BUSCH: Darlington II: Ford Racing race quotes

JEFF BURTON-9-Gain Ford Taurus (Finished 1st) TO GO FROM 33RD TO FIRST, YOU MUST HAVE HAD A GREAT CAR? "It really was. We took the lead and I couldn't help but laugh. To come to the a deal like that, it's pretty amazing. It's just a great ...

JEFF BURTON-9-Gain Ford Taurus (Finished 1st)

TO GO FROM 33RD TO FIRST, YOU MUST HAVE HAD A GREAT CAR? "It really was. We took the lead and I couldn't help but laugh. To come to the a deal like that, it's pretty amazing. It's just a great team. We've been competitive every week and we had a chance to win almost every time the Gain car has hit the race track, and that's the sign of a great team; they just do a great job."

HOW SIMILAR IS YOU SETUP TO YOUR CUP CAR? "They're pretty close really. The Busch car and the Cup car have real close setups. They're the same shocks, the same front springs, the same sway bars, real close to the same rear springs. The Cup car is pretty good. It's not as good as this little ride, but it's pretty good. We'll have a chance with it, I think."

WHAT WERE YOUR THOUGHTS WHEN THEY TOLD YOU THEY WERE GOING TO RED FLAG THE RACE RIGHT BEFORE YOU CROSSED THE START-FINISH LINE? "I like racing and I applaud NASCAR for doing everything they could to get the thing in, and racing, not under caution. I agree with that 100 percent, but I was thinking gosh, 'we have to bring all these people back on Monday for 300 feet.' That was pretty tough. I applaud them for doing everything they possibly could. They couldn't have done anything else. They tried real hard and that's what they ought to be doing."

BRAD PARROTT-9-Gain Ford Taurus (Finished 1st)

"What an awesome day for the Gain Ford Taurus. The pit crew picked up six spots for us, and this is big. Winning two races at Darlington in the same year, we have to watch this. We had the best car today and we had the best car last time and the best car always wins at Darlington. I've got to thank Jeff Burton for his expertise here at Darlington. That's three in a row at Darlington and that tires the record for consecutive Busch wins, and we're real happy about setting records this year."

DID YOU MAKE ANY CHANGES TO THE CAR TODAY AFTER JEFF RAN WINSTON CUP HAPPY HOUR? "We don't talk about it. He never said to change anything. I asked him how his Cup car was running and all he said was, 'good.' We're here on Saturdays to make his Cup car on Sundays perform better. We do the best job we can do with that and try to use all the information. Yes, we do information from them, but we're happy when we can put our own information in there and succeed like we did today."

GREG BIFFLE-60-Grainger Ford Taurus (Finished 4th)

ANY TIME YOU DON'T LOSE POINTS AT DARLINGTON, THAT MUST BE A GOOD THING. "Yeah, I guess it is. We wanted to race a little bit more here today. We had probably a better race car than what we were showing there on the race track, but in any event, we're glad it's over. We've been out here getting wet for a couple of days and no practice, so I guess it's probably best we get the race over with and move on. We had a little bit better car than I was driving there. I was just trying to get my rhythm down and not make any mistakes early. I wanted to get some laps under my belt before I started making mistakes."

WERE YOU THINKING ABOUT POINTS RACING TODAY WITH THE CHANCE THAT THE RACE COULD BE CALLED AT ANY MOMENT DUE TO THE WEATHER? "We wanted to stay as close to the front as we could. I thought once we got going that it was going to be green. I thought we'd get it in, and unfortunately, the rain came. I think I came out dead even with Jason Keller today. I think we led the most laps and Jason didn't lead a lap, so I'm not sure. We were a little frustrated on that. Realistically, we could have gained a little it. I think we were better than the 21; we were catching him."

WAS THERE ANY REASON TO COME BACK ON MONDAY TO FINISH THIS RACE? "No, I think Jeff had the field covered today. I totally agree with what they did; they did the right thing. Everybody is already thinking about Richmond and they might not get the race in tomorrow and they might have to race Monday, and that would screw with everybody's schedule. I think we did the right thing and we're happy to be leaving with the points lead."

JASON KELLER-57-Albertsons Ford Taurus (Finished 2nd)

"I think we made some really good decisions. Steve (Addington) and this entire Albertsons did a great job. We didn't have any practice and to get as close as we were is just a testament to this race team. I definitely would have liked to have won the race, but the 9 car really has his act together here. I think we did really good, but I sure would have liked to have it through all the way to the end to see what happened, but we can't control that and we'll just go on to next week."

SCOTT RIGGS-10-Nestle Nesquik Ford Taurus (Finished 10th)

"We were just a little too free in the beginning, the same way we were in the beginning of the race the last time we were here. I think that if we would have had all the practice on the race track and all the rubber down and we were in the same conditions as before, I think we would have been OK and it would have come around to us. It was just a little too free at first there."

HOW TOUGH WAS IT TO GET IN THE CAR THIS AFTERNOON NOT KNOWING WHAT THE TRACK CONDITIONS WERE LIKE? "It was tough mentally to try to get every bit out of the race car without even knowing what was out there, what was around the corner and how your car was going to be or anything. That's a little tough. I think the Winston Cup guys, when they run against us, I think that's fine and it makes the victory even sweeter, when you can outrun them. It's just hard when they do get the chance to get out there and get some practice and we don't have any. The other week in Michigan, it was we didn't very much at all, and they got a lot in their Cup cars, and this weekend, it was no practice for us and two hours on the same day, the day of the race, so it just makes it a little tough. But, hey, when I'm a Winston Cup driver, I won't be complaining."

BOBBY HAMILTON, JR.-25-Team Marines Ford Taurus (Finished 6th)

"I've never seen anything like that before. It was raining, it was getting dark and I couldn't see out of my clear shield, but the Marines Ford was fast. We had a bad pit stop again and came all the way back up to where we were, and another strong Yates motor. It would just tug off the corner, and that's what we needed to do. I told them that we needed a top-10 here and go win that thing next week because it owes us one."

DID YOU HAVE A TOP-FIVE CAR? "We needed to be tightened up a little bit, but I think if not, we had an easy top-five. That 9 is in his own world when he's here and we're just happy to get in the top 10 and try to get in the top five in the end. Like I said, we're trying to get up in the points again, and try to go back to Richmond and get that thing we deserve." WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE CUP DRIVERS IN SITUATIONS LIKE THIS? "That's two times that they've done that to us. And, they're going to do what they need to do. NASCAR can't help the weather and they would give us two hours of practice like they would them. It just didn't work in our favor, but it makes us look good when we can outrun them guys."


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