BUSCH: Darlington: Winning team press conference

GREG BIFFLE-60-Charter Communications Ford Taurus (Finished 1st) "I'll tell you, the guys have been working really hard on the Charter car. Brad (Parrott) has been doing a good job organizing everything and we've been working real hard on our ...

GREG BIFFLE-60-Charter Communications Ford Taurus (Finished 1st)

"I'll tell you, the guys have been working really hard on the Charter car. Brad (Parrott) has been doing a good job organizing everything and we've been working real hard on our engines and everything. The car just handled really, really well today. It was the same car we ran at Rockingham and our car was really fast over there and we brought it here. This was actually the car that Burton won with here a couple of years ago. It was the same chassis with a different body on it. It was just a great day. We had a little trouble in the pits with lug nuts. The glue wasn't working out right for us and we lost some spots a few times, but when it counted the guys really laid one down and got us out first. I can't say enough of how proud I am of them after that last pit stop. I was probably was determined to win in the race. It's hard to pass here and you have to use up a lot of tire to make a pass. Burton's car being so strong with him out front, it might have been difficult for me to get by him. I'm really excited about having the Charter High Speed Internet and HDTV car in victory lane for the first time this year."

JACK ROUSH: "I guess Greg hadn't won here before, but he's won it seems like every place else. The guys have got good notes. Brad Parrott was the crew chief today and he was the crew chief for Jeff Burton here, and it seemed like he had very good luck. It seemed like Jeff could win anywhere he went the year before last when they were together. There's a lot of history in the Ford Busch team that Roush runs out of Mooresville and they had a good combination today with both guys being up front. One thing I want to say, I've got some sadness in my family. I lost my father on Tuesday of this week, so the Roush family has a big hole in it right now. To all of the folks in Adams County, Ohio, this is for you guys."

GREG BIFFLE: "The race track races extremely different. It's changed the whole complexity of the race track. It seems to be more of a factor down here in three and four than it is in one and two. The car wants to be just a little bit free into this corner; both of my cars do, the NEXTEL Cup car and the Busch car. You don't have that extra room any more to just let the car roll into the corner and then just ease the gas back down. I kinda got a rhythm there at the end of the race. I starting trying to use the high line again to see if it was working and it started to work for me then, but when I tried it earlier, I couldn't get it to work. You have to be really, really careful. I got in there a few times and I wasn't sure if I was going to get it slowed down enough. You can't step on the brakes because it's going to slide the nose and the back is coming out a bit. It's really hard, but what it's done, it's made it really hard to pass. Kyle Busch got into some trouble down there in turn one with a lapped car just because when they slow down and go into the corner the natural thing is to slide up the track, but there's no more room to go around the top of them. They make it so narrow when they do give you a lane, you're not sure there is enough room or if they're going to come up even more. It's really, really hard when guys aren't having a good day and are a little bit off the pace. That's where it seems a little bit more treacherous is that particular spot. You can't enter that corner without getting down there and getting a little bit of room to run up on the race track. It's changed the track a bunch and it's really slick. A lot of marbles build up right next to that wall for some reason. You can't get within six inches of it or it will suck you in in a second. The concrete didn't seem like it was that way, so I'm not sure if something is coming out from underneath the wall, all of the rubber behind it and sliding underneath it. Or maybe it's bouncing off of it differently. This place is not easy no matter what you do, but it is a fun race track."

EVALUATE RUNNING BOTH SERIES SO FAR THIS SEASON. "Well, last week I was wandering a round the motorhome lot trying to figure out what to do with myself because I didn't have the Busch car there to work on. This race here will probably help me more than anywhere this season, running 150 laps here today. Getting used to this race track and where to pass ands where people got into trouble today, I like it. I've had a lot of fun so far. Some of the notes have transferred over like today. A lot of things have helped from our Cup car over to our Busch car. I enjoy it. Sometimes it is a little hectic because I can't spend quite as much time as I want to with the crew chiefs, but I've worked out coming into the garage earlier in the morning and using some more of my time in between talking with them, and now we'll go and talk with Doug (Richert) tonight and make sure we have everything lined up for tomorrow. Just some things we have to work around."

