BUSCH: Charlotte II: Champions' press conference

Kevin Harvick clinched his second NASCAR Busch Series championship and the 15th NBS title for Chevrolet. Harvick hs raced this season with Monte Carlos field by his own Kevin Harvick, Inc team and from Richard Childress Racing. SHANE WILSON, ...

Kevin Harvick clinched his second NASCAR Busch Series championship and the 15th NBS title for Chevrolet. Harvick hs raced this season with Monte Carlos field by his own Kevin Harvick, Inc team and from Richard Childress Racing.


"This is awesome. I have been in NASCAR for quite some time and have never won a championship in an elite series. It is a major accomplishment for me personally but also for our team this year, all the people at RCR and Kevin Harvick, Inc. (KHI). It has been a great year."

Q: Did Kevin really fire you guys tonight?

SHANE WILSON: "I don't know about that because I was actually on the top of the No. 21 car (U.S. Coast Guard Monte Carlo SS) it box with Jeff Burton tonight. Neither Kevin (No. 33 Dollar General Monte Carlo SS) nor our No. 21 car had a great race tonight. But we have had a good year."

Q: Was there ever a point when you were ready to leave the race track after Jeff (Burton) dropped out?

SHANE WILSON: "No we had our No. 21 car that was ready in case this happened. I actually asked if we could load it and we about had it loaded. Guess it was a good thing we didn't"


"It feels great. To be able to do all the things we have done this year in the Busch Series is obviously something I am really proud of for everybody who has been involved with this. The No. 21 car has been the backbone of everything that has gone on. We have won a lot of races in it.

"Tonight was kind of how the whole year has gone. We go two laps down, pretty much come unfolded on pit road a couple times, we got a lap back and the next thing you know there are three laps to go and we are running 10th. That is just kind of how the whole year has gone. When things are going your way, they are going your way. We have been fortunate to have really fast cars all year and good luck to go with it. It has just been an incredible year."


"This is just great. Like I told the guys out there, these championships are hard to come by. For Kevin to win this one for us makes this a great year. Shane, I guess this is his first involvement in a championship effort; it is great to have him involved. It is just super. I couldn't be prouder of our whole organization, we are just proud of everybody."

Q: Richard, what does winning your 10th NASCAR championship mean to you?

RICHARD CHILDRESS: "It means a lot. I have been very fortunate to have a lot of good people surround us. Great race drivers. I just don't stop to think about it, we just keep racing. We want to come back next year and try to win a championship. We want to try to win the Cup championship that is really what we want to focus on now. It is great to get this one behind us, I just love winning."

Q: What does Will Lind mean to RCR?

RICHARD CHILDRESS: "Will means a lot to me, he has been with me going on about 20 years now back to the very first RCR championship. He is one of those beyond the scenes people who doesn't ask for credit. He probably doesn't get the recognition and credit he deserves. He works very hard and keeps everybody in line, including me sometimes."

KEVIN HARVICK: "I want to expand on that. Will has been, I think we talked about this last week, but the thing people need to remember is when these guys at RCR were winning championships in trucks, Will was there. That is the common link between the trucks and the Busch program and has been the consistent thing with the Busch program throughout the whole thing. I know there have been other people, who have come and then gone, but the fact that he has been there through all the Earnhardt championships gives him as many championships as Richard. Will is one of those people that some days you just hate him, you want to kick him right in the butt --- but he knows what he wants and he is the reason this thing has kept going and growing year after year after year."

Q: One down and one to go, does this change your mindset? Kevin

HARVICK: "I think it just has to be the same as we have been doing. We have been racing as hard as we can all year. I think it was pretty evident tonight that we weren't just cruising around hoping that things happen the right way for us point wise. We were racing as hard as we could, rooting and gouging, doing everything we could. That is what we have been doing all year. We haven't changed our plan. We said we would see where we were when we got to Charlotte in May. Things were going good so we didn't change it. We have talked about and we think we should stick to your plan."

Q: On a personal level, talk about ups and downs and now up of career:

KEVIN HARVICK: "I think I have learned a lot about myself as a person. To start off pretty much on the top-of-the-world with the car we were in. Obviously we were under different circumstances than normal. But the whole first year, it just seems like everything was easy and I didn't really respect it until we struggled through the second year. I think as I went through 2002, got in trouble, did all the things I shouldn't have done, I learned a little bit, not a lot. I still had to go to the river a couple of times and take a chewing from Richard. But I think through the whole thing, I think when I learned to respect the sport for what it is when it was bad, those are the times that make you good. To respect the times like this that really mean something to everybody, when you can understand how hard it is to get to that point, I think it means that much more."

Q: How much does you have done in Busch contribute to the turn around of the RCR organization:

KEVIN HARVICK: "Our Busch teams have always been good at RCR year after year. Obviously, this thing they are exceptional. I think when the Cup cars got better, the Busch cars got better. As we went through Saturdays and things were going good, that momentum carries over to Sunday a little bit. But I really think that the Cup cars getting better made the Busch cars that much better, because a lot of things we were doing was bleeding down to the Busch cars. They have put a tremendous effort in to the engine program. The engines have gotten better, the cars have gotten better, and everything has gotten better. But the Busch cars have been good year after year and we have been fortunate to win races year after year with somebody."

Q: Richard, can you comment on common threads of both Kevin's Busch and Cup crew chiefs pushing the limits?

RICHARD CHILDRESS: "Our guys pushing the limits, I can't believe you even brought that up. (CHUCKLES)

KEVIN HARVICK: - Interjects - "Wait, let's go back to that conversation we had at Talladega. (CHUCKLES)

RICHARD CHILDRESS: "Everybody in this sport pushes the limits, that is these guys jobs. Sometimes you go over a little over the line, but that is just racing as far as I am concerned. We aren't going to go out there and blatantly go out and cheat but if they push the line the line as far as you can I guess. Hell, I don't know. We just won a championship that is what I want to talk about. "

Q: Kevin, talk about your comment of being embarrassed during the race:

KEVIN HARVICK: "The biggest thing I was embarrassed about was I have watched those guys do pit stops and it pretty much came apart at the seams a couple times on pit road. You can't control things like flat tires, but I have been trying to stress to them all year on that side of it, you have to do the small things right at KHI. Those are the things that make the teams we have together on the No. 21 so good. Week in and week out, you have to do the small things right. To me as a team owner, it isn't right, to have two basic disasters on pit road. You can't control flat tires and things like that. That is what I was embarrassed about, but I got over it and went on."

Q: Kevin, what did you do differently than the other Cup drivers in Busch to win this championship by such a huge margin? You have good competition out there, Carl Edwards is no slouch:

KEVIN HARVICK: "I think a lot of people have overlooked that when they talk about the Busch Series. There are a lot of guys out there that run week in and week out; we have been able to beat week in and week out. It all boils down to cars, motors, organization and the people who have put the No. 21, No. 29 and No. 2 on the race track and have all three teams have been able to win and run consistent every race. They do all the small things right and that is what makes the world go around. We are having an off day or something goes wrong, we are still able to run in the top-10. When we were off, we weren't off far."

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