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MATT KENSETH-17-Waste Management Ford Taurus (Finished 4th) "It was all right. We didn't run as good as I thought we could, but our team did a great job today. I didn't practice a lot and I thought we were better than what we were. We were ...

MATT KENSETH-17-Waste Management Ford Taurus (Finished 4th)

"It was all right. We didn't run as good as I thought we could, but our team did a great job today. I didn't practice a lot and I thought we were better than what we were. We were really good in open air and weren't as good in traffic. Overall it was a great race. It was fun to watch Jeff and Kevin up there battling. Overall, it was a pretty decent day for us."

DID YOU THINK THERE WAS A CHANCE THAT THEY COULD TANGLE IN THE CLOSING LAPS AND YOU MIGHT HAVE A SHOT AT THE WIN? "I had two sets of teammates in front of me, so I didn't think either one of them was going to wreck either one of them. You never know what happens. There were a lot of short runs and a lot of wrecks today. I tried to stay out of it. Early in the race my brakes weren't very good and we got in a few fender benders being back that far. I hate running into stuff and the car is a little banged up, but overall it was a good day."

JON WOOD-47-Clorox/Wisk Ford Taurus (Finished 11th)

"We're starting to show what we're capable of. You can say that equipment is one thing if you run fast at a place like Atlanta or California or Daytona, but when you come to a track like Bristol and run around the top 12 the whole day, that's respectable."

A LOT OF THE YOUNGER DRIVERS LET THEIR EMOTIONS GET THE BETTER OF THEM TODAY. HOW DID YOU MANAGE TO KEEP YOUR PATIENCE? "You just have to have self control. That's what it's all about at a track like this. It's not who can run the fastest lap time or who can driver it in the deepest, it's who can manage their equipment the longest."

ASHTON LEWIS, JR.-25-Team Marines Ford Taurus (Finished 8th)

TALK ABOUT THE GREEN-WHITE-CHECKERED FINISH. "We expected it would get crazy. I'm really proud of my guys. We struggled so bad Friday, and I didn't think we had anything for them. They rebuilt the car for Saturday, and, of course, we didn't get a chance to run until the start of the race. Even from the start I knew we were much better than we were Friday. Charlie (Lewis, crew chief) did a great job. We got caught up on the wreck on the backstretch and it kind of dictated our pit strategy, and the car actually drove better after the wreck. It just needed to be a little bit freer through the corner, which is what we fought at the start of it. We fought it at the end as well, but we just ran out of tires at the end. We had the most laps out of anybody on our tires. It's good, and a great points day. We're still letting the 60 car get too far away from us. We need to start beating him, but I'm proud of the guys. They put me in position there at the end and that's all I ask for. We'll get there."

KENNY WALLACE-22-Stacker 2 Ford Taurus (Finished 14th)

"I'm really disappointed. This is usually a good track for me. It's very odd for me not to run that well. We missed the setup. Now that I look at it, we were just too soft in the right-front area. I learned from it, wrote it down and we'll come back here better next time."

DID THE NUMBER OF CAUTION FLAGS SURPRISE YOU TODAY? "That was crazy. The problem with this place is basically understating what the race track is about. The guy in front of you has to understand that if you barely get a nose underneath of him, he's got to give way and a lot of guys don't give way. Then, there are 10 cars that just shouldn't be out there and those caused a lot of them, too."

CARL EDWARDS-60-Charter Communications Ford Taurus (Finished 7th)

"That was as good as we could do. I wish we had more laps; we could have gone father forward."

THERE WAS A POST-RACE INCIDENT BETWEEN YOU AND MARTIN TRUEX. WHAT HAPPENED? "I hope I get to race with Martin for a long time to come. I saw the replay and I don't understand why he's upset at me. I think he's just frustrated. It'd be in his best interest to keep his frustration to himself. There is really no reason to be frustrated at me, I didn't do anything. Hopefully he'll get over it. We're not here to make friends, we're here to win races and that's as far up as we could go. If somebody's mad, that's too bad."

YOU GAINED A FEW SPOTS IN THE CLOSING LAPS. "We were faster than the guys in front of me and Jack Roush didn't hire me to sit there; I had to go. I didn't wreck anybody, I just moved them out of the way. It's the only way you can pass here; that's it." COMMENT ON YOUR PIT STRATEGY TODAY. "I made the wrong call in the pits and it hurt us. That's a pretty good recovery, that's OK. Brad told me to come in there if the 8 came in and I saw a lot of people coming in and I just thought, 'Well, we'll go and pit.' It was the wrong call but I thought we recovered really well. It was an awesome run for the Charter car. The problem was that it's hard to pass here and I know I moved Jon Wood out of the way and moved Denny Hamlin out of the way, but we're fast and we came here to race. I feel bad for those guys because I know they're racers too, but we're faster and that's only way I'm going to get in front of them, and that's why Jack Roush hired me. It was a good points day for us and I hope the fans and enjoyed it. We'll take this Charter car to Texas and have a good time there."

MICHEL JOURDAIN, JR.-10-Airplus/Bear Creek Soup Ford Taurus (Finished 32nd)

TALK ABOUT FIRST EXPERIENCE AT BRISTOL. "We lost a lap at the beginning. We made a mistake on our first pit stop. We put on the wrong tires and had to come in again and change them. Then we were trying to get our lap back and the leader just put us in the wall. I don't think I did anything wrong. He never even tried to pass me. I knew the first time he tried I would go wide, but he never tried. Once you are so many laps behind with a torn up car you're just turning laps. We were coming out the pits and let those cars go by the rest of the day."

HAVE YOU EVER RACED ON A TRACK LIKE THIS BEFORE? "Once the race starts everything slows down quite a lot. I'm just out there to try to make no mistakes and keep digging, and that's what I tried to do today."

DALE JARRETT-90-Citifinancial Ford Taurus (Finished 30th)

WHAT HAPPENED BETWEEN YOU AND THE NO. 32 CAR "I'd like to know where he thought he was going. We were already three-wide because Jon Wood got loose and I got underneath him. It's only a half-mile race track, so what does he think he was doing?" WHAT DID YOU SAY TO SHANE? "That's between Shame Hmiel and myself. It wasn't a very smart move. We were already three-wide and I don't know where he thought he was going."

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