BUSCH: Darlington notes

DURA-LUBE 200 PRESENTED BY PEP BOYS RACE NOTES JEFF PURVIS (No. 4 Phoenix Racing Chevrolet) -- (After getting out of the car for relief driver Sterling Marlin.) I just can't breath when I'm out there! I don't feel that bad (from ribs broken ...


JEFF PURVIS (No. 4 Phoenix Racing Chevrolet) -- (After getting out of the car for relief driver Sterling Marlin.) I just can't breath when I'm out there! I don't feel that bad (from ribs broken in accident at Nashville Speedway USA last weekend) I just can't breath. I've got on some of everything (opening uniform to show a lace-up brace around his torso). I wasn't giving the car a fair shake (while he was on race track). The car's working good, sure -- I just couldn't stay out there long enough to figure it out.

JIM BOWN (No. 51 Luck's Foods Chevrolet) -- (On using driver Robbie Faggart as a replacment on lap 29) It got to where I really couldn't use my left arm all that well. It's got to be something to do with the (left side) rib injury I got at Nashville.

JEREMY MAYFIELD (No. 98 Penns Best/NorthStar Ford) -- The engine was strong, but we've been struggling with the handling since we got here. The car was really tight. We're not running for points so there was no real reason to stay out there (after spinning into the inside wall off turn four). It looked like the 9 car (Joe Bessey) got into the back of us or something.

MIKE McLAUGHLIN (No. 34 Royal Oak Charcoal Chevrolet) -- On the first set (of tires) we were good but on the second set we were a little off. (On his accident.) We just turned around coming off of turn two. I feel bad for everybody. We haven't been able to put the finishes together. We've had some good cars -- fast cars -- but we haven't been able to finish races.

HERMIE SADLER (No. 1 DeWalt Industrial Tools Ford) -- They tell me a piece of the fan shroud busted off and put a hole in the radiator. That ended our day. This was the best car I ever had but it wasn't to be. I can't say enough for the DeWalt team. We'll keep working on it.

CHAD LITTLE (No. 23 John Deere Pontiac) -- It was one of those deals where I got held up on the restart by the 51 (Robbie Faggart) and I was trying to get down. I got tapped from behind and spun around and then I was basically a ping-pong ball for about 30 seconds bouncing off the walls and other cars. Luckily the guys in the shop build good race cars. It was a heckuva ride and the car's hurt pretty bad.

DENNIS SETZER (No. 38 Lipton Tea Ford) -- It was unfortunate. I seen Chad (Little) come around up front. We were all in a big pack up there and it looked like I picked the wrong line. Someone came off the wall and collected us up. It was pretty much a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's a shame we got into it this late in the race. The car was running good but we got hit pretty hard and there was no sense trying to see if we could fix it.


MICHAEL WALTRIP (No. 12 MW Windows Ford) -- He (Mark Martin) had me covered just a tick. I could beat him a little bit through one and two and it seems like at the end he had me beat through three and four. He deserved to win. That wreck was going to make it interesting (at the end). I had a pretty good run on him but he cut me off! I don't blame him -- I would've cut me off too! (ON THE TRAFFIC AT THE FINISH.) It was gonna be great. I figured he'd have to commit first and maybe that would help me get by him but it didn't work out. (WHAT DID HE PICK UP FOR TOMORROW?) That's the good thing about this Wood Brothers crew -- they don't care what it takes to run good. They just want to run good. I think he just sent somebody to get the shocks off the Busch car. He built them for it and we liked 'em so well we're going to try 'em over here. RICKY CRAVEN (No. 2 DuPont Teflon/Krytox Chevrolet) -- I'm not pleased but the guys worked hard. We had a tough pit stop at the end. It was just a bit slow and it cost us. I don't know why -- maybe a lug nut was stuck, or something. The driver makes mistakes and there's not much said about it so I'm not going to say a word about my team. They did a great job. Oh yeah, we picked up some stuff we can use tomorrow -- that's why we do it (Busch races).

BOBBY LABONTE (No. 44 Shell Oil Chevrolet) -- Yeah, we learned that it's kind of gone back like the old Darlington. I guess we'll get out the old set-ups and go from that. We pulled the wrong gear and didn't quite have all we needed today. Survive was the big deal. I needed long runs and I didn't really get 'em in the end. The last lap was kind of hairy there with the 75 car (Doug Heveron). DALE JARRETT (No. 32 Band-Aid Ford) -- (In a conversation with Terry Labonte coming back to Winston Cup garage, Labonte said "You were darn lucky you didn't get hit when you spun back there (turn two). You know who was behind you? Me!") (On spin.) I was way too tight and I was trying a different line. I just got way too high going into the corner, got loose and spun out. I was very, very lucky not to hit anything or get hit. All in all I don't feel bad to come back for fifth. The car was too tight and we pulled the wrong gear but it worked out OK.

TERRY LABONTE (No. 5 Actron Chevrolet) -- Dale (Jarrett) spun right in front of me and I almost hit him! I just barely missed him -- it was close! The car was really pretty good today. Mark's (Martin) had us beat all year long and had us beat again today. (What did he pick up for Sunday's race?) Be careful!

MIKE WALLACE (No. 90 Duron Paints Ford) -- The 200 miles were fine. We were just a little off on gear. We know what springs and shocks that we ran over there (Busch car) so if something doesn't work over here (Winston Cup car) right away we can relate it at least to what happened over there.

