BUSCH: Bristol: Pole winner's press conference

GREG BIFFLE -60-Charter Communications Ford Taurus (Qualified 1st) "I'll tell you what, the guys have done a great job on the Charter car. We're real excited to have Charter High Speed Internet and their cable TV division sponsoring pole day ...

GREG BIFFLE -60-Charter Communications Ford Taurus (Qualified 1st)

"I'll tell you what, the guys have done a great job on the Charter car. We're real excited to have Charter High Speed Internet and their cable TV division sponsoring pole day today. It's pretty neat for us to get our first pole of the season in a Busch car here. A win last week, we have great momentum. I'm just real excited to be back in Bristol. I love racing here. It was a great lap. The guys have done a fantastic job with the Charter car, and we look forward to having a good race. We think the car is going to be good on long runs and we're really looking forward to it."

HOW CLOSE TO A PERFECT LAP WAS THAT? "It's so hard to make a perfect lap at Bristol. There was definitely some more speed there. I just couldn't get it done. I tried maybe a little bit harder on the second lap than I should have and I got loose getting in there. I probably could have done a 14.90, the car seems that good. If the sun stays out we have half of a chance of starting near the top."

HOW IMPORTANT IS PIT SELECTION AT BRISTOL? "You want to be in the top five for picking a pit here. I think that's good enough for a top-five, but we'll have to wait and see."

POLE-WINNING COMMENTS. "It feels really good. Brad and all of these guys have done a great job on the Charter car. He was just telling me that this was his first time he's been here with a Busch car. We're looking over pit selection to see where we're going to pit. Obviously, picking a pit spot here is real important, so we're discussing that. I'm excited to have that Charter car up front again. Coming off of a win last week, I couldn't be happier."

WHERE DO YOU WANT TO PIT? "I want the best spot, and we're trying to discuss that, where it's going to be. We may end up picking the first spot on the backstretch. Sometimes it gets slow around that corner with a big group of cars, but we have some work to do on the front of the car. We got in a little accident in practice today. We feel bad, we got into the 75 and turned him around. It's unfortunate for those guys; I know everybody is working hard, but I feel bad about that. We're going to have a good car on Saturday."

HOW MUCH WORK DO YOU NEED TO DO ON THE NOSE OF THE CAR? "It's not bad. The guys have got it pretty straight. We had to pull the radiator out and do some things. I was right behind the 75 and he checked out of the throttle coming off corner, and I didn't even have time to get to the brake pedal. I'm not sure if he knew I was there or what happened. They've got it pretty much fixed and now we're just going to do a few more things in case we get a lot of those brake checks on restarts or something."

IS QUALIFYING UP FRONT HERE MORE IMPORTANT THAN AT OTHER TRACKS? "It really is. Here and Martinsville are two places where it's really, really tough to get track position. Track position is really important and it's really tough, so we're going to try to keep our track position because, obviously, we have the best starting spot. We're going to try to kept that track position all day and see what we can do. Start up front and stay up front all day long. It all depends on these pit stops. You have to pick your pit stop strategy perfect. Last year I was running the 7 car here for Nemechek and we stopped too early and got in the back and got in an accident, so that can happen if you pit too early here. Track position is real important."

YOU WERE FAST ALL DAY TODAY. WHAT DO YOU CREDIT THAT TO? "Just the guys preparing the race car back at the shop. We tested at Texas this week, and so it was a lot of pressure on them to get the car ready to go in time. A couple of guys came back early from the test after we tested one day. The car chief Al (Tully) and some of the guys came back to get the Charter car ready for Bristol, and they said they worked on it dang near all day getting it ready to come up here. I'm real proud of the Charter team. We've got a new group of guys that really never worked together before and they're doing a fantastic job. We couldn't do a better job, I don't think, for our sponsor Charter. They're brand new to the sport this year and have never been involved in the sport before, and four races into the season to get them in Victory Lane and now got them a pole, so that's got to be neat to bring new sponsors in our sport like that. We need good sponsors like Charter in our sport today."

WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO WIN THE RACE TOMORROW? "It's really going to take a lot of pit strategy. Track position is really, really key here. Keep track position all day. It's when you get back there running 10th to 20th that it makes it hard to pass and you get the fenders knocked in a little bit here and there and you could get involved in an accident. If I can stay in the top seven or eight and stay near the front most of the day, that's really going to be the key to winning here in the Sharpie 250."

TALK ABOUT THE HISTORY OF THE CAR. "It's not the first time we've ran this car. I think this car a later car than what I ran in 2002; I think they built it after I was gone. They built it the following year; they built it last year."


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