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SCOTT RIGGS-10-Nestle Nesquik Ford Taurus (Finished 3rd) TALK ABOUT THE LAST LAP. "I thought that we definitely had a good enough car to race those guys and get by them. They were pushing me pretty hard in the beginning and I was just trying...

SCOTT RIGGS-10-Nestle Nesquik Ford Taurus (Finished 3rd)

TALK ABOUT THE LAST LAP. "I thought that we definitely had a good enough car to race those guys and get by them. They were pushing me pretty hard in the beginning and I was just trying to stay with them and pace myself. Man, lapped cars were murder today. It was really tough to get around lapped cars. It seemed like the last 20 laps there, I kept catching lapped cars right off of 2, the tightest place on the race track. That last lap, I was really hoping that they would do it on the white-flag lap, a lap before that way I could have a clean lap to myself. I knew those guys were probably going to get pretty ugly with each other. Both of them were pretty aggressive. I saw Jamie get pretty aggressive earlier today when he got into the 20 car going three-wide. I knew they were going to be pretty aggressive with each other, I just wish we could have held on and either stayed in front of them or had a little bit better car at then end. It seemed the last set of tires we put on were a little bit freer than the rest of the tires. We found that out in testing a few weeks ago. We had a set of tires that was a lot looser and there was no reason for it. I think we got onto something like that because the car great all day. It was just a little bit too loose there at the end to make a run for it."

THIS IS YOUR BEST DARLINGTON BUSCH SERIES FINISH. "This is what we expect of each other every single week. All of the guys on the team work awful hard and we have a team that is capable of being in the top five and winning races and in contention to win races every single week. We just had some bad luck the first couple of races here and I think that everyone has turned their head around and not taken notice of us, so I think this is something that they're going to see a lot more of from the 10 team. This is a good track. This is Doug Randolph's, my new crew chief, his favorite track. We really wanted to win here, especially leading all of those laps under green. I thought that I'd be able to hold them off. To come out of here with a third, we have to hold our head up high. I have to give it to the guys. If you were watching pit stops, we had phenomenal pit stops today. Every time I came into the pits we gained at least five positions; that's pretty unheard of and those guys are doing a great job."

HOW DID THE POSTPONEMENT OF THE RACE AFFECT YOUR RACE TODAY? "We didn't make any changes to our car, but the track definitely changes when you have a Cup race here before us. I think you saw yesterday in the Cup race, a lot of guys were really slipping and sliding around until it got some rubber down. I think that with all of the rubber that got put down yesterday, it got slick again from too much rubber. We didn't change our setup, but we definitely had to keep changing it and adjusting every single pit stop. Again, my hat's off to Doug Randolph, my crew chief, he made the right calls. I would just sort of tell him how hot it felt or how loose it felt and he would adjust it perfect."

DID YOU THINK THERE COULD BE A FINISH TODAY LIKE YESTERDAY'S? "I watched yesterday. That was an unbelievable finish; that has to go down in the history books as one of the closest finishes since we went to the computers to keep track of scoring. What I learned most about yesterday was watching the guys who would really push the cars, what line a lot of different guys were running, who would push their cars and how they would fall off. What I learned today, you just have to find a place where your car works goods and is easiest on your tires. A lot of this race, if I got up too high in 3 and 4, where you think it would be easier on the tires, it seemed like it would hurt my right-front too quick. I was just using the middle part of the race track. I think I learned a lot about the race track watching the race yesterday and how those guys worked around the race track. You get to come back on a race track that has all of the rubber from the Winston Cup race, and I think you get a different race track, so you get to learn a different aspect about the race track. I think a lot of time the Busch cars come to a place like this, put a race under our belts, put the rubber down and get the track really run in and then the Cup guys get out there and the track doesn't change quite as much. It was good for us to see a track like it was today."

DO YOU KNOW LAPPED TRAFFIC WILL BE AN ISSUE COMING TO DARLINGTON? "Yeah, unfortunately you know it's going to happen. It's really just luck of where you catch those guys on the race track. You can't afford to slow down and wait for a wide spot on the race track to pass them, especially out there today because it seemed like we were 20 mph faster than a lot of lapped cars. I'm exaggerating there, but we're so much faster than the lapped cars that when you get to them you have to pass them wherever you get to them at. It seemed like with my luck, I kept getting them in the hardest spot on the race track to be two-wide and that's off of turn 2 there. It just kills your speed so much there and when you kill your momentum so much in turn 2 it just carries all the way down the straightaway; you just lose a lot of time. I knew it would be hard. I was hoping that those guys would catch some lapped cars in turn 2 and I could catch up to them and have good tires and make a run for it, but things just didn't quite go our way to be in victory lane, but a good finish for us."

"The urgency was on Saturday. We wanted to see NASCAR start the race early to get our race in Saturday. As far the urgency, you know what you're faced with when it rains it out. You know that you have to come back on Monday and adjust your schedule for it. I'm probably a little more relaxed today because I had time to sit back and watch the Cup race and learn what I could from that. I knew that the track had a lot of rubber from the Cup guys. It's a little more at ease, I guess, to watch a long race and learn a lot from that and have a good race track to come back to."

DID YOU THINK THE TWO CARS IN FRONT OF YOU CROSSED THE LINE IN TERMS OF COMPETITION? "As far as what those guys are doing, when it comes down to the last lap at Darlington with your tires, getting every bit out of your tires, you have to get every bit out of your race car, too. The same thing happened yesterday and I don't think anybody pointed any fingers at Kurt Busch or Ricky Craven yesterday and I don't think that anyone will point fingers at Jamie or Todd today. If I was the one that maybe didn't win because somebody leaned on me, it's real easy to mad about it or say that it's over the line. When you're coming off of turn 4 on the last lap and you're racing for the lead, as long as you bring the steering wheel back home, everything's fair."

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