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MBNA Gold 200 Friday Quotebook DOVER, Del. (Sept. 18, 1998) Selected quotes following Bud Pole Qualifying Friday for the MBNA Gold 200 at Dover Downs International Speedway: KEVIN GRUBB (No. 52 Grubb Motorsports Chevrolet) "Bobby King ...

MBNA Gold 200 Friday Quotebook

DOVER, Del. (Sept. 18, 1998) Selected quotes following Bud Pole Qualifying Friday for the MBNA Gold 200 at Dover Downs International Speedway:

KEVIN GRUBB (No. 52 Grubb Motorsports Chevrolet) "Bobby King (crew chief) and the guys at Grubb Motorsports -- I can't say enough about them because they're working hard every week. We've run good every week, but we've had a lot of bad luck this year. Everything went real smooth in practice and qualifying, and now I'm gonna go out there and try to run a smooth race. It's a lot smoother than the last time I was here, mainly coming off the corners. It wouldn't bounce the car around as much, and that had a lot to do with the fast speeds.

"The last time we ran here, we were real fast in practice only to have some carburetor trouble during qualifying. We've had a good car pretty much everywhere we go, but we have little odds and ends that go wrong. But we're working on that, and we're getting better and better. Next year, we're gonna go out and try to win some races.

"I knew we had a fast lap on the first lap, so I didn't run as hard on the second lap. I thought we'd gone fast enough to get the pole with the first lap, so there was no need to take a chance on wrecking the car."

(The 20-year-old Grubb's older brother Wayne, had won a Bud Pole earlier this season.) "I'm not gonna lie -- I was pretty jealous when he (Wayne) sat on the pole at Richmond, but I knew we could get one before the year was out. This is one of my favorite tracks, and I was glad to do it here. This was the first speedway I ran on, so that means a lot.

"It feels good to race with those guys (NASCAR Winston Cup veterans) anytime -- like Bobby Labonte, Dick Trickle, Dale Jarrett, all those guys. You learn a lot anytime you're on the race track with them. But it feels real good to out there and beat them every now and then."

BOBBY LABONTE (No. 44 Shell Pontiac)

"The car ran great. We were good in practice and backed it up in qualifying. All the guys on the team have been working hard, and it shows."

JOE BESSEY (No. 6 Power Team Chevrolet)

"It's a pleasant surprise. It was getting through the corners so fast that I'm having a hard time remembering the lap. I really was going for it, but the track would take just about anything anybody did. When they smoothed the track up for the IRL cars, it really made the corner entrance so much better than they've ever been, even when it was paved. That's the place where you're making up your speed. The cars have picked up almost a half-second, because you've got an extra three or four car lengths to get into the corner. People have been asking me if I would be glad when this season was over and can start again next year, but I tell them `no way.' This is when some of the best things in racing happen to me, in September, October and November. We came in here with a lot of optimism, hoping that some of the old magic would resurface."

MATT KENSETH (No. 17 Lycos Chevrolet)

"I picked up a tenth (of a second) from what we practiced, and we usually do the opposite. We had the car just about right. I don't know if we could've run any faster. Everybody said the race track is faster because they did that grinding, but I don't feel any difference in it. It doesn't feel any different on the track. We've laid some rubber down, and that's probably part of it. It's pretty tacky out there right now -- it's probably as tacky at this point of the weekend as I've ever seen. The track is much tighter and tackier than it usually is. If we're in the top-five or six, that'd be awesome. Usually, the way we've been qualifying lately, we're happy if we're in the top-15. We're gonna be a lot better off than that."

ANDY SANTERRE (No. 47 Monro Muffler-Brake Chevrolet)

"We've been working really hard on getting the cars to run, and I think I've been getting my confidence back. That's a big difference. I had some bad weeks and lost a lot of confidence in myself, and I think the guys did too. I had to prove to myself I could do this, and I think we've done that the past few weeks. They took some rough spots out of the race track, so the track's a lot smoother than it was before. Those bumps tend to upset the cars. I've only run here one other time, and I remember that it was pretty rough. But out there today, I didn't notice that. It just feels like the whole thing's different because you can hold your foot in it a lot longer. It's probably the fastest it's ever been right now."

BUCKSHOT JONES (No. 00 Bayer/Alka-Seltzer Pontiac)

"I thought the car actually ran better (than in practice), but we slowed up. We usually don't qualify that good here. Maybe the track's gotten a little bit slower because the sun came out. I really wouldn't have changed anything about the lap. The guys gave me an awesome car."

Source: NASCAR Online

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