BUSCH: Atlanta: Jamie McMurray race notes

Jamie McMurray, Driver, ...

Jamie McMurray, Driver, #66 Duraflame Dodge:

"We kind of got ourselves in a hole in qualifying, but Blake and the boys did a great job of getting this Duraflame Dodge tuned up for the race. The car was absolutely flying. It felt like I had a hundred more horsepower than everyone else; I think we made up 25 spots in like 50 laps. We had just made a pit stop and the car was awesome. Then all of a sudden, it went from really great to really bad. It turned out that the right front spring came out of pocket. That's just a really freak deal. We fixed that and then something else broke. We're still not quite sure what it was. The car got really loose all of a sudden. I'm confident that Blake and the guys will get to the bottom of what happened. This car was really great for awhile today. The speed was totally there, we just have to put the whole deal together. We'll be ready for them at Darlington."


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