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Notes & Quotes - NASCAR Test Session Monday, January 31, 2005 ROAR OF THE ENGINES: California Speedway will host a total of 18 NASCAR Busch Series drivers and 44 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series drivers over the four-day NASCAR test session. When you...

Notes & Quotes - NASCAR Test Session
Monday, January 31, 2005

ROAR OF THE ENGINES: California Speedway will host a total of 18 NASCAR Busch Series drivers and 44 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series drivers over the four-day NASCAR test session. When you add them up, there will be more than 60 cars on-track at the 2-mile, D-shaped oval, including 2004 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series Champion Kurt Busch, everyone that finished 30th or better last year in the NEXTEL Cup standings, 2004 NASCAR Busch Series Champion Martin Truex Jr. and some of the best up and coming racers around.

TELLING IT LIKE IT IS: Here's a look at some NASCAR Busch Series driver quotes following Wednesday's morning session:

JUSTIN LABONTE (No. 44 Coast Guard Chevrolet, Labonte Haas Racing):

"We just want to make sure the car is comfortable. We just use it as a basic test to get everything going. The big thing I want to make sure is that it's going to race well. That's why we're here. There's a lot of things we're running through to see what works, what doesn't."

MARTIN TRUEX, JR. (No. 8 Bass Pro Shops Chevrolet, Chance 2 Motorsports):

"It's OK. We brought in a new car. The wind is kind of screwing us up out there. Hopefully, the wind will die down for tomorrow. We're running through our cars. It's new, so we want to kind of shake it up. Basically, we're just trying to get a good start and setup. It seems to be kind of like what we ran last year."

One difference: Truex is running on a different set of tires from last year. "We've already tried a couple of things that didn't work. Hopefully, we'll find some things that do this afternoon."

MICHAEL JOURDAIN, JR. (No. 10 Ford, ppc Racing):

"It's just getting used to a track like this. It's the first time on a track like this. It's just getting up to speed and making a few changes."

"The car's really tight. We're just trying to get a better balance. We were in our backup car (this morning), so we're going to go out in our principal car now."

"We're just trying to get a better balance. The track is really green. We're going to go out and see how it is this time."

OH, THE TIMES, THEY ARE A CHANGIN': A few off-season NASCAR rule changes will debut February 25-27 at California Speedway:

SATURDAY, SATURDAY, SATURDAY: First, the qualifying schedule will be revamped. Starting at California Speedway, NASCAR NEXTEL Cup qualifying will be moved from Friday to Saturday, and cars will be impounded after qualifying on Saturday until the race on Sunday. Friday's practices will serve as final testing points for the teams' respective race setups. In addition, the NASCAR Busch Series and NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series will now qualify on race day.

HUH? Second, in an effort to tighten competition and contain team costs, NASCAR has imposed limitations on gear ratio. Affecting the top three racing series, the rule change will limit the maximum number of RPMs that all engines will be able to produce during competition. Enforcing the new rule will involve a thorough technical process, including: inspecting the number of teeth on the pinion and ring gear during race weekend inspection processes and equipping each vehicle with a data log near the ignition system to measure RPMs. 3

THE SPOILS OF VICTORY: Finally, beginning at California Speedway, NASCAR NEXTEL Cup series cars will become beholden to the new rear spoiler height restrictions handed down this year. At all non-restrictor plate tracks, spoilers will now measure 4.5 inches in height. The reduction is expected to further reduce aero-push while enhancing racing and passing ability.

NOW BIFF, DON'T CON ME: After a resounding year at California Speedway in 2004, Greg Biffle will return on February 2 to run tests on the No. 66 car. Fontana has treated Biffle quite well in recent history, as he swept the Busch Series races in 2004 at California Speedway (Target House 300 and Stater Bros. 300, Presented by Gatorade).

JAY GUY (Crew Chief, Jon Wood, No. 47 ST Motorsports):

"We're just working on race trim. We're just learning about the Ford and learning about Jon."

"We're working on a couple spring, shock and sway bar packages. We're just trying to get Jon used to them. (Tuesday), we're going to fine-tune on some of the things we found today. Hopefully, we're going to do three or four 30 to 40 lap runs to simulate race conditions."

KENNY WALLACE (No. 22, Stacker 2 Chevrolet, ppc Racing), ran 39.72 today:

"The test went good. The motor blew up right at the end, but otherwise it was good."

"We worked on race setup the whole day. We battled strong Southern California winds. You could feel it slow the car down going down the front straightaway."

On testing tomorrow: "We have another brand new car that we're going to pull down and shake it down. We're going to run it till about noon. We're trying to start the year out knowing what we have."

"The track looked beautiful."


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