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MBNA Platinum 200 Saturday quotebook DOVER, Del. (June 5, 1999) Quotes from selected drivers Saturday following the NASCAR Busch Series Grand National Division MBNA Platinum 200 at Dover Downs International Speedway: DALE EARNHARDT JR. No. 3 ...

MBNA Platinum 200 Saturday quotebook

DOVER, Del. (June 5, 1999) Quotes from selected drivers Saturday following the NASCAR Busch Series Grand National Division MBNA Platinum 200 at Dover Downs International Speedway: DALE EARNHARDT JR. No. 3 ACDelco Chevrolet

DALE EARNHARDT JR. "We finally got to victory lane, so maybe we got the monkey off our back. We put a little point spread on 'em, so maybe we can go down to Homestead and win the championship again. First place is surely a relief compared to where we've been running. We're going to go home now and watch the truck race and drink some Budweiser.

"I hated to see Matt Kenseth have trouble. He's certainly a good race car driver. It's a shame to have to get points that way. I wanted to do it on the race track. I figured he'd be up there shortly, but I never saw him. Then I saw his car torn up. That's a shame for the whole crew. Those guys work hard. They've stepped their program up, and they're one of the better teams this year."

WARD BURTON No. 02 Siemens Pontiac "The guys did a really good job and I'm happy for Siemens and everybody that they got a 2nd-place out of it. If I'd had another 10 laps, I might have been able to do something with him, I don't know. This was a good run for us, particularly since we started 31st and worked our way up and we were down about 30 horsepower on the motor, compared to everyone else. We got off on that one run and we were a little tight, but that's because of the motor, more than anything. It's the first time I've been in that car and, good gosh, I can't even begin to remember the last time I've been in a Busch race. It's been a long time, I know that."

TODD BODINE No. 66 Phillips 66 Chevrolet "Timmy (Fedewa) was in front and got ahead of David (Green, No. 41) and he was doing what he was supposed to be doing, racing real hard (in turn four) and broke loose. Then I got into David. David's guys think because Timmy's my teammate, he was holding David up for me. That wasn't the case, at all. In fact, we told Tim, if he could, to move over and let us go, but he had a good car, too. He was racing hard, trying to get a lap back. If a caution had come out, he could have got his lap back. The Phillips car just had a good run. We had a good car. We had great pit stops. Yesterday, in happy hour, we didn't have a great car, but the guys made a lot of changes and here we are. I'm real happy for them and Phillips 66. Our car was much better on long runs. It was would come to us at the end of a run. That's what was happening to us there late in the race. I wish we could have had 50-60 laps under green there at the end, I think I would have had something for them."

DICK TRICKLE No. 5 Schneider National Chevrolet "We had a good car at the beginning of the race, but we were way too tight at the end. It was a good run for us. We got a top-5, our first of the year. The car just got way too tight at the end, and we couldn't keep up with it."

KEVIN GRUBB No. 37 Timber Wolf Chevrolet "We were hanging up front all day. We ran second for a long time and we stayed in the top-five for a long time. We're tickled to death with that. We struggled some at the beginning of the year, and we've been working hard trying to get everything better. It was nice to have the Timber Wolf car up front. We struggled at times but this is just a sign that we're coming back, and we hope to do it more often."

JEFF GREEN No. 32 Kleenex Chevrolet "There at the first, we were just as good as the leaders. We were coming up through there and we pitted that first time and that thing flew sideways. We made a few adjustments, but we didn't make that many adjustments. I think we just got a bad set of tires that didn't match-up or whatever. We pitted again and got it back to where it was, but we were just too tight there at the end. We had a good car. It's just, qualifying 30th, you can't, on a track like this it's hard to make up ground on Dale Jr. and those guys the way they run. We should've been running up there with them all day, that way we could've made adjustments and been right there with them."

DAVE BLANEY No. 93 Amoco Pontiac "It was a pretty good turn-around for us. We were really bad yesterday. We were bad the first 80 laps of this race. We got the car fixed up and it took off. We were pretty good the last half of the race. I'm pretty happy with it. We just needed a long green-flag run, and maybe we could've gotten into the top-five. I would've liked to have seen more green. Our car was better the longer we went. To me, the cautions were hurting. Sometimes they help you, sometimes they hurt."

ELTON SAWYER No. 98 Lysol Ford "We started 32nd and ended up 9th. We had great pit stops -- the guys did an awesome job on pit road. I think we passed about eight cars there total all day long. That was good. The motor ran good. We were off just a little bit on our chassis on the long runs. The car would get to pushing coming off the corner and I'd have to check up there and wait."

JASON KELLER No. 57 Fleming Team - IGA Chevrolet "We actually had a lot better car than that there at the end. We kind of adjusted ourselves out of it there at the end. We had the car good in the middle of the race and just sort of missed it there at the end. We need to get a little bit better, but it's not too bad to finish in the top-10. We had a decent car all weekend."

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