BUSCH: Bristol: Ashton Lewis sponsor on high alert

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Sponsor of #46 Busch car ready to support Operation Liberty Shield
Civil Air Patrol on "High" alert

MAXWELL AFB, Ala. -- Civil Air Patrol, which sponsors the #46 Busch Series Monte Carlo driven by Ashton Lewis Jr., announced today that its members are fully prepared to support Operation Liberty Shield.

The announcement was made by CAP's National Operations Center, located at Maxwell AFB, Ala. CAP is the official auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force.

The CAP operations center and CAP members nationwide are ready to support the country in response to the federal government's "Orange" alert status. Selected CAP members nationwide who form rapid response teams for both ground and air missions have been placed on "High" alert by CAP in order to be immediately available when tasked.

All CAP resources, including emergency operations centers, aircraft and ground vehicles, have been inspected for readiness, and CAP radio networks are conducting regular communications tests.


CAP was the nation's first nonprofit organization to sponsor a car in the Busch Series. It joins other branches of the military in seeking visibility with the public through the popular motorsports venue. CAP has more than 63,000 volunteer members nationwide. Its members are trained to perform aerial and ground missions for homeland security, disaster relief, and search and rescue. CAP owns some 550 single-engine aircraft, the largest privately-owned fleet in the nation, and also can use numerous other member-owned aircraft.

To perform security missions, CAP aircraft can be outfitted with advanced technology sensors and video imaging equipment. CAP aircraft can fly "low and slow," and offer a cost-effective alternative to other reconnaissance methods.

"We have members performing missions for our nation all over the country every day," said CAP Executive Director Al Allenback, who is a retired Air Force colonel. "Their training and experience will be especially important now as our nation undertakes critical precautions to ensure homeland security. The commitment of these civilian CAP members represents the spirit of volunteerism at its finest. All of these men and women are contributing their own time and resources to serve our country when we need it most."

Civil Air Patrol performs 95% of continental U.S. inland search and rescue missions as tasked by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center. Its volunteers also perform missions at the request of federal, state and local agencies. Most recently, CAP members flew security over the launch site of the space shuttle Columbia and later assisted in the Columbia shuttle recovery.

For updates on CAP's involvement in Operation Liberty Shield, go to www.capnhq.gov.


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