BUSCH: Atlanta: Mark McFarland preview

The U.S. Navy sponsored ...

The U.S. Navy sponsored # 88 Chevrolet moves east with the NASCAR Busch Series circuit as the Dale Earnhardt Jr owned, Jr Motorsports, team rolls into Atlanta. The team will attempt to qualify for the Nicorette 300 at Atlanta Motor Speedway on Saturday, March 18th.

Mark McFarland, Driver, on Atlanta Motor Speedway:
"Atlanta is super a fast track, so as a driver I'm excited to race there. But at the same time, I have to be conscience about qualifying well and finishing the event for points."

Rich Hubbs, Crew Chief, on Las Vegas Motor Speedway:
"Atlanta is the fifth race of the season which means that it is hopefully the last event we need to worry about qualifying or going home. I have stressed to the team that right now we need to keep our mind focused on the qualifying package and a conservative race package. Once we're clear of Atlanta we will turn up the heat for Bristol.

Derek Jones, JRM Lead Engineer on Atlanta racecar:
"Thanks to some clean racing by Mark we have been able to use the same racecar in California, Las Vegas and now Atlanta. But we are seeing some tendencies that make us think that technically we might be able to make some improvements with the car. It's tough to pin-point problems with a new team and rookie driver because you see a trend that may signal an equipment issue but you don't have a car history to fall back on or a veteran driver that can help diagnose a specific car problem."

The Navy has used its association with NASCAR over the past two years to increase America's awareness of the opportunities to serve our great country.


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