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JON WOOD-47-Clorox/American Red Cross Ford Fusion "It was crazy. I don't really know what to say to sum it up other than we had a strategy last night in the truck race that didn't work out. We stuck with the same strategy today and patience ...

JON WOOD-47-Clorox/American Red Cross Ford Fusion

"It was crazy. I don't really know what to say to sum it up other than we had a strategy last night in the truck race that didn't work out. We stuck with the same strategy today and patience prevailed. I thought the very end was absolutely crazy."

TALK ABOUT YOUR STRATEGY TO FALL TO THE REAR OF THE FIELD AT THE START OF THE RACE. "Obviously, it didn't work last night in the truck race, but we decided that when we came down here for SpeedWeeks that for both the truck race and the Busch race that we would be patient and ride around in the back and miss all the wrecks. There were a lot of very inexperienced drivers in both races - and I even consider myself inexperienced - but I just wanted to miss all of the wrecks and try to be there at the end. It looked like at one point that it wasn't going to work out for us, but the way the cautions fell and the way I somehow got track position, I think we came home with what will be worst-case scenario a seventh-place finish."

BOTH WOOD BROTHERS/JTG RACING CARS WERE CONTENDERS FOR THE WIN TODAY. "It was awesome to see Stacy that far up and having both cars running in the top 10 and capable of winning the way they were, particularly at a superspeedway, was very awesome. It just shows that Wood Brothers/JTG means business and we built our cars over the winter to run well and I think that's what they're going to do."


STACY COMPTON-59-Kingsford/Bush's Baked Beans Ford Fusion

"I hate it for us that we got tore up, but Wood Brothers/JTG Racing gave us an awesome race car. We knew we had a great race car all week and we were just riding around in the back waiting for 20 to go, and at 20 to go we took off. Man, it's disappointing to drive that good of a race car and end up that much short. They better watch out this year. I'm proud of these guys on the Kingsford Ford. We've worked awful hard the last couple months to get this thing where it is and I'm pretty pleased with the result; we just have to have a little luck."

TALK ABOUT THE LAST LAPS. "I'm not sure. We had such a good race car that we could go high or low and we went to the bottom and I knew it was three-wide the whole time and I couldn't tell. It looked like somebody got into Burney, and Burney got turned sideways and came back across the nose of my car and then it all broke loose. I'm not sure what happened, and I need to look at the video. I'm pretty disappointed; we had a great race car."

WHERE DO YOU THINK THE FIELD SHOULD HAVE BEEN FROZEN? "If they're going to call it then they need to call it when everybody's crashing. When the caution came out is where they should freeze the field and I don't know where that will put us, but they knew we were here this weekend. The truck was awesome, the car was awesome and I think it shows what this team is capable of and I'm pretty excited about the upcoming year."


GREG BIFFLE-16-Ameriquest Mortgage Ford Fusion

WHAT HAPPENED? "I don't know. I have to watch the replay. I was pushing a little on the 57 because the guys couldn't get going up there, and the 57 got a little wiggly so I backed off him and I think Kyle hit me and then I got the 57 again. We just got bunched up because the guys up front without good tires I don't think got a good restart. I've really got to watch the tape to see what happened. I should have just left more room on the restart between me and the 57 so we can get up through the gearbox better. I already saw a guy on the line so I knew there was probably going to be a problem. I just hate it. I feel partially responsible for that; I have to go back and watch it. The guys built me a great car and it's the most competitive that I've been in a Busch race here, so I'm excited about that. I'm excited about running Talladega and some more restrictor-plate races with the Ameriquest car. It's unfortunate. I think we could have maybe won that. Maybe not with the 33 up there because he looked pretty strong, but I think we had a car we could win with, and I've never really thought that way before here."


CARL EDWARDS-60-Ameriquest Mortgage Ford Fusion

WHAT HAPPENED? "I was just racing as hard as I could. The Ameriquest Fusion was a great car. My guys worked so hard on it that I'm really upset that it ended up like that for them with all of the hard work they put in. I was just coming off the corner and my spotter told me, he said, 'The 32 is working the middle.' As soon as I looked up and kind of saw that I just got hit a little bit in the right rear. I'm sure everybody is doing the best job they can. It's tough out there to balance how hard you want to go with taking it easy."

