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ROBERT PRESSLEY-47-Clorox/Wisk Ford Taurus (Finished 17th) YOU OPTED TO STAY AT THE PACK OF THE PACK FOR THE MAJORITY OF THE RACE. "Yeah, we were a little bit different there trying to stay out of it, but after a while you've got to go. I...

ROBERT PRESSLEY-47-Clorox/Wisk Ford Taurus (Finished 17th)

YOU OPTED TO STAY AT THE PACK OF THE PACK FOR THE MAJORITY OF THE RACE. "Yeah, we were a little bit different there trying to stay out of it, but after a while you've got to go. I think this is a good package, I just think the Fords just need a little bit of help. The Chevrolets ran good in NEXTEL Cup with this package a couple of years ago, and they run good in the Busch Series, too. A little help, I think the Fords need a little bit and that's all we need."

WERE YOU CONCERNED WHEN STACY FELL OUT OF THE RACE? "No, he had transmission problems. I wasn't too concerned since it wasn't a motor issue."

MATT KENSETH-17-Bayer/Express Personnel Services Ford Taurus (Finished 5th)

"I just couldn't get a lot of help really at the end it seemed like. Once I got in one lane all of the other cars would be in another. I could just never get myself in position to where I needed to be. My crew did a good job, they had a good pit stop and good track position, I just couldn't get where I needed to get all of the way to the front. I need to get my teammate Greg back up there to hp me a little bit."

WERE YOU SURPRISED THAT TWO CARS COULD KEEP BACK THE DRAFT AT THE END? "It's hard to pass the leader. When the 21 was out in front before, it was hard to pass him. I followed him for a long time. When Johnny made a move to go the outside of Dale Jr. for the lead, I went with Dale Jr. and everybody stacked back out on the outside again. Junior had such a strong car, he could stay up there by himself and I couldn't hang in there and I fell back and I had to work my way back up there again."

STACY COMPTON-59-Kingsford/Bush's Beans Ford Taurus (Finished 31st)

"We had a good race car, but we had mechanical failure, which is very unusual for these guys in the Kingsford Ford. You hate to start the season out like that, but it's one of things that you don't have any control over. I hate it for the guys, but I think we finally got the car better. It looks like we a little bit of work still."

DO YOU LIKE THIS AERO PACKAGE? "It's a decent rule package. I think we need a little of tweaking right now, but I'm not sure where. It wasn't bad. You could draft, but there still wasn't quite as much passing as I was hoping it was going to be. I think those first couple of incidences scared a lot of people and probably got the pack spread out a little more than everybody thought they were going to."

GREG BIFFLE-60-Charter Communications Ford Taurus (Finished 11th)


"We don't stand a chance against the Chevrolets. They either have a bunch of horsepower on us or a bunch of drag. Kevin Harvick would knock the rear bumper off me shoving me down the straightaway. My car's RPM would go up and it would just slow right back down. It just won't go at all. He just drove by me by himself. It's not even fair to go out and race that hard, three wide and almost crash every lap. To put yourself in jeopardy to not even stand a chance to compete isn't right."

DOES NASCAR NEED TO ADJUST THE AERO PACKAGE ON THE BUSCH CARS BEFORE TALLADEGA? "I don't like this package and one manufacture is down, obviously. We're going to the chassis dyno here, so maybe we'll get that intake manifold back for restrictor plates. We were down on power forever, we get it, they cut a half-inch off our spoiler the year before and then they come out with a new aero package and take the manifold away. The manifold equalized the power, not the drag. So they change the aero package and they take our manifold away. Now, we're back where we started. We're down on power to the Chevys, so it doesn't matter if we're equal on are because we can't keep up."

BOBBY HAMILTON, JR.-25-Team Marines Ford Taurus (Finished 13th)

"We would have been fine, but as soft as the tires are, we ended up running to the cord on the right front. I knew it and there was no point in tearing the race car up. Give us a little more motor and we'd ruin these guys."

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE AERO PACKAGE? "I think Talladega is going to be fine, but here in Daytona, it's a handling track and the new tire compound didn't mix well. The cars are real free and just uncomfortable. You can't get in there and race."

need some help and it shows.  Me, Biffle and Kenseth were all over the place
and still couldn't keep up with those guys.  They need to help us out."

JASON KELLER-22-Miller High Life Taurus (Finished 9th)

YOU LAID BACK FOR THE START OF THE RACE. WHEN DID YOU DECIDE TO MAKE YOU R CHARGE? "Really after that last stop. We had about 45 to go after that last stop and we came out ninth so we said, 'OK, we need to race now and we need to race hard.' I got in there and the laying back part may have bit me because I hadn't been real racy, so that was the first time that I got t race all day long. I was trying to figure my car out as far as where it wanted to go and what to do, and made a good charge there one time and fell back. I wish I knew then what I know now as far as the way my car reacted in the pack. Maybe we could have adjusted on it a little more, but Wes Ward and the guys, with the information we had we did really good. I can remember leaving this year. Last year I left in an ambulance and my will was pretty devastated. I'm pretty happy with a top 10."

DOES NASCAR NEED TO ADJUST THE AERO PACKAGE ON THE BUSCH CARS BEFORE TALLADEGA? "I would like to see some things. We have so much downforce on the rear of these cars that they make them uncomfortable to drive. You have to make them so loose to be able to drive them, and then right there at the end, I knew a crash was coming. It really surprised me that it didn't happen aright there at the end. I'm pretty happy with the way it ended up. The wicker bill is OK if that's what they want to do, and the spoiler is OK, but now they need to adjust something else because it's pushing the back of these cars down so hard."

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