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DAVID GREEN-27-Scott Towels/Giant Ford Taurus "The surface to me is the most easily accepted terrain. Obviously we won't have any more activities till tomorrow at one o'clock when our race starts, and you don't see and you don't feel a big ...

DAVID GREEN-27-Scott Towels/Giant Ford Taurus

"The surface to me is the most easily accepted terrain. Obviously we won't have any more activities till tomorrow at one o'clock when our race starts, and you don't see and you don't feel a big difference in the race track. Hopefully the trucks will get on it and the Cup cars might get on it tomorrow. The race doesn't do anything, but I think keep the concrete track a little bit fresher and looking good. It's all good there on the race track end of it."

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE SPEED OF THE TRACK? "In practice yesterday it was pretty obvious that somebody was going to break the (truck qualifying) record, but looking at the tires that we're running now versus last year all of the speeds are up, so it didn't surprise me that somebody would end up breaking the record. I didn't even know what the record was, but I could just tell that the speeds were way up there, and if the Busch Series would get to qualify I'm sure that we would break the track record. The tire that they brought back, I don't know the exact number of it versus what we ran last year, but the track is obviously still the same, the only difference is the tire. With the new impound rule, it surprises me a lot of times that the impound rule has produced some quick qualifying times even though we can't do all of the stuff that we're usually enabled to do in qualifying, which will make our car run faster. But, that's a direct connection on how good the tire is. It didn't surprise me, and I'm looking for a good race that I hopefully get to run."

COMMENT ON THE SHANE HMIEL SITUATION. "A couple of things. Before the first time, I think at Richmond in 2003, a lot of cars were tore up that day and it seemed like Shane was right in the middle of it all. It kind of surprised me even at that point when he was tested that it became positive. But then it's like, 'Well, that was the reason.' Me personally, I was very impressed, I was very excited about what he did in the interim, meaning going through everything NASCAR asked him to go through and probably more. He came back and was very productive in doing some truck stuff and some ARCA stuff, and being at a young age it's not like you've got to jump right back in and go right to the very top, so he was very calculated in what he did, which told me that he learned his lesson. There's another individual that was tested that same day that we haven't seen back at the race track, so if you look at those two scenarios Shane was dedicated and devoted in coming back, and as he came back there was a certain amount of concern that not only I dropped, but I think most of our fellow competitors dropped, the concern about being uncomfortable around him on the race track. So, to be quite honest I just kind of forgot about the scenario he had went through. Now, as wrecks start happening and things start happening that are out of sync, then your awareness starts to come back up like, 'Hmm, is something going on again?' So, I guess my comment would really actually be, we all are very fortunate to be in this sport that we all look at being our hobby. Everybody won't admit that, but behind closed doors we still view this as really just being our hobby, and sometimes you have to paint yourself thinking this is our livelihood and this is our job and we get paid to do this. To represent sponsors like Kleenex and NASCAR Scott brand paper towels and all of the stuff we have on our car - Ford Motor Co. - it's really a big deal. I know in 1992 I was faced with the opportunity of not driving any more because I didn't have a sponsor with that team, and I regrouped and went to work for Bobby Labonte and in a few short years I won the championship. In 2002, I had the same thing happen and I really stuck to my guns, sort of like Shane did by going through all of his treatment and whatnot, and was rewarded with a good opportunity with Brewco. I just think enough is enough. The things I was dealing with were strictly coincidental and stuff like that, but this case here, you're talking about 42 other competitors and thousands of people in the grandstands and we're so blessed and fortunate that cars don't go in the grandstands and this, that and another. Or go in the pits, and there are 42 other teams on pit road with seven guys over the wall and that scares me to death each and every week coming down pit road, and we're fortunate that nobody gets hurt.

"I think there's zero tolerance for that and I know that if every driver and every crew member coming in the garage is abiding by the rules, everyone along with that should do the same. I think at Bristol Motor Speedway, and actions took place at Bristol and the comments that were made, I don't know if he realized it, but there is more than just one forty-year-old guy old there driving other than Dale Jarrett. All of the rest of us forty-year-old guys took that pretty personally. When he said he better hurry up and that he was running out of time, it's kind of odd now who ran out of time. He's a great talent, an individual that can obviously drive a race car, but in this sport it's come to the point that there's a lot more to it than driving a car. I feel bad for him, but there are thousands of drivers out there that would give the opportunity of a lifetime to do what we do and there are many of them that can do it. I know the responsibility that I, as you look into this deal, that we carry on our shoulders with our sponsors and the NASCAR Busch Series - Anheuser-Busch and everybody that provides this for us - it's huge. I just think there's zero tolerance for that and things will get better here. I feel sorry for him, sad for him, but we have to abide by the rules. It's very, very difficult, and I applaud NASCAR. Again, we simply have rules we have to abide by, and that's why the NASCAR Busch Series is as competitive as it is today because every car is equal, so all of the drivers should be equal and all of the teams should have an equal, level playing ground, and there's just a lot of people that are going to be affected by this. Us, in general from the NASCAR Busch Series, we don't need any black eyes. We don't need any more caution flags, and, man, we had a caution flag yesterday big time with that deal."

"I guess the only other thing I want to say is that the Busch Series took a whole new personality change it seems like over the years with new guys, young guys, and I think this series is the perfect series and it gives an opportunity for young guys, newcomers, inexperienced and experienced guys to all succeed because the playing field is level, and I 'm very proud that the series has given us that opportunity. I think with what happened yesterday was a little bit of a speed bump in the road, but this series is strong and it's made up of some good players and good people, and it will be a good show tomorrow when it stops raining. I'm proud that this week we're carrying our NASCAR Scott brand paper towels on the hood of our car. Kimberly-Clark has been in the sport now for 10 or 11 years and I've been in it for about that long or maybe a little bit more, so it's pretty exciting to run good in practice yesterday and have a shot at the pole today even though it rained, but we'll start wherever; I haven't sent he lineup yet. Maybe we can make an exciting day for all of the fans out there that are going to be watching."

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