HOW WAS THE RACING TODAY? "For me, I hadn't raced much. I was kinda cruising around trying to log laps and I should have done that a little bit longer. That was my mistake there."


ELLIOTT SADLER-90-CitiFinancial Ford Fusion

WHAT DID YOU SEE ON THE FINAL LAP. "That was wild. I think the 77 got bumped a little bit. I don't know if he got messed up with the 33 or not, but something happened and he had to check up a little bit in front of Stacy and I, and we just all piled up from there. It's just a shame to battle back from two laps down. We had a great chance to finish in the top five, maybe the top four, and to come away with a tore up race car is a bad week for us. We have two torn up race cars and that's not like us, so we have a lot of work to do before we go to Talladega."

TALK ABOUT THE THREE-WIDE RACING IN THE CLOSING LAPS. "I was in the middle, exactly where you don't want to be. Kevin and I got hung up in the middle, and drivers on both sides we were all slamming and bumping into each other because it was so slick out there today. We were just lucky we made it out of there and we got back to double-wide. I thought when we made it through three and four that we would be OK and we could make it all the way back to the checkers, but it just wasn't the case. It's a shame to tear up that many cars on the last couple hundred yards to the checkered flag, but that's restrictor-plate racing and that's what it's all about at Daytona and Talladega."


DANNY O'QUINN-50-World Financial Group Ford Fusion

"If there was one thing I took from that ARCA race it was to be patient, and they just kept telling me on the radio to be patient, and that's what we did. The World Financial Group Ford Fusion ran really well, and I'm happy with it. We'll take it from here and try to capitalize on this for Talladega. I'm definitely happy and excited to get the year underway. That was definitely way different than anything I've ever been used to. We had an awesome car there with about 20 to go, and I got in there three-wide and got into the wall a little bit on the outside and it knocked us out of contention a little bit, but we still came out of there with a pretty decent finish; I'm happy. I think everybody will be a lot more pumped up going into the next few races."


TODD KLUEVER-06-3M Ford Fusion

"It was a really good day for us with our 3M Ford Fusion. We had to concentrate only on qualifying runs in testing. Even in practice down here it was all about qualifying runs just to make the show. We started out and my car was just evil. It was just so tight and floating the nose. Mike Kelley and all of the guys, I'm sure he had a lot of help because there are lot of people that believe in him and wanted to help him out in his first race."

TALK ABOUT RACING IN THE DRAFT TODAY. "It wasn't too bad really. I think the trucks are way crazier than these Busch cars. It's just a lot harder because there are so many good cars here. It was never really crazy. It was pretty scary a couple of times, but all in all, it was pretty decent. There at the end, everybody is racing for a good finish, and of course something like that is going to happen. I was fortunate that I saw it and I don't know how I got through. I got hit in the right rear and how I didn't get turned into the wall, I have no idea. It was an awesome job by all of my guys, and all of the guys back at the shop who built me this car after they built me a brand new one for the test and it wasn't very good, so they built this brand new one in a couple of weeks for me to come here."


KENNY WALLACE-22-AutoZone Ford Fusion

"It was a backup car and we were really, really tight early and we had to ride. I knew to stay up front wasn't an option. My car wouldn't do that because it was pushing too bad. I told my crew chief Randy Cox to count me down with 15 to go. When there was three to go I made my move and I was hoping it would end. We couldn't have done it any better. I was real proud of our guys and our moves, and that's what happened and there was no control; I was inside the top 10. We never let off the gas and just all wrecked across the start-finish line."

WAS THE FINAL-LAP WRECK INEVITABLE? "It was inevitable. I was surprised that we were going to make it back to the line. I came off of four and got right to the pit gate coming off of four, and thought, 'Wow, we're going to make it.' The boys didn't let me down. It's hard for those guys to hold their car straight. They always turn right, left, right, left. I'm really proud of a backup car with two laps of practice. I don't know where we finished, but we were inside the top 10 coming off of four."

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