HOW BIG IS THE ADVANTAGE OF RUNNING BOTH SERIES? "It seems this year at Rockingham and Vegas, not so much at Vegas because I wasn't real good there, it seems like my experience and my ability to run good on Saturday has been increased. I feel more confident that I can win on Saturdays a little bit more right now. Our cars are pretty good, but it's not going to be that way everywhere. These teams, there are some teams that are going to be really tough. That's the 8, the 25, the 37; those guys are going to be tough later on when we get to Kansas, Chicago, Texas, more like Las Vegas. Those guys are going to be tough. Hopefully I get a little head start on them. I was just talking with Jack, we might have won Rockingham if we didn't have a little bit of engine trouble there. That'd be neat to have two wins in the bag already, but you can only kinda think about that."

TALK ABOUT YOUR COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR CREW CHIEF TODAY. "The decision to make in the pits on the last stop was how many laps we had to go. Once I figured out we only had 45 laps to go when we went back to green, it was a no-brainer for me. Then I asked how many cars were on the lead lap, and there were 30. That's a lot of cars to have on the lead lap here. I couldn't take that chance. Think about it, there were no more cautions either. We would have been doomed if we hadn't stop. We would have been done. I think Nemechek experienced that and thought he would stay out. If there was a caution, if you could have predicted it, 15 laps in you might have a chance with fresh tires, but not starting 30th. I had to do what everybody was going to do. That kinda worked its way out and it became a non-issue that we had to stop. Brad and I communicated really well this whole weekend. We have the whole time, but we're going through some stuff. We have a whole new group of guys and any time you start with a brand-new team or a brand-new group of guys that have never worked together, we're going to have little, small issues on who's doing what and how we're working stuff out. We're getting better and better every week and that's what it's about, building character and this win will do a lot for us going forward. Exceptional this weekend."

JACK ROUSH: "The first thing that I'll say is that I'm thrilled that ISC has put the walls in here and I look forward to having the walls every place that we go. Given the fact that the drivers run up close to the wall here, normally it's not one of the places that you'd think has the greatest likelihood to hurt a driver by the way he'd have a head-on impact into the wall. I wouldn't have picked Darlington as one of the first tracks that I would want to see it put into, but I'm glad that they have and I' looking forward to seeing them everywhere."

WILL THE NEW TIRE PACKAGE TAKE THE PRESSURE OFF OF THE ENGINE BUILDERS? "I've participated in the building of engines it seems like for 40 years now and the pressure has been on for 100 percent of the time. With the new softer tire, if an engine is a little better it will certainly show up in the potential to qualify and for the time when a driver makes his decision that it's time to go. There is some much life in the tire, and the more engine you have the more you will be able to get out of it. You can say that if you had an incredibly powerful engine and you used it incorrectly, you could go off the tires faster than you could with a soft engine; that's possible. But, all off the drivers are going to want as much power as they can possibly have all of the time and then feel like they have the power within themselves to decide when they race hard and when they save their tires."

GREG BIFFLE: "It's almost backwards the way you're thinking. If you had a really, really hard tire that didn't have as much grip, then you almost can't use as much power because it will slip that tire. Yeah, when the tire wears out you have to be easier on the throttle, but when you get the thing going straight down the straightaway you can use all of the power you can have. Prior to that, then the power really shows up like Atlanta and every place else where the tire is soft for 10 laps and you can really use the throttle a lot. The guy with a lot of power is going to make a difference. It really hasn't changed what we're doing at all."

JACK ROUSH: "It's the guys standing behind me here and the guys standing behind Greg and loading their car up and doing the inspection right now. We have great people that have been with us a long time. We have young drivers that have come in with great potential like Greg and Mark Martin a few years ago, and Jeff Burton, and, of course, now Kurt Busch and Matt Kenseth. We've had just a continuum of people that were incredibly talented that have brought their energies and their potentials and they have basked in the sunshine that the folks that they were sharing space with brought and the ones that preceded them. One of the things that we have in our group, looking at the NEXTEL Cup thing, we have a meeting after Happy Hour and sit down and Mark Martin and Jeff Burton hold court. They tell guys, first of all everybody is anxious to see what they think about what's going on and how the race is going to develop. The younger fellas with their perspective, they chime in and they say, 'My car is doing this and I found this out and I didn't know that, but I did this other thing and it looks like it going to work.' Anyway, there is great harmony and great chemistry within the group and I just ride along with. I'm just proud to be a part of it. In fact, yesterday I wasn't here for the family business, and, of course, they come out and finish one and two today, and they pretty much told me they don't need me."


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