STEVE GRISSOM (No. 29 World Championship Wrestling Chevrolet) -- Yeah, it was an interesting warm-up session for tomorrow! It was typical Darlington -- you've got to race the race track here. Anytime you can come from near to the back to a top 10 finish you've had a pretty decent day here. Now the track's closer to what it's going to be tomorrow. We just ran 147 laps and you can't practice that much. I hope we picked up some things we can use tomorrow. (ON INCIDENT WITH PATTY MOISE.) We rode down into the corner (turn one) and I moved up to go around her on the outside. As we were leaving the middle of the corner she just about put me in the wall. I got out of the gas and turned to pull under her and then I think she must have backed out of the gas, however or whatever I got into her and she just jammed on the brakes rather than straighten it up. There I was, and there wasn't much I could do about it.

PATTY MOISE (No. 14 Dial-Purex Ford) -- We struggled a bit with the handling. The car was loose and we kept trying to tighten it up. I was racing my own race because of the problem. Steve Grissom came up to pass and tapped me as we came off turn two. I needed just a second or two more before I could move out of his way.

NATHAN BUTTKE (No. 66 Duragloss Chevrolet) -- We started the race in pretty good shape but the car got real tight and was handling real bad. We've got a problem, but it would take too long to fix to try and get back out there.

JEFF PURVIS (No. 4 Phoenix Construction Chevrolet -- (POST-RACE) We're trying to chase the points and it's hard to sit on the sidelines. To have to give up the laps when we did the driver change (Purvis out/Sterling Marlin in) is what I hated. I wanted to see a caution, but I didn't want to see anybody wreck. We just never got it. I was really hurting because of these busted ribs. It really wasn't very much fun driving the car. I think things are getting better, but it seems it takes busted ribs a long time to heal. I've got to take it one day at a time and do everything I can to make sure they heal quickly.

TODD BODINE (No. 81 Cape Canaveral Cruise Line Chevrolet) -- It's not too bad a day when you can put the car on the truck at Darlington with only one little dent in it. We weren't right. We struggled with the car all day and made adjustments to it every time we pitted. We made it better, but it still wasn't anywhere close to right. We just hung in there.

DAVID GREEN (No. 95 Caterpillar Chevrolet) -- It's not the finish I was looking for. We had some problems, but we got the car better. Then we changed tires. I ran one caution lap and got a flat left rear tire so I had to come back in and we got behind again. It seemed that every time we got the car better something happened.

DICK TRICKLE (No. 64 DuraLube Chevrolet) -- We had a tire roll across the pit lane (incurring a penalty) while we were running fifth or so and we had to go to the end of the longest line with about 77 laps in. So we had about 60 laps to come from the back. We looked like we were gonna get a top five out of it but then I had a little incident in the pits with Todd Bodine and I knocked the valence in on the front and I picked up a bit of a push the last few laps. I think that kept us from getting a top five. We were tight all day but we loosened it up and toward the end of the race I think we had the fastest car. The DuraLube guys are doing a good job for me and I think we'll get some good finishes coming up. (ON INCIDENT WITH MIKE McLAUGHLIN.) I went under him and he was gonna try to fill that spot. I didn't mean to do it but I was in there already. I tried to get down but I couldn't pull it down no more and we touched. Mike didn't just spin. Had I been back just a little further I wouldn't have touched him but I couldn't get away from him.

JEFF GREEN (No. 3 GM Goodwrench Service Chevrolet) -- We're pleased with the finish. The last couple races we haven't been able to even finish. Starting on the pole and finishing 11th we know we had a good weekend. We'll go on to Bristol and try to continue what we started here at Darlington -- and that's finishing races and getting up closer to the front.

STANTON BARRETT (No. 49 Petro Express/Citgo Chevrolet) -- I learned a lot out there today. The biggest problem I had was that the car wouldn't handle. I couldn't get it turned in the middle of the corners. I was fighting the car all day. I just tried to stay out there and learn all I could. It was really hard to drive the car as tight as it was, especially at this track. I'm happy. I came home with the car -- at least most of it. I did get the rear end bashed in a bit by Larry Pearson.


LAKE SPEED (No. 9 Spam Ford) -- I've got to go to a back-up car. The good car's rear end is now too short to make it through tech inspection (after accident with Ward Burton). We got to change engines and work on the set-up, but that's about it. It shouldn't be that big a deal. (ON THE INCIDENT.) I'm not totally sure what happened out there. We put new tires on and filled it up so everything would be fresh for tomorow. My spotter told me to fall in between some cars. I did. As I went off into turn one he said: 'You've got somebody trying to pass you on the inside.' So I tried to go wide enough without going up into the gray stuff to let him by. By that time, somebody hit me in the left quarter and around we went.

WARD BURTON (No. 22 MBNA America Pontiac) -- (Burton's car sustained damage to the right front and right rear of his pole- sitting car in the incident with Lake Speed.) I was going into turn one. I guess Lake Speed didn't see me.

CLYDE BOOTH (Team manager No. 22 MBNA America Pontiac) -- I doubt we'll have to go to a back-up car. The damage is pretty cosmetic. We've had a chance to open the trunk. We looked at the sheet metal in the trunk and that would give us an indication if the tail clip was pushed over. It isn't bad. We're going to fix the car. I think we'll be OK. Fixing the car is the better option because we don't want to start at the rear of the field. As long as we get the wheels heading in the right direction, we'll be OK.  --=====================_827633461==_--

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