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KENNY WALLACE-22-Stacker 2 Ford Taurus (Finished 9th) "We kind of fought it all week long. We fought push early in the week, then we got it too loose and then we were right, but my problem was my car just wouldn't go on the restarts. After two...

KENNY WALLACE-22-Stacker 2 Ford Taurus (Finished 9th)

"We kind of fought it all week long. We fought push early in the week, then we got it too loose and then we were right, but my problem was my car just wouldn't go on the restarts. After two laps it would fly. Ashton Lewis raced me incredible there at the end. We were side by side for five laps. We got a ninth-place finish out of it. I'm happy with that, but we just had a much better car but we couldn't get up there because it pushed for the first two laps after a restart. It's a good race track, but to me they just ruined the track surface. They force you to drive into the corners too hard. The groove is so good on the outside and then when you get a run on somebody you've got to make it low, and the outside is the preferred line and they've got more grip out there. That's why you saw so many wrecks. You pass somebody on the inside and they've got more grip on the outside and then you spin out on the inside."

ASHTON LEWIS, JR.-25-Team Marines Ford Taurus (Finished 10th)

"I'm a little bit disappointed in the way we started out, but they just worked on it and worked on it. We just didn't have the front end sealed up, and once they got the front end sealed up I felt like we were really good and actually went a little bit too far and they tightened me up just a little bit on that last run. I felt like we had a great race car, but this place is all about track position. They've really made passing difficult. I felt like we were better than the 22, and given clean air anybody in the top 10 could have won the race. Before that last run I was really fast around the top in one and two, but if I tried to pass somebody down low or even run the middle of the race track through one and two I'd get sideways loose. That's why I couldn't pass anybody, and I had to be just a little bit tighter to pass somebody. I think that's what you saw with the wrecks. People would get underneath them and you can't really do that. It makes passing difficult."

CAN THEY FIX THE TRACK BY GRINDING TURN TWO? "I heard he didn't grind the bottom and he needs to do that. I think they took a lot of the traceability out of this race track. Before you could run two wide through one and two and then you could run the top or the bottom through three and four. Now you're stuck to one lane for the most part or you're fast enough for two guys to run side-by-side, but it's so hard to pass somebody."

CARL EDWARDS-60-National Guard/Charter Ford Taurus (Finished 35th)

"The start was really, really unfortunate. We went backwards there because we were way loose. They got the car actually pretty good, and we were doing well and we just went down into the corner and the 25 car just slid up a little bit or something and got me in the left rear. I almost had it saved there, but I just couldn't save it. We got in the fence and that ruined our day. But, he's a gentleman and he came and said he was sorry. Everybody makes mistakes and that's how it goes."

DID YOU GET A GOOD FEEL FOR HOW THE TRACK WILL CHANGE TOMORROW? "I learned a little bit. It's going to be a long race tomorrow and it's going to be all about patience and getting your car perfect. This track really rewards a good setup and it's really hard to drive here when it's wrong. We'll just work real hard tomorrow and make up for this."

GREG BIFFLE-66-Duraflame Ford Taurus (Finished 4th)

"We had a little miscue on the pit stop and I had to come back. The Duraflame/Quick Coals car was really good all night. We made some adjustments on it, but we got together with the 8 car down the frontstretch and knocked the left-front fender in and the night was kind of over for us after that. We don't know what happened; maybe he moved up to miss the grass or something. We might have been three wide, I'm not sure, but we hit together and knocked the fender in and these things are pretty sensitive on the front fender. It's tough. We had a great car, probably the fastest car from what it looked like on the computer for most of the night, but just got stalled out when the fender got knocked in."

HOW WAS THE RACING SURFACE TONIGHT? "The track was pretty good. It was faster and that made it more difficult. It's not one groove, but it's hard to get it to go in different spots on the race track. I think the biggest problem we had was I got my fender knocked in by the 8 and that kind of took me out of it. Until then, I think I could have won the race. I think I could have gone up and passed the 39 and the 40. I don't know if I could have got the 5 or not, but I know I could have passed the 39 and 40."

DID YOU GET A GOOD FEEL FOR HOW THE TRACK WILL CHANGE TOMORROW? "I got an idea of where to run and I think I decided on a spring that I was maybe on the fence about, so maybe a few things."

JON WOOD-47-Clorox/Wisk Ford Taurus (Finished 33rd)

WHAT HAPPENED BETWEEN YOU AND THE NO. 58? "Brent Sherman got into my left rear and I sucked him around. It wasn't my fault, and it's one of those things where he's inexperienced and was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The track surface is fine. It's just that the cars are so close and the tires are so good that everything is even. You can't have side-by-side- racing when it's even."

MICHEL JOURDAIN, JR.-10-Bear Creek Soup Ford Taurus (Finished 15th)

"We never did a lap ever with this car. In my second test I crashed this car and they changed the rear clip and rear tail and the front fenders. It was a car that never turned a lap itself. We had to make unbelievable changes. It's amazing. We went 400 softer in the right rear spring, ten turns of wedge; it was amazing. We got it where it was raceable. It wasn't the best car, but we got a top-20 finish and that's good. The track is very temperature sensitive, but today that was the least of our problems. We had a pretty bad car at the beginning and I'm proud of my guys because they did a very good job fixing it for me and making it much better. It was a shame we lost our primary car yesterday because I think we had something really good, but that's the way racing is, I guess."

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