BUSCH: Bristol II: Hank Parker Jr. preview

LAST RACE (Cabela's 250)- Hank Parker Jr. and the No. 36 GNC Live Well Racing team finished 13th at Michigan International Speedway (MIS). After starting ninth, Parker and his team battled a tight handling condition throughout the...

LAST RACE (Cabela's 250)- Hank Parker Jr. and the No. 36 GNC Live Well Racing team finished 13th at Michigan International Speedway (MIS). After starting ninth, Parker and his team battled a tight handling condition throughout the event.

STANDINGS - Parker is 16h in the NASCAR Busch Series Drivers' Points Standings and team owner Wayne Jesel holds the 20th spot in the owners' points standings.

PARKER'S HISTORY AT BRISTOL MOTOR SPEEDWAY (BMS) - Hank Parker Jr. has one top-10 finish in six starts at BMS. In last year's event, Parker's night came to an early end when he and Jimmie Johnson made contact on lap 100, sending Parker into the outside retaining wall. With his car too damaged to continue, Parker was credited with a 34th-place finish.

THE CAR - The No. 36 GNC Live Well Racing team is bringing chassis No. 14 to BMS. Chassis No. 14 is a favorite of the GNC team at Bristol. Parker drove this same chassis in last year's fall Bristol event, and in the Bristol spring race this season. The chassis was last used at New Hampshire International Speedway in May, where Parker drove it to an eighth-place finish.

MUSCLE CAR - The GNC Live Well Dodge Intrepid will sport a special paint design in Friday night's Food City 250. The car will be painted in the colors of Pinnacle Products, an associate sponsor on Parker's team for the past two seasons. Pinnacle Products, made by Bodyonics, Ltd., bills itself as "the next generation of bodybuilding and fitness supplements, delivering the very apex of quality, value and performance."

Pinnacle produces a full line of fitness and bodybuilding supplements, including Aqualean Diet and Fitness Water, MascuLean Fast Track Fat Mobilizer, Horny Goat Weed, Natural Passion for Women and EstroLean Fat Burner Supreme. Pinnacle products are available at virtually all of GNC Live Well's 4,500-plus retail locations throughout the United States.

The paint design incorporates colors from a number of products in the Pinnacle line. The car's body is black, with stripes that transition through the color spectrum, from yellow to blue to purple to orange. The hood of the car features the Pinnacle name, along with the company's logo, a bodybuilder's upper torso with arms outstretched.

"The car is awesome," Parker said of the design. "You always hear people talking about 'muscle cars.' Well, this design literally has muscles on it. Pinnacle has been an incredible supporter of this race team for the past two seasons, so I'm proud to drive this special design. I think it's going to look great under the lights at Bristol, and I hope to 'muscle' the Pinnacle car into victory lane."

HANK PARKER JR. ON BRISTOL MOTOR SPEEDWAY - "Bristol is the most fun track to race at on the whole circuit. It's fun if your car's handling properly and you don't wreck, that is. I love short-track racing. It's 'real' racing. The bumping and banging and rooting and gouging that goes along with short-track racing is how most of these guys got their start, myself included. I've beaten on guys and been beaten on all night, and you climb out of the car with a big grin on your face and go over and high-five the guy afterwards. It's a lot of fun - sometimes."

ON THE CONCENTRATION LEVEL REQUIRED AT BRISTOL - "You usually end up with a headache after Bristol, just because you're concentrating so hard the entire time. You never get away from traffic, so it really is a mentally draining race as well as a physically draining race. You constantly have somebody around you, which is different from some of the flatter, wider tracks like Michigan. At flatter tracks, the field gets kind of spread out and you get a little time to catch your breath. That doesn't happen here, ever."

CREW CHIEF GARY COGSWELL ON BRISTOL MOTOR SPEEDWAY - "Survival is the key at Bristol. If you can keep the fenders on the car for the first 200 laps, then you've got a chance to do something at the end. You really can't have just one strategy going into Bristol. You have to be prepared for a couple of different scenarios, depending on whether you're able to avoid the accidents or not. Your spotter is more important at Bristol than at probably any other track on the circuit. I don't envy Dan (Cagle, Parker's spotter) at this place. I know he has to have a headache after concentrating so hard on what's going on during the race."

ON QUALIFYING WELL AT BRISTOL - "You always convince yourself that qualifying up front is going to be a help. You're better off if you're in the top two or three at Bristol, but once you get back to fourth or fifth, you're in as bad of shape as you would be starting back in 25th. On those double-file restarts, you've got fast cars in the outside line and slower ones on the inside, which can turn into a real mess if you're not out front. So, if you don't qualify in the top-three, I don't know that it makes much difference where you start."

ON CHOOSING WHAT CAR TO TAKE TO BRISTOL- "You always want to take the best car you can, in spite of the fact that it may not survive the race. You do have to plan ahead, because there's a good chance you'll be making repairs to your Bristol car, and it won't be available for upcoming races. In our case, we're not planning on using this chassis again until Memphis, so we're OK.

"A lot of times, you choose which car to bring because of some characteristics it has. Chassis No. 14 has some things about it that will hopefully work well at Bristol. The cooling system and the air intake on this car lend themselves to a short track where there's not a lot of speed. There are also some things about the nose that we think will be really good here."


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