BUSCH: Darlington II: Jamie Mosley preview

JAMIE QUICK SHOTS This will be Jamie's first trip to "The Lady In Black" of Darlington Raceway. It is the second of two-straight tough weekends for the NASCAR Busch Series drivers, following last Friday's race at Bristol Motor Speedway. The ...


This will be Jamie's first trip to "The Lady In Black" of Darlington Raceway. It is the second of two-straight tough weekends for the NASCAR Busch Series drivers, following last Friday's race at Bristol Motor Speedway. The 1.366-mile banked asphalt "egg-shaped" oval will be unlike anything Jamie has raced at before. Mosley will surely be able to improve on the #39 team's run at Darlington earlier in the year, when they finished 40th.

Jamie, in competing in only his fifth-career NASCAR Busch Series race, finished 36th at Bristol Motor Speedway. With limited track time during Thursday's practice sessions, Mosley made the racing using a provisional for the first time this year. Mosley and the #39 Jay Robinson crew were on and off the track for much of the event while fighting several different problems with the car. Therefore, the team turned the 250-lap race into a "test session" of sorts for the Kentucky driver. Near the end of the night, Mosley was running comparable lap times to many of the top-20 cars despite finishing just 117 laps. The team considered the race a success, as the car came home with just minor damage on the right side after Jamie brushed the wall early in the event.

Jamie and the Jay Robinson crew will take the same car they used in Bristol car to Darlington Raceway this weekend. Jamie has driven the car at Bristol and earlier this year at Pikes Peak International Raceway.

Jamie, who has served as a Kentucky State Police Dispatcher up until recently, uses several members of his old ARCA crew to pit the car during the race. Much of the crew is comprised of Jamie's law enforcement "buddies." They consist of Kentucky State Troopers, Deputies and local Kentucky Police Officers. They will serve as Jamie's over-the-wall crew for the rest of the year.


On heading to "The Lady In Black"--

"I never thought Bristol (Motor Speedway) would be as tough as it was, but I was wrong. I imagine I'll think the same thing about Darlington. I have heard that Darlington is one of those places that drivers either really like or really hate. I will be pretty interested to take my first few laps on the track there. Hell, I figure if you can figure out Bristol and Darlington, then as a driver, you can probably figure out any type of race track out there, but I think it will be neat just to compete there. It's one of the most historic race tracks in the country."

On the Bristol weekend--

"It was the hardest track I have ever raced on. There is nothing that compares to racing at a place like that. You wouldn't think driving at a track that is only a half-mile long would be so challenging, but it really was. I definitely learned a lot out there. I got a lot of valuable track time so next time we go there, I'll have a good baseline of where to start and will be able to get myself more comfortable in the car a lot quicker and get right up there racing with the leaders. The finish may not appear like it was productive, but it was a good weekend for the team and for me as a driver. There is nothing that can substitute for putting yourself out there in race conditions and learning all these new places.

On the goals for "on track" performance for the rest of the year--

"Step one is just to make the races each week on speed. I don't have a doubt as to whether or not we can do it, but there are a lot of quality cars out there each week. We don't want to have to rely on provisionals. Luckily, we haven't had to do that but once so far this year, and that was just because of my lack of experience at Bristol. The long term goal is to keep moving the car up in owner points for the rest of the year. I think the other thing I need to do is learn these new racetracks. The more we can learn about these places this year, the easier it will be for myself next year."

On interacting with the fans--

"We went into downtown Bristol last weekend and I got to see a lot of the fans and sign all kinds of autographs. That is something that I want to keep doing every weekend. The fans what got me to where I am and where most of these drivers are. I think interaction between the fans and the drivers is key. I plan on making the interaction with them a normal thing of my race weekends, even if I just ride around the campgrounds with my autograph cards in hand on a golf cart."


Three ARCA RE/MAX Series starts in 2002 (Kentucky, Lowe's Motor Speedway & Chicagoland)

Veteran of late model, modified and sportsman divisions at Corbin (KY) Motor Speedway, Thunder Ridge Racing Complex, Mountain Motor Speedway, Perry County Speedway, Lost Creek Speedway and Rockcastle Speedway.

Lost Creek Speedway track champion in their single-seat, off-road division in 1985 at the age of 16

Began racing go-karts at age seven

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