working on things so this test day is definitely a good use for us. We better figure it out quick because some of these guys are going to figure it out quicker than others. They're going to figure out the setup and the gear ratios. I don't think it's the car, I think it's more me. I haven't been felt like I figured out where I need to be on the racetrack. We're going to work more on driver this afternoon than car.

On expectations for Saturday's Ford 300 and his title hopes:
"I'm definitely looking forward to it. You always look forward to a race when your running good and hopefully we'll be there by Saturday. I've really put it (the championship race) out of my mind because to win the thing, we've got to have some luck. You have to have guys that finish 30th or below. Really what we have to do is the best we can and hope for the best."

Sixth place in NBS Points Championship Bobby Hamilton Jr. (driver of the No. 25 Team Marines Ford)

"Right now, everybody is fighting the wind, but the track has got great grip. Everything is a plus."

Re: Can he win the title despite being in 6th place with one race to go?
"We're just trying to win the race. We can't fall back, so all we can do is run our race and put our necks on the line and see what happens. My wife is in there looking at it and she just about gave up. I need to do this and the other guys need to do that, so I'm not going to worry about it. We just need to get our car ready. We'll be a bit down. Kevin (Harvick), for example, will be out there testing for three straight days (in all three series). He ought to be good enough to win the race. If he ain't, then somethin's wrong."

Kevin Harvick (driver of the No. 21 PayDay Chevrolet and No. 29 GM Goodwrench Chevrolet in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series):

"Its really fast. Right now the groove is not real wide, you can run on the bottom and you can run almost three-quarters of the way up the racetrack, it just depends on where you want to run. It's really fast and really smooth and I think once we get some rubber on it that it will be much more fun to race on."

On the driver's championship battle (Harvick and Johnny Sauter shared the duties of the No. 29 PayDay Chevrolet. Harvick and Sauter have already clinched the owner's championship for car owner Richard Childress)
"I hope we see the twenty-one car just go out and dominate the race, that's what I'm looking for. I think right now that the drivers championship is something that could come down to anything. The first lap Brian (Vickers) went out and ran his car into the wall. Everybody's going out and doing everything they can because you can't just ride around. You have to race for everything you get."

Kasey Kahne (driver of the No. 38 Great Clips Ford):

"So far its pretty neat. I haven't run too many laps so it's hard to say because we've been fighting our car. It's a pretty fun place. There's so much grip that the cars that are going to be really fast are going to be tough to pass, we need to keep working on ours because we are a little ways off right now."


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