BUSCH: Daytona: Ford teams race quotes

DAVID GILLILAND-25-FreeCreditReport.com Ford Fusion (Finished 20th) "It was just a long day. Our car was just tight and never could really get it out of it. We were OK if we could get tires. We'd be OK for 15 laps or so, and then it would start...

DAVID GILLILAND-25-FreeCreditReport.com Ford Fusion (Finished 20th)

"It was just a long day. Our car was just tight and never could really get it out of it. We were OK if we could get tires. We'd be OK for 15 laps or so, and then it would start getting tight. It's hard to complete and finish off the passes here, and you have to be able to get off the corners good. Ours was tight and you just had to lift."


MARCOS AMBROSE-59-Kingsford/Bush's Baked Beans Ford Fusion (Finished 16th)

"We kept dropping to the back and just running in the second pack. We were running at the back end of the first pack just trying to stay out of trouble and we over adjusted on it the last stop, which is a shame because I really think we really had something for the top 10 there. We were mostly comfortable. We set the car up in qualifying for some grip, and I think it really paid off in the race and it helped us a lot."

YOUR THOUGHTS ON YOUR FIRST BUSCH SERIES START. "If you would have told me before this weekend that I could finish all of the laps in race and finish in the top 20, I would have jumped up and down and taken it without even starting. I'm really proud of the guys for sticking with me. I'm a rookie out here on the race track, especially here at Daytona. I had to learn the ropes and they gave me a nice, safe car to drive - a stable car to drive - and getting a top-16 is just brilliant for us. I'm just really pleased with that."


MARK MARTIN-06-Dish Network Ford Fusion (Finished 5th)

"That was a blast. Green-flag racing is what it's all about. We got those long green-flag runs and the Dish Network Fusion worked well, but we needed one more adjustment. I tried helping out Carl there, and I felt like he might have kinda been a teammate, so I was trying to help Carl. I was trying to help Carl, and I wish Carl, when I had him behind me, would have stuck with me. I thought he could push me better than I could push him. I didn't handle quite good enough; we needed one more adjustment. I really want to thank everybody for letting me participate in this thing."


GREG BIFFLE-26-Oreo Double Stuf Ford Fusion (Finished 10th)

"That wasn't bad. Unfortunately, we had to take tape off of the bottom grille. I don't know if that's what made it tight or what, but I was way too tight at the end to do anything. I think I could have run up there in the top five. That one long run, I was way too hot and was just cruising along. I had a fast enough car to drive up there with them, but I couldn't have anybody in front of me."

COMMENT ON THE LONG STRETCHES OF GREEN-FLAG RACING. "I think it's the tire. The tire is so hard that nobody can race each other is basically what it is. Everybody is too afraid to race each other. You saw what happened when we got racy - there were big wrecks. Everybody knows that and everybody just says, 'OK, I'm going to go as hard as I can go, but I'm not going to get three-wide just because it won't stick."


MATT KENSETH-17-Arby's Ford Fusion (Finished 12th)

"We were really good until we pitted. On that last pit stop we just had something happen to the car, and I don't know what. It was pretty good and then it just went to junk. I don't really know what we did there to end the course. We never had a caution. We just couldn't get a caution to work on it again. I think we had one of the fastest cars, us and the 5 and the 21 ended up being good there at the end. I think we had a car that could challenge, we just got messed up on that pit stop somehow with our adjustments."


CARL EDWARDS-60-Scotts Ford Fusion (Finished 3rd)

"My hat's off to Kevin Harvick; they picked up right where they left up. Our Scotts Fusion was just a little tight. What an exciting race. The way the Goodyear were, it made it a real race and I got to do some slide jobs and wiggling around. I hope the fans enjoyed it because we sure had a good time."


TODD KLUEVER-16-3M Ford Fusion (Finished 14th)

"It was OK. I thought we had a better car than that. I was a little disappointed in the end result. We worked hard all day, but I just hate the hard tire. It's not really racing. Daytona is supposed to be fun and exiting, and that was pretty boring if you ask me, and I was driving in it. We were just way too tight getting off of turn two, and it hurt us. It seemed like everything I did today was wrong. The outside line would go and a bunch of cars would pass me, so I'd get up in the outside and then all of a sudden it would slow down and the bottom would start going. It's one of those days where it seemed like I couldn't do any right. Fourteenth isn't what I was really hoping for when we came here, but it's better than being wrecked because we drive through two of them that we probably should be in."


JAMIE MCMURRAY-37-Yard-Man Ford Fusion (Finished 42nd)

WHAT DID YOU SEE FROM YOUR VANTAGE POINT? "I'm not real sure. I saw the 9 car, it looked like he got turned, and when that happens you're kinda along for the ride. It's unfortunate for our Yard-Man car; it's so early. The Daytona races and the Talladega races are about finishing and just surviving, and unfortunately, we're all racers and everybody wants to get to the front and get the lead and then be content. I had a good car, so we'll try to get it fixed and go out and see what we can salvage."

-credit: ford racing

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