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This Week in Ford Racing October 8, 2002 NASCAR Busch Grand National Greg Biffle, driver of the No. 60 Grainger Taurus in the NASCAR Busch Series, is closing in on his second NASCAR championship in three seasons. Biffle, who came away with top...

This Week in Ford Racing
October 8, 2002
NASCAR Busch Grand National

Greg Biffle, driver of the No. 60 Grainger Taurus in the NASCAR Busch Series, is closing in on his second NASCAR championship in three seasons. Biffle, who came away with top honors in the Craftsman Truck Series in 2000, is looking to become the first driver in NASCAR history to clinch rookie-of-the year honors and the driver's championship in two of NASCAR's three main divisions. With six races reaming in the season, Biffle holds a 127-point lead over second-place Jason Keller as the series returns to action Lowe's Motor Speedway for Saturday's Little Trees 300, a race in which Biffle is the defending champion.

GREG BIFFLE-60-Grainger Ford Taurus

YOU HAVE A GOOD TRACK RECORD AT LOWE'S MOTOR SPEEDWAY THAT INCLUDES A WIN, A SECOND-PLACE FINISH AND A SIXTH-PLACE IN JUST THREE STARTS. "I really like Charlotte, but I don't know why I've run so good there right out of the box. I've dang near won every time that I've been there, so that makes us feel pretty good. But, it's our home track, too, and that's kind of a plus."

YOU'RE THE DEFENDING RACE WINNER OF THIS WEEKEND'S EVENT, BUT YOU ARE IN A DIFFERENT POSITION THIS YEAR, LEADING THE POINTS BATTLE WITH SIX RACES REMAINING. DOES THAT CHANGE YOUR RACE STRATEGY? "We're going to try and treat it really about the same. Obviously, winning the championship is our focus, and we're going to do whatever we have to do to be the best we can going back there. We feel really good about going back and we're really excited about it."

YOU'VE DISTANCED YOURSELF IN THE POINTS FROM SECOND-PLACE JASON KELLER AFTER THE RACE IN KANSAS CITY. DO YOU FEEL MORE RELAXED ENTERING THIS RACE AS OPPOSED TO PREVIOUS WEEKS? "There is still a lot of pressure simply because it can switch back just as easy as it switched to the way it is. I could get involved in something, or something could happen to me and the table would be flipped again. Up until the last race it seemed that Jason and I had our problems at the same tracks, but we managed to run well in Kansas City and capitalized on his misfortune. You don't ever wish that upon someone, but you want to be able to take advantage of that situation if it occurs, and we were able to do that two weeks ago. I can sleep a lot easier now compared to when it was a 30-point difference. Certainly I'm a little more relaxed now, but we definitely have to keep our guard up and just keep accumulating top-fives. We know that if we keep getting top-five finishes, he can't mathematically beat us. We just need to continue to try to place in the top five."

YOU SAVED A LOT OF YOUR TEST DATES FOR THE END OF THE SEASON. IS THAT STRATEGY PAYING DIVIDENDS FOR YOU RIGHT NOW? "I think it's a boost. We're testing Memphis right now and we tested Atlanta in a Cup car and got some laps around there, and we may run the truck race in Phoenix, so that's giving me the opportunity to see some of the tracks before we race on them and I think that's always a plus. We're still going to test at Homestead and we're talking about doing the Rockingham Cup race. There's a lot of things on the table for us."

YOU RAN A FEW WINSTON CUP EVENTS THE PAST FEW WEEKS IN THE NO. 55 CAR. DID RUNNING THE CUP CAR HELP YOU IN THE BUSCH CAR? "A lot of the information doesn't transfer over, but getting track time is invaluable. I like to use the analogy of playing golf. The person who gets to practice the course the most has better odds. It doesn't always mean that he will be beat the guy better than him, but he will certainly narrow the gap some. With me coming into Memphis cold turkey or any of these last six races versus having a bunch of laps there, seat time is going to help. It doesn't make all the difference in the world, but it definitely helps close the gap. Having laps in the Cup car helps me in Busch car, but I don't know if it goes the other way because by the time you're done in the Cup car, your weekend is over."

YOU ARE CLOSING IN ON THE BUSCH SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP AND YOU ALREADY HAVE THE TRUCK SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP ALONG WITH ROOKIE-OF-THE-YEAR HONORS IN BOTH SERIES. IS THE DOUBLE TRIFECTA SOMETHING YOU THINK ABOUT ACHIEVING? "That's my long-term goal. That's something I'm really focused on, but you still have to take it one thing at a time. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but that's my focus 100 percent, to have the opportunity to have all three trophies some day. But, to be able to have that opportunity, of course, I have to win the Busch title first."

DO YOU SEE YOURSELF COMPETING IN THE BUSCH SERIES ON A LIMITED BASIS NEXT YEAR? "Yes, I'd like to have that opportunity. I'm beating the bushes trying to find a sponsor, trying to find some money, trying to find some interest for a Busch deal. If I can't absolutely get anything in a Roush car and if it comes down to the end, I will consider looking at the other Ford teams, but right now my focus is on this season, and hopefully the championship could lead to something next season."

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