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CHRISTIAN ELDER-38-Great Clips Ford Taurus (Finished 36th) WHAT HAPPENED COMING OFF OF TURN 4? "I don't know if I got up a little high or somebody was trying to get on the outside of me, but I got turned. Somebody got into my right rear and ...

CHRISTIAN ELDER-38-Great Clips Ford Taurus (Finished 36th)

WHAT HAPPENED COMING OFF OF TURN 4? "I don't know if I got up a little high or somebody was trying to get on the outside of me, but I got turned. Somebody got into my right rear and turned me up into the wall. That was the end of it; I was along for the ride after that.

DO YOU CHALK THIS RACE UP TO EXPERIENCE? "We got some good experience today. We had a really good car. I just couldn't get any clean air to run with some fast cars. We had the gear in there to run really fast, but I was stuck in the back of the pack. The gear that we had in there just wasn't working for us for where we were running. I would come zooming up on them going into the corner, and I'd have to check up. If you check up a little bit, they walk away from you coming out of the corner. That's why we were stacked up three-wide coming out of Turn 4. If I could have

JASON KELLER-57-Albertsons Ford Taurus (Finished 4th)

"The car drafted really good, but the car got a little tight there at the end and I think that's why I couldn't really help Matt battle for the win. We did all we could do.

IT WAS A GOOD POINTS DAY CONSIDERING THE TOP THREE WERE ALL WINSTON CUP COMPETITORS. "We just needed to get off to a good start and we did. The nerves didn't get to the guys on the pit stops. I was a little rusty on that first restart, but we got everything worked out and we stayed up front all day long. We wanted to have a solid run here and we did. The Ford really surprised me. I thought we would be disadvantaged in the draft, but it was really, really cool to keep this Albertsons Ford up front all day. I really don't remember seeing the green flag fall here or any superspeedway race. You hear it a lot, but the guys really did a great job on pit stops. The first stops were in the heat of the battle, and they've been practicing all winter, but when you go over the wall in the heat of battle, it's a different thing. The guys did great all day long. They were already finished on that first stop and I just stayed in the pits; I didn't know I was supposed to go. I was a little rusty on my part and on the restarts, but all in all, it was a great day."

MATT KENSETH-17-JaniKing Ford Taurus (Finished 3rd)

"This was great. I'm really proud of these Reiser Enterprises guys. We didn't have a sponsor a couple of weeks ago and we didn't know if we were going to come to this race. They did a good job of putting this Ford together and JaniKing came aboard for at least two races, here and Texas, and with these great Kipley motors, it made it a lot easier to draft. I'm real proud to have been driving for Robbie Reiser the last five or six years; it was a fun race.

YOU WERE FOLLOWING DALE JR. AT THE END OF THE RACE. DID YOU HAVE A PLAN THE LAST FEW LAPS? "I did and Jason Keller stuck right with me and they really helped me out a lot. I got a run on Michael and we had him, but Jason's car was a little tight and he couldn't quite stay in there. We didn't have the strongest car out there, but we had a top-five car and that's a great job for this team."

GREG BIFFLE-60-Grainger Ford Taurus (Finished 22nd)

"This was going to be a really good run. The guys built an awesome car. I'm not sure what happened. I don't know if I ran somebody out of room down there going into Turn 1 or if they got three-wide underneath me, or if somebody got their tires below the yellow line. I'm curious to watch the tape to see what happened because it's a puzzle to me. The next thing I knew, I was going into the wall backwards. I just don't know what happened. We had a really good car. I was just trying to run third there until the end and Spencer got under me and knocked me out of the way in 3 and 4, but that's just racing. I think we were going to come home fifth, so this is an unfortunate day for the Grainger Ford. These guys worked really hard.

THIS IS YOUR SECOND STRAIGHT 22ND-PLACE FINISH AT DAYTONA. "It seems that we've been bitten here two straight years. I'm just ready to go home. We finished fourth in the points last year after finishing 22nd, but that's not our goal this season. We just need to go home and rebound next week."

SCOTT RIGGS-10-Nestle Nesquik Ford Taurus (Finished 6th)

A TOP-FIVE FINISH IN YOUR BACKUP CAR. "My hat's off to these guys. They don't bring slugs to the track, primary or backup. We have a great team at ppc Racing and Nesquik. We knew that this car could finish in the top 10 based off the way Jeff ran it last year. The car really pulled up good in the draft. We knew that we would have a good race car, unfortunately we had to start in the back. The guys kept me patient on the radio and kept telling me, 'stay in line, stay in line.' We just sorta picked them off and had to be patient. I had to learn what being patient was all about. I'm just glad to have one under my belt. I tried to be real respectable to all the guys, and all the ones that helped me, I tried to help them back. I had a lot of pals and friends out there and I hope I earned some respect from those guys, too.

WHO DID YOU HOOK UP WITH IN THE DRAFT AT THE START OF THE RACE? "The one that helped me the most today was Jeff Purvis, by far. Matt Kenseth was the other one that helped me the most because we were all back there at the start and we worked our way up there slowly but surely."

KEVIN LEPAGE-71-Matrix Motorsports Ford Taurus (Finished 8th)

"What a great effort from Richard Lasater, all the guys and the Cosworth engine. We started building this car four weeks ago on a wing and a prayer and all my pennies, dimes and quarters, so this is a great result. We got caught up running over a tire and smashed in the nose of the car, and with a throw-together crew, these guys worked together flawlessly. They repaired the race car and got me back on the race track without losing a position, and to come home eighth is just a testimonial to the kind of little race team that we have here.

WILL YOU RECONSIDER RUNNING NEXT WEEK AT ROCKINGHAM WITHOUT A SPONSOR? "I've got to see what kind of dollars we won. There has to be a sponsor out there. We had one on our toolbox and they were pretty ecstatic. There has to be someone that wants to come on board, even if it's just Rockingham. We'll worry about Vegas after that. We have a team right now that can run for the championship and we just need a sponsor to do it."

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