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GREG BIFFLE-60-Grainger Ford Taurus (Finished 5th) CAN YOU BREATHE A SIGN OF RELIEF?  "Yeah, it is.  The Grainger Ford ran real good today and the guys did a good job on pit stops and pit strategy.  I'm not sure if we could have made it there...

GREG BIFFLE-60-Grainger Ford Taurus (Finished 5th)

CAN YOU BREATHE A SIGN OF RELIEF?  "Yeah, it is.  The Grainger Ford ran real good today and the guys did a good job on pit stops and pit strategy.  I'm not sure if we could have made it there at the end, like some of the guys tried, but definitely I felt like we were going to be in trouble when that fuel mileage deal came out of there.  Congratulations to McMurray on his first win.  Sometimes fuel mileage plays a big factor in these races, especially with that mandatory caution at lap 25.  That threw a monkey wrench at us.  We wanted to come in and adjust on the car anyway.  No adjustments all day long, just rode around out there and tried to improve the car a little bit.  Overall, it was a pretty good day for us."  TALK ABOUT THE DAY.  "We just made some air pressure adjustments and the car got better.  The guys are just a little better on the short runs on the new tires for about the first 20 laps.  I'm probably a little bit too stiff on my springs in my car.  We were being a little conservative, I think.  We weren't sure what the weather and the track was going to be like.  A top-five finish here, we're pretty happy with that."  THREE RACES TO GO.  "I wish I would have gotten some points last week, ahead of him, or at least come out of there even.  You know, I can't cry over spilled milk.  We've got three races to go and some good tracks for us.  I'm excited to go to Phoenix and Rockingham and Homestead." 

COMMENT ON THE COMPETITION CAUTION.  YOU HAD A LENGTHY DISCUSSION ABOUT WHETHER OR NOT TO TAKE TIRES ON THAT STOP.  "Nobody said you had too take tires, but it wouldn't have made a difference.  If we would not have put tires on we'd have a set left because there weren't any other cautions to come in on.  But, we would have gotten our ass whipped if caution would have come out with 25 to go, but luckily it didn't"

JASON KELLER-57-Albertsons Ford Taurus (Finished 7th)

HOW MUCH WERE YOU KEEPING TABS ON BIFFLE DURING THE RACE?  "We can't.  He has to make a mistake to capitalize.  We've got to be patient and capitalize if he does make a mistake and that's what we're focused on." 

YOU TOPPED OFF YOUR FUEL CELL ON THE LAST CAUTION.  HOW CLOSE WERE YOU TO MAKING IT TO THE END?  "We wanted to try it, but it just wasn't in our cards.  We tried everything we could and we came back in and topped off on the last caution and really thought maybe we had a shot, but we don't need to do anything stupid to try to capitalize.  We just need to do what we can do.  A seventh-place finish for me Atlanta is pretty awesome; I'm pretty happy." 

THIS IS ONLY YOUR SECOND TOP-10 FINISH ON A 1.5-MILE TRACK THIS YEAR.  HOW MUCH CONFIDENCE DOES THAT GIVE YOU GOING INTO THE LAST THREE RACES?  "It really does, and here at Atlanta, I thought this might be one of my weak races.  To come in here and not stub our toe and give ourselves a good shot at it, I'm really happy." 

WITH THE WEATHER FORECAST CALLING FOR RAIN AND THE LIMITED PRACTICE TIME YESTERDAY, DID YOU HAVE TO USE A CONSERVATIVE STRATEGY THE FIRST HALF OF TODAY'S RACE?  "Yes and no.  With the competition caution at lap 25, I really thought that was going to be a good idea, but as early as it fell, it really put us out of fuel sequence.  We decided to take on tires then and really got us out on tires.  All in all, I think Steve did a fantastic job on what he did on calling the race.  The car was probably a little bit better than the driver here, but I'm glad to get a solid top 10."

BOBBY HAMILTON, JR.-25-Team Marines Ford Taurus (Finished 8th)

"You really can't get a consistency with the tires.  On one set we would get it soft, one set we get is hard, and we tried to adjust the car to it and you either get tight or too loose.  We've just got to figure that out first and then we can start winning some races."  

COMMENT ABOUT THE COMPETITION CAUTION ON LAP 25.  "We knew it in the drivers' meeting.  They told us in the drivers' meeting, so we had all day to prepare for it.  It was a really good idea because we didn't know what the tires were going to after a while.  All you had to do was go off the word of the Cup guys because they had practice all morning, so they knew what the tires were going to do.  But, the Marines Ford was good and we had another good motor from Robert Yates, so now we go to Rockingham." 

YOU CAME IN TO THE PITS TO TOP OFF ON FUEL ON THE LAST CAUTION.  HOW CLOSE WERE YOU TO MAKING IT ON FUEL?  "We were going to be out.  We'd done the same thing probably quicker than the 87.  When it comes down to a fuel mileage game like that, like the 203 junk that they've got, that's what happens.  You get somebody lucky enough to win the race."

SCOTT RIGGS-10-Nestle Nesquik Ford Taurus (Finished 4th)

"I don't understand how I keep getting beat on pit road.  I feel like I'm on the verge of spinning out, getting in and out of the pits.   I feel like I'm on the limit of speeding without getting caught.  I don't know.  It just seems like I keep getting beat on pit road somehow on those green-flag stops and lost a couple of position there.  Of course, we got beat by fuel mileage.  Great job by Jamie and those guys making that call and staying out and to be able to put it together and get the a win.  I'm glad for all of these guys on the Nesquik Ford. The way our last 15 races, especially the last few races, it's been going back in the 30s, finishing 30-something every time.  It's been awfully frustrating.  I think that a lot of communication breakdown that me and my crew chief Harold -- we've sorta carved through the last couple of weeks -- is something that probably drivers and crew chiefs don't work out until maybe a couple of years down the road.  I feel like I've got my sophomore slump and hopefully I'm already through it and come out next year and look like a veteran and have some good finishes and stay solid in the top-five.  Like I said, I hope this is the turning point for us.  Every time that we have a good car and we're running up front, it seems like some dumb luck always seems to happen to us, flat tires or something breaking.  Being able to hold it all together and come back is all that the team needed."

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