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Top 10 reasons why the Albertsons Racing Team should win the 2002 NASCAR Busch Series Championship 10: Ford... Ford put forth a huge effort in the NASCAR Busch Series, with ppc Racing leading the way. Keller and the Albertsons team have been...

Top 10 reasons why the Albertsons Racing Team should win the 2002 NASCAR Busch Series Championship

10: Ford... Ford put forth a huge effort in the NASCAR Busch Series, with ppc Racing leading the way. Keller and the Albertsons team have been driving Fords for the past two years and have been given invaluable support from the manufacturer. Nothing would say thank you better than the team earning Ford its first ever championship in the NASCAR Busch Series since the series inception in 1982.

9: Pit Crews... Pit crew performance can play a major role in winning a championship. Keller, like some other teams, now has hired guns carrying and changing tires on the Albertsons Ford on race day. Keller's team hired the two changers and carriers from Andy Petree Racing's Winston Cup team for the remainder of the season.

8: Bristol Motor Speedway... It is the half-mile track where anything can happen. Keller became of casualty of racing during the past two Bristol races, but he knows that surviving Bristol can make or break a championship season with the points standings so close. Keller also knows how to maneuver around the track, loves the concrete racing surface and is looking to redeem the past two finishes.

7: Consistency... Keller and the Albertsons team have gotten back into their racing groove after engine problems at Kentucky Speedway in June. Keller had seven consecutive top-10 finishes from Milwaukee through Indianapolis and was running in the top five in Michigan when engine failure ended his run early. After Keller left Bristol last fall, he completed all but six of 1,844 laps in the final races of the season.

6: The Albertson's Team... The Albertsons Racing team plays a major role in the 2002 championship chase by consistently preparing great cars. The Albertsons team works hard in the shop and at the track to be sure Keller is driving the best equipment available. This season they have proved they can prepare an Albertsons Ford for any track surface, size and shape, including the four cars that visited victory lane at Rockingham, Talladega, Richmond and Nazareth.

5: Robert Yates Horsepower... These powerplates are the most powerful in the business. The Robert Yates Racing engine program specializes in horsepower. They are already in possession of a Winston Cup trophy and are looking for their first in the NASCAR Busch Series.

4: Keith Barnwell and Greg Pollex... Expect nothing but the best. ppc Racing, considered one of the top teams in Busch Series racing, is no stranger to success as a result of the leadership and guidance of team co-owners Barnwell and Pollex. Former teammate Jeff Green and Keller finished one-two in the championship standings in 2000 and second and third, respectively, in 2001.

3: Steve Addington... Here is a man who can calculate Keller's every move, emotion and thought. Addington has worked with Keller for over 15 years, from the days of running without a sponsor and struggling just to qualify, to capturing fours wins while sitting 56 points out of the championship with 11 races to go. They have been with each other through thick and thin and have just one thing left to accomplish... a NASCAR Busch Series championship.

2: Commitment... One has to believe that commitment and loyalty eventually pay off. Keller has been driving in the Busch Series full time since 1994 and recently signed a one-year extension to continue through 2003. He is not only committed to his team, but the Busch Series. While Winston Cup teams have made offers, Keller elected to stand firm in 2003. Keller says he not only enjoys the lifestyle and competition of the Busch Series, but his level of competitiveness on the track over the past several years.

And the No.1 reason why the Albertsons Racing team should win the championship... Jason Keller. Once in awhile, the good guy does finish first. He is a respected husband, father, friend and competitor. He races hard, he races clean and he races with heart. Anyone who has followed Keller from his dirt track days around South Carolina has been waiting to sit down and write the story "Jason Keller...Champion."

With four wins this season and 13 top fives, Keller is having his best season to date in the NASCAR Busch Series. Together with the Albertsons Racing team and owners Pollex and Barnwell, this could be a championship season.


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