BUSCH: Dover: Winner's press conference

GREG BIFFLE -60-Grainger Taurus "The guys back at the shop have been building great race cars every week. I feel bad. I've been taking them back crumpled back with nothing left. Obviously, this week we get to take home a good car. We had ...

GREG BIFFLE -60-Grainger Taurus

"The guys back at the shop have been building great race cars every week. I feel bad. I've been taking them back crumpled back with nothing left. Obviously, this week we get to take home a good car. We had really good pit stops and the cautions fell perfectly for us. We came in and got four tires on that first stop. I was a little bit loose down in the corner and a little bit loose off and they made a tire-pressure adjustment and that made the car perfect. I don't know what they did with the tire pressure. I'll certainly have to look at it and figure it out, but it fixed the car 100 percent and I just really took it easy and worked my way up. I got behind Green and got him on that restart. Jeff really kind of let me go there when I passed him on the outside. Once I got out front my car was really good and the decisions to stay out at the end were a little bit of both of us. We felt that we needed to stay out and I thought I was in real trouble when Green came in and got tires and was re-starting in the third spot. I thought, 'Boy, how did he get so far up with 15 cars on the lead lap?' That's the information I got and I decided to stay out, but Goodyear brings such a good tire here and the car was really good. Once the tires cooled down, they were almost better than new tires for the first five or six laps. I knew that was gonna be a factor. I thought, if anything, he might be the only guy to get me so we stayed out and it really paid off.r"

WAS YOUR CAR THAT MUCH BETTER? "I got better as the race went on. Obviously, when the track got slicker my car got better. Once the rubber started building up and guys starting having their problems, my car sped up instead of slowing down. That's probably what helped us the most and that's what made me stay out at the end. The car was just so good I thought, 'There's just no sense in putting tires on it. It's really good right now.' Matt Kenseth, I've got to give him some credit, he came up here and tested. He was the only one of the Roush group that came up and tested. We looked over his notes coming into the Dover weekend and we tried some stuff on our car that they worked on in testing and it really worked well. The shock package and some other things we copied off the 17 car, and, obviously, he's on the pole for tomorrow's race. That really paid off today, so, hopefully, he'll get that message and think about his race setup for tomorrow."

WERE YOU WORRIED ABOUT THE SPRINT FINISH? "Yeah, I was a little concerned about it, but I thought I was a fair amount better than the 21 car. He wasn't turning as good in the center of the corner and my car was really good. I just hadn't really pushed it as hard as I could have, even up to the end of the race. The thing still had a little bit left in it. I tell you, the guys build me such great equipment every week. The engine ran so good this week. Everything just went our way and the thing was handling at the end. I couldn't do anything wrong."

IT MUST BE SPECIAL TO HAVE JACK BACK AND WIN IN FRONT OF HIM. "It is, and Larry Hicks, the man who helped Jack out of the water, is also up here this weekend with his wife. Jack is back for his first race, so it's exciting for us to have all those people here. It's exciting for our team too. Everybody has been a little bit down. Last week, we felt we should have won. I may have overdrove a little bit in turn three trying to pass the 21 car and this week was a reward for how hard we've worked all season. It was nice to have everybody here and how everything came out."

HOW ANXIOUS WERE YOU WITH THE ALTERNATOR PROBLEM? "I was pretty concerned about it at first. I was shocked when I looked down and saw that it was under 12 volts. At that point I instantly knew it wasn't charging because it should be up around 14. So I shut all the fans off instantly. We've got two brake fans per front wheel. I knew that was gonna be a problem. I wasn't gonna be able to use the brakes like I was and I turned the rear-end pump cooler off and the air conditioning blower to my helmet had quit working already, so I wasn't worried about shutting that off. I turned the engine fan off as well. I cycled the engine fan on and off under caution to keep it cooled down. I let it get to 240. The water temperature - that's about as hot as it'll get before it spits water out - so I just let it get up there and then I'd turn the fan on. The alternator must not have gone completely out because it stayed right underneath 12 volts. Normally it would have kept going down, but even the time I had caught it, I caught it in time. If I would have left everything on, we certainly wouldn't have finished the race at all."

WAS THIS WIN ONE FOR JACK ROUSH? "Yeah, it was. There are a lot of things, like I said, that were going on this weekend that makes this race special to win and Jack being back is certainly one of them. We were excited that he was here and was able to be down in our pits today. I love coming and racing here at Dover. There are a lot of great fans and I always have fun coming here, but it was neat for the first win."

WHAT ABOUT GETTING OUT OF THE CAR IN VICTORY LANE? "We've got to be careful, mostly because they don't want us on the roof of the car. NASCAR makes it important that we don't get on the roof of the car, so I can't use that to help myself stand up. I can't get out of the car and put my hands on the roof and crawl out like I normally do. Obviously, they're getting down on the cars being too low after the race and we certainly didn't want to be in that category. They don't want us on the roof because that would give us an excuse for it to be low. So I was hanging back trying to stand up on a three-inch ledge without holding myself and it didn't work out."

HOW LONG DID YOU GO ON YOUR LAST SET OF TIRES? "Close to 80 laps. We knew we were in pretty good shape because last year we ran 97 laps on a set of tires, so we knew we were probably gonna be OK at 80 laps. The guys that stopped only put two tires on anyway, so that, to me, I wouldn't have probably done that. I would have stuck with four."

HOW DID YOU FEEL PHYSICALLY WITH ALL THE FANS OFF AFTER THE NAZARETH WRECK? "Actually, I almost crashed around lap 140-something coming off turn two. I was getting a little bit tired in the car. It was hot today and my helmet blower quit working again for the second week in a row. I asked them if they're conditioning me for running 500 laps, but I had my head leaning against the head rest in the car. At Dover, you can't let your guard down at all or it'll bite you. I was kind of getting a little too relaxed in the car and started pushing the throttle down in one and two and didn't realize it was getting away from me. When I did realize it, it was almost too late. I don't know how I didn't wreck. I did wreck, I just didn't hit anything, so I was pretty happy about that. And then sitting over there under the red is the worst because everything just gets heat soaked. I couldn't run any helmet blower fan or anything. The sweat runs down your forehead into your eyes and you can't get your gloves inside your helmet to wipe it out, so it gets hot in there without a little bit of air blowing in there from just a regular blower. But I figured that was better than the thing not starting and finishing the race."

DID THE RED FLAG DO ANYTHING TO YOUR TIRES? "It affected them a fair amount for the last run, but, obviously, I had a pretty good lead over the 21 before the caution came out. If that caution wouldn't have come at the end, there was no way he would have caught me. So that gave him one more chance to catch me, but, on the other hand, it did let my tires cool down so it was kind of an equalizer for both of us. I didn't want to see them red-flag it so soon. I was hoping to get one more lap under yellow before they threw the red out. Or I wish they would have done that last week at Charlotte when we had 10 laps to go or six laps to go. I had to pit and only got three-and-a-half laps to try and catch the leader, but here they stopped it, which was good for the fans and good for Jeff Green to give him a chance to catch us